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RC Sproul Jr and Child Abuse Allegations

In 1989 RC Sproul Jr began working for his father's Ligonier Ministries in Orlando, Florida. Then in 1996, after moving to Meadowview, Virginia, Sproul Jr launched his pastoral career. There he founded The Highlands Study Center. Around the same time he also founded St. Peter Presbyterian Church. It all started as a study group in his home. The functions and activities of St. Peter and HSC were so conflated it was almost impossible for anyone to determine where the one ended and the other began. This was also true of the finances, the two being routinely co-mingled, ultimately winding up in Sproul's back pocket.

It's been alleged by some that because there was seldom any actual "study" or "students" at The Highlands Study Center (one of the few "student" exceptions being the serial pedophile Steven Sitler) the primary purpose of HSC was a fundraising boondoggle for RC Sproul Jr. Indeed, Sproul Jr profited handsomely off donations to HSC to the tune of six-figures annually. RC Jr's financial success never correlated with his work ethic (which bears no resemblance to his father's work ethic). Rather, donations poured in largely because of his name, or rather his father's name.

While pastoring St. Peter Presbyterian Church and heading up The Highlands Study Center (subsequently renamed Highlands Ministries), RC Sproul Jr was a practitioner and proponent of the "infant training" theories taught by Gary Ezzo.

On Becoming Babywise: More Than a Survival Guide, was published in 1993. Baby Wise gained popularity among authoritarian "full-quiver" homeschooling Christian Patriarchy leaders such as Bill Gothard, Michael Pearl, Doug Phillips, and RC Sproul Jr. Outside those circles, however, Gary Ezzo was widely condemned, especially among pediatricians and other baby experts.
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warned against the book, stating that its advice could result in infant development problems such as dehydration, poor weight gain, slow growth, delayed development and failure to thrive, as well as lack of milk supply in the new mother and involuntary weaning of the infant. The Babywise series of books was observed to be in direct contradiction to the AAP's own policy statement, 'Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk,' which recommends 8–12 nursing sessions every 24 hours for newborns, feeding until the baby is sated. (On Becoming Baby Wise)
Gary Ezzo had no training in pediatrics, infant care, nursing, health care, or did he ever work in any capacity that could qualify him as having any baby expertise of any kind. Gary Ezzo is, however, a graduate of Talbot Theological Seminary. He subsequently worked on staff at John MacArthur's Grace Community Church, holding the position of "Pastor, Family Ministries" (1985-1993) and taught a Sunday school class for parents. Gary and his wife Anne Marie published several papers and books on parenting which initially received official support from GCC. The Ezzos soon began ridiculing mothers at church for comforting their children, allowing babies to "control their own feeding schedule," and mothers using baby sling carriers. The Ezzo's teachings ultimately caused such a rift in the church that by 1997 GCC reversed their position and banned the books. John MacArthur and the elders of Grace Community Church owned their mistake and repented to their congregation. A number of other prominent Christian leaders have likewise renounced Gary Ezzo and Babywise. However, RC Sproul Jr never did renounce Gary Ezzo's Baby Wise teachings.

As everyone who has ever had a baby knows, babies are a joy, but they can also prove quite inconvenient. For one thing babies can cost parents, and especially moms, lost sleep. The objective of Baby Wise is to eliminate those inconveniences and give parents a restful night's sleep. The program promises to have baby sleeping through the night within 8 weeks. Baby Wise also promised to keep babies "well-behaved" when out in public. Conditioning the baby in this way promises that as they grow into a toddler, an adolescent, and then a teenager, the child will remain docile, compliant and obedient. Given the challenges and difficult schedules of tending to little ones it's no wonder that what Gary Ezzo promised might be appealing to certain parents, especially those obsessed with control. However, the "training" comes at the emotional and psychological expense of the child. It's all about control through breaking the will of the child. In their view any form of willfulness is sinfulness.

Baby Wise ignores the fact that a baby's physical and emotional needs (eating, sleeping, diaper changes, comforting, etc.) often don't coincide with their parents' personal convenience. A developing child's sense of security comes from their parents. If the parents refuse to provide reassurance of security then that child is left with none.

There are multiple troubling aspects to Baby Wise, but two of the more disturbing are "blanket training" and "self-comfort." Many critics of Baby Wise have characterized it as child abuse dressed up in religious rhetoric. Blanket training is also promoted by Michael and Debbie Pearl in their book, To Train Up A Child (1994). It's often been alleged that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar practiced blanket training and that some of the Duggar kids who have since grown, married, and have children of their own, are now practicing blanket training themselves.

What follows is the eye-witness account of how blanket training and self-comfort was carried out in the Sproul home by RC Sproul Jr:
Ghirard Says:

We were there in the early years of St. Peter Presbyterian Church. RC would sometimes invite families to his home for a meal, not so much for the regular folks, but if you were big donors to the church and Highlands Study Center like we were. We saw at least three horrible things that night. The first was the “blanket training”. We’d never seen anything like it before and hope to never have to see it again. It involved RC placing his baby girl on a blanket and every time the baby crawled off the blanket RC would hit the baby with a wooden spoon. This happened repeatedly while we were in the living room with RC while Denise was in the kitchen making supper. All the baby was trying to do was get close to her siblings playing there in the living room. But RC just kept hitting her. RC explained that he was “breaking the will of the child.” He got his goal because the baby got exhausted from her own crying and fell asleep on the blanket. Not once did he ever comfort her after he hit her. He called it “self comforting” and explained that you shouldn’t comfort a crying child because children are manipulative and if you comfort them they’ll get the idea that they’re in charge.

The baby woke up about the same time as Denise called us to supper. RC laid the baby on her back on the blanket and put one of those baby gym entertainment things there over the baby for her to play with. While we were all at the dinner table the baby started screaming. Denise tried to go and comfort the baby but RC sternly told her, “Sit down Denise”. The baby screamed and screamed for the longest time. It was awful to have to listen to. Finally RC got up to check on the baby. He was very angry. Then we heard him say, “Oh, I see what’s wrong.” He came back and explained that the baby gym had fallen over onto her face and she couldn’t get it off her. The screams had been screams of terror, cries for help, but RC ignored them and stopped Denise from helping.

I don’t know what to call it but child abuse. He never comforted the baby and he wouldn’t allow Denise to either. Most people would look at the Sproul children and say, oh they’re so well behaved. If the only goal of blanket training and refusing to comfort your children is to get them to behave themselves then RC has done a great job as a father. I can’t believe that his children feel that their father loves them though. I’ve often thought about the severe psychological problems his children must suffer from today.
Ghirard's comment is backed up by an additional eye witness account from Lindt. In addition to the blanket training Ghirard and Lindt also speak of RC Sproul Jr spanking his first wife, Denise. This article will only address the blanket training (the wife spanking allegations were addressed by Spiritual Sounding Board. We may also address the wife spanking issue in a future article, but readers are welcome to comment on it themselves below).

Blanket training is sometimes called "playpen in a purse." In other words the "playpen" is a small blanket mom can carry in her purse when she takes baby out in public. There are varying degrees of severity used to enforce the "boundaries" of the "playpen." Some of them are downright loony. It starts with placing baby on a small blanket on the floor, verbally threatening baby while hitting the floor with a wooden kitchen spoon and yelling, "Stay on the blanket!" This communicates baby's "boundaries." Some babies will respect the boundaries by only being yelled at. However, many other babies will quickly forget their boundaries and wander off the blanket. For those babies more severe consequences are encouraged.

After initial success in blanket training your baby you take it to the next level by tempting baby off the blanket with a treat or toy. When baby crawls for the toy you yell "No!" and hit the floor with the wooden spoon. In other words you are encouraged to gaslight your baby.

Threats, yelling and tempting is the tamer version of blanket training. With RC Sproul Jr and many other practitioners of blanket training they go immediately to smacking baby with the wooden kitchen spoon when baby crawls off the blanket. In their view no age is too young to begin administering corporal punishment. Michael and Debbie Pearl even acknowledged in their book to switching their 4-month old baby, and they seem quite proud of it too.

Baby Wise also teaches "self-comfort." What this entails is anytime baby cries you don't pick baby up and comfort it. You just let baby cry and cry until it stops crying, usually falling asleep from exhaustion. You do the same if baby wakes up in the middle of the night crying, whether it be from hunger, needing a diaper change, or otherwise. You just ignore baby and let baby cry themselves back to sleep. "Self-comfort" wasn't invented by RC Jr but he was one of its Baby Wise practitioners. Self-comfort has also been routinely practiced by many other Gary Ezzo devotees.

On a purely practical level the blanket training and self-comfort "worked" for RC Sproul Jr. Any casual observer would look at RC Jr's children and see they were "good kids." Always well behaved, quiet, obedient and submissive. He was proud about how his well-behaved children made him look good in public. When other parents would comment and ask what he'd done to train them to be so well-behaved he'd let them know about Baby Wise. But all that "training" came at the expense of having their wills broken from the time they were babies. It's hard to imagine that any baby subjected to such emotional and physical abuse wouldn't be deeply traumatized by it.
In our view blanket training and self-comfort are, plainly put, child abuse. RC Sproul Jr has never repented to his children for physically and psychologically abusing them. Nor has RC Jr repented to the parents whom he instructed and encouraged, both in word and by his example, to likewise perpetrate blanket training and self-comfort against their own babies. It stands to reason that RC Jr hasn't repented of it because he has no remorse for it. That assumption seems all the more valid in light of recent allegations that RC Jr continues abusing his children.

In March of this year RC Sproul Jr and wife Lisa Sproul were publicly accused by Lisa's daughter of physical, verbal and emotional abuse against Sproul's three minor children:
Sarah Michelle Kelley "I am Lisa's second oldest daughter. They are currently under investigation with the Department of Child Services as well right now... trust me- there will be legal action... They are very physically abusive, and even more verbally/emotionally abusive. We have encouraged as many people as possible to please call the child abuse hotline , and we will not stop until alI 3 children in the home are gone.  * this is all coming from them, and we are their voices"
Sarah Kelley is the same daughter that also outed RC Jr for taking her mother's opioids, allegedly popping some the same night that he'd been arrested for drunk driving with two of his minor children in the car. He blew a .175 on the breathalyzer (more than twice the legal limit). But for a chronic daily abuser of alcohol like Sproul, even this high level doesn't account for the magnitude of his inebriated condition, as described in the police report. It seemed as though he was far more drunk than a .175 BAC would account for. Had the police drawn blood and checked for drugs they would have discovered that RC Sproul Jr wasn't merely drunk, he was also stoned on opioids.

In addition to the current allegations of child abuse going on in the Sproul home, RC Jr and Lisa Sproul are guilty of perpetrating another form of child abuse -- family alienation. RC Jr has cut himself off from all his adult children, all of whom are happily married with children of their own. This means he's also cut himself off from his own grandchildren, and this with his wife's encouragement. They also forbid any contact between RC's minor children and their older siblings, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, or other relatives (the comment thread in one of our previous articles prompted a great deal of discussion about that). 

Immediately prior to the release of RC Jr's latest book, his daughter Darby Sproul Stouffer posted the following on her Facebook:
 "This book is coming out in May. Please do not buy it. My father (RC Jr) is an unrepentant abusive narcissist who is estranged from everyone who used to be his friend and even all of his family outside of his wife and minor children. Just wanted to give a general heads up. Feel free to let others know as well if they mention being interested in it. There is so much more info than just what I’ve shared here, I’m just trying to be concise." 
All of RC Jr's adult children are members in good standing of Reformed Presbyterian churches. Considering all the trauma and abuse they've been subjected to they've remained remarkably restrained in their comments about their disgraced father. But the little they have said is troubling, and it's also consistent with other reports.

Family alienation, though tragic, isn't uncommon even among Christians. Were RC Sproul Jr merely your average church member and his vocation was an insurance salesman, a realtor, a used car salesman, etc. none of this would be worthy of blogging about. But RC Jr is far more than that. He holds himself out to be a "Pastor" and "Rev." He's therefore placed himself under a "stricter judgment" (James 3:1). How did he become a pastor? He declared it to be so. Oh, and his wife Lisa Sproul agrees with him about that. RC Sproul Jr fails every single biblical test for being a pastor (Titus 1:5-9, 1 Tim. 3:1-7, 1 Peter 5:1-4). Let's just take one of them: he "Must manage his own household well" (1 Tim. 3:4). Why is that important? "For if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?" (1 Tim 3:5)

It should, therefore, surprise no one that RC Jr cared for his church, both before and after his defrocking, in very much the same manner as he cared for his household -- autocratically and abusively. From 1996-2006 he routinely threatened members with "discipline." Everyone understood that meant excommunication and shunning, and it could happen for nothing more than disagreeing with him, or for leaving his church and joining another church without his permission. The problem is he made it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to obtain that permission. St. Peter Presbyterian Church was routinely referred to as a "cult" by other churches in the area. It was referred to as "The Hotel California" -- You can check in anytime you want, but you can never leave. Ghirard too explicitly said that St. Peter church is a "CULT!" as have many former members who managed to escape.

By 2006 RC Jr's abusiveness caught up with him. Formal ecclesiastical charges were submitted against him to his Presbytery by more than a dozen former members. An investigation was made and resulted in his being defrocked from the ministry for spiritual abuse, tax ID fraud, identity theft, financial malfeasance and duplicity.
"The  consistent  pattern  of  actions  taken  by  these  men  are  duplicitous in nature, and demonstrate that they willingly and knowingly act in an arbitrary fashion in violation of their vows of ordination and in violation of our denomination’s Book of Church Order. Most importantly, their actions manifest that  they  lack  the  qualification  for  the  ministry  (1Timothy  3:1-7).  It  would  be  unwise to allow these men to continue to hold an office for which they are not qualified." Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly Declaratory Judgement

RC Sproul Jr, and his three yes-men elders, were deemed unfit and biblically disqualified for ministry in 2006. In more than a decade since that time has anything transpired demonstrating that RC Jr has made himself fit and biblically qualified for ministry? Quite the opposite. After his defrocking he refused to step down as pastor. Instead he orchestrated a congregational vote to have himself reinstated. His obsequious cult followers found themselves being rewarded by ever-increasing levels of tyrannical threats of church discipline. In the next few years Sproul excommunicated even far more families than he ever had previously. Eventually he'd kicked so many families to the curb there wasn't enough money coming in to maintain Sproul's six-figure salary. So in 2010 he left Virginia and went back to working for his father's Ligonier Ministries in Florida. Then in 2015 came the news of his Ashley Madison "Life is short, have an affair" scandal. By the following year he was arrested and criminally convicted for felony drunk driving (with two minor children in the car). In the ten years since his defrocking RC Sproul Jr only went from bad to worse.

RC Jr's 2006 defrocking proved that he uses confession and repentance for purely manipulative purposes. He's never repented to any of the St. Peter families he'd threatened, bullied and abused. The one "confession" he ever offered up was ultimately proven to be a sham intended to dupe his denomination into releasing him from their jurisdiction so he could avoid any further investigation and an impending ecclesiastical trial. He even duped his own father into believing that the charges against him were "fraudulent." Oddly enough those same charges were things RC Jr had only days prior "confessed" and "repented" of to his Presbytery. In doing so he played his father for the fool, deviously manipulating him so he could continue enjoying the perks and privileges that came to him via Ligonier Ministries.

RC Jr's Ashley Madison "confession" a decade later proves he still uses confession and repentance to manipulate and deceive. He's still playing the victim, and he's still telling lie upon lie to excuse himself.

From all the evidence of his life it would seem RC Sproul Jr is devoid of a conscience. It's for good reason so many have said RC Sproul Jr is a narcissistic sociopath. We prefer the more biblical "wolf in sheep's clothing." For many years our earnest prayer was that RC Jr would come to effectually experience the convicting work of the Holy Spirit in his life and confess and repent to the many people that he's bullied, abused, harmed and injured, starting with the Sproul children, Darby, Campbell, Delaney, Erin Claire, Maili, Reilly, and Donovan. 

More recently we've come to our senses and recognized that praying for a wolf in sheep's clothing is unbiblical and even foolish. Nowhere in scripture are we instructed to pray for wolves in sheep's clothing. Jesus had no need to give an explanation to the people of his day what to do about wolves. Unlike non-agrarian city dwellers of our day who've never had to face a dangerous predator in the wild, the people of Jesus' day knew what to do. Praying that a wolf converts to vegetarianism is folly.

RC Jr needs to cease masquerading as "Pastor" and "Rev" and seek honest secular employment. He needs to stop leeching off the body of Christ. We'll continue doing what we can through these exposés to dissuade he and his wife Lisa from their misguided ministry pursuits. However, we know RC Sproul Jr to be an exceedingly egotistical and stubborn man, so we're not hopeful of a happy outcome. What we are hopeful of accomplishing is convincing Christians to not lend him any aid and support, particularly financial. Our readers are encouraged to assist in that effort, as well as engage in further discussion, by linking this article, or any of our other articles, in their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.


Banyan said...

I've known about the RC Sproul Jr/Gary Ezzo/Baby Wise connection for a long time. But what you've documented here is even worse than I'd imagined. Thanks for bringing this to light. It's surprised me how little attention RC Jr's horrific child-rearing practices have received. He's gotten away with it for way too long. He needs to be called to account. People shouldn't be supporting a child abuser, which is what RC Jr is. Does it get any worse than hitting infants? The man is a monster! His efforts to put himself back into ministry need to be stopped!

Crystal said...

Gary Ezzo is a nut job and his theology is totally wacko. I don't know much about Junior but I did listen a lot to his father's teaching. RC Snr was a very smart man and he knew his Bible. So I can't believe he would have ever agreed with Ezzo. We were members of a church that taught that Babywise stuff. They had a class for parents we joined that used his materials. I remember Ezzo saying because the Heavenly Father didn't comfort his Son when he was dying on the cross we should follow His example and not comfort our children either. Just let the babies cry! Some of the stupidest theology I've ever heard in my life. We quit the class right after that. That crap is just religified child abuse. If you actually do that Babywise stuff you'll screw your kids up and they'll need a lot of therapy. Just look at Gary Ezzo's kids. Not one of them will so much as speak to their parents anymore.

Justin Crane said...

I can appreciate your being worried about Sproul making a comeback. He's hurt a lot of people. No one should want to see Sproul gain a following again. Does he really stand any chance of that happening though? It does seem to be happening for Tullian. He's got a Sunday service up and running. People are attending and putting money in the offering plate. He's pulling it off. But realistically could Sproul pull something like that off too? I don't think so. Tullian is only a skeevy adulterer who can't keep his willy in his pants. But Sproul is ten times worse than that. Gaining a following that puts groceries on his table means he's got to become more than just a "Twitter personality." That's all he is and that's all he'll ever be. That and an author, but that won't put groceries on his table either. His latest book is total a flop that isn't selling. No one wants to financially support him and no will get close to him. He begs every week for people to join him in his home for a Monday night bible study. The only one who ever shows up is his wife. That and he's got a tiny handful of Facebook viewers. He's got some Twitter followers too. Can social media make the difference in his comeback? I don't think so. He'll first have to start a church like Tullian did. But if Sproul starts a church I can't see anybody coming. So you really don't have anything to worry about. Sproul can't hurt anyone if no one gets near to him. So keep exposing him. People need to be warned to stay far away from Sproul. Oh, and on the Steven Sitler stuff, if Sproul was involved in a coverup anything like Doug Wilson was then Sproul needs to be exposed for that too.

Kelsey said...

It hurts my heart to read this. I feel so sad for the Sproul children. To be raised by such a hateful abusive father. Just awful. At least it was tempered by having Denise as their mother. From what I've heard about Denise Sproul she was a very kind and loving person. I doubt she went along with the blanket training and self comfort abuse. But they lost their mother to cancer in 2011. They were still young and living in his home and stuck just with him. Then RCJR marries Queen Lisa. Best example of a "wicked stepmother" I've ever heard of. It scares me knowing there's three children still in the Sproul home and the abuses they're forced to suffer. What a horrible thing. No child deserves that.

RC 2.0 said...

@Justin Crane, we agree that RC Jr is at a significant disadvantage with his comeback efforts. You're right in making a comparison between him and Tullian. There are big differences, especially in their respective sins. Tullian has a much bigger group of sinners he can appeal to because a lot of people, men and women both, and sadly an awful lot of Christians, are guilty of infidelity. Tullian has become an "affinity group" preacher, reaching out to that crowd, making them feel comfortable with, "Hey, I won't guilt trip you. I'm just as bad as you are." That kind of tactic won't work for RC Jr. If it were just that Ashley Madison account thing he might have been able to make a comeback. But there just aren't that many Christians who've gotten arrested for drunk driving, let alone with kids in the car. He'd never even get any sympathy at an AA meeting. In fact they'd despise him there. Even agnostic and atheist alcoholics know better than to drive drunk with kids in the car. It's one of those unpardonable sins. There simply is no affinity group RC Jr can draw from. Well, maybe he could draw from former Baby Wise practitioners. Gary Ezzo announced in 2001 that over 1 million parents were using Baby Wise. The children that were subjected to Baby Wise are all grown up now and the results are in -- it's been disastrous. Most of them are, at the very least, chronically depressed and have had to seek therapy. RC Jr could draw on that as his affinity group. But he'd first have to confess and repent of abusing his own children, something we're confident he'll never do.

As for RC Sproul Jr and Steven Sitler's predations at Highlands Study Center and St. Peter Presbyterian Church yes, RC Jr orchestrated a coverup. As bad as Doug Wilson's coverup was of Steven Sitler's predations at Christ Church and New Saint Andrews College, it actually pales in comparison to RC Sproul Jr's Steven Sitler coverup. Doug Wilson covered it up for just under a year, but he at least did eventually inform his church. RC Jr covered it up and never informed his church, though he was urged to do so. RC Sproul Jr's coverup of Steven Silter's predations is every bit as horrific as is his practice of blanket training and self-comfort. It's another form of child abuse.

Former SPPC member said...

I personally witnessed a lot of RC's abusiveness. So I'll confirm the truth of what you've exposed on your blog about him. He's trying to sweep it all under the carpet and pretend like none of it ever happened, or that it happened so long ago it doesn't matter anymore. But in the Lord's economy that's not how it works. We're commanded to repent of our sins. All of them. He's never repented to any of the many St. Peter families he spiritually abused, not to mention everybody else he's abused. His unrepentance tells us a lot about his character. For one thing he thinks his abuses aren't abuses at all but well deserved. He justifies it as "church discipline." He never learned anything from being defrocked for spiritual abuse, other than how to play the victim. Anyone who's naive enough to put themselves under his pastoral authority in the future, if they don't do what he demands, they'll be given the same abusive treatment. Here's a verse for RC,

Ezekiel 34:2 Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel; prophesy and say to them: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Woe to you shepherds of Israel who only take care of yourselves! Should not shepherds take care of the flock? 3 You eat the curds, clothe yourselves with the wool and slaughter the choice animals, but you do not take care of the flock. 4 You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally.'

RC, you're not the victim. You're just reaping a little bit of what you've sown. You deserve even worse. You need to repent.

Jeff said...

I heard about blanket training years ago. The way it was described sounded rather benign, and I can see how in some cases it could be. But when it comes packaged with the self comfort thing I think that's where it gets abusive. A baby's physical and emotional needs shouldn't ever be neglected and ignored. That goes for children of all ages, but babies especially. Then you add hitting the baby on top of that, and for nothing more than trying to crawl off a blanket? And even gaslighting the baby? Wow! That's just evil! People who do that are the worst of the worst and deserve nothing but contempt.

Disappointed said...

"RC Jr's financial success never correlated with his work ethic (which bears no resemblance to his father's work ethic). Rather, donations poured in largely because of his name, or rather his father's name." Hard to read because it's so true. It makes me mad at myself having to admit I regularly donated to his Highlands Ministries. Let's just say I was a lot more gullible then than I am now. For almost 30 years RCJR made a career off riding his father's coattails. The temptation for RCJR must have been overwhelming knowing he could make a hundred grand + a year and only barely lift a finger for it. RCJR is the laziest and most entitled man I ever knew in my life. With his dad's passing there's no coattails to ride anymore and no one to continue spoiling him rotten (I'm pretty sure Vesta is done spoiling her Precious too). Economic realities mean he'll have to get a real job like the rest of us. The problem is he's too lazy and entitled to work a job. Work is beneath him.

RC 2.0 said...

@Disappointed, unfortunately you're incorrect about "Vesta is done spoiling her Precious". In point of fact Vesta and Ligonier Ministries are far from done spoiling Precious. They paid him over a hundred grand in 2018 as an "independent contractor." More than likely he got the same if not more in 2019, and like in 2018 it'll be for little or nothing in the way of actual work. RC Jr's gravy train is unlikely to stop for many years to come. So no worries for him about having to get a real job.

Karen said...

I agree with Justin Crane you folks need to write an article about the connection between Steven Sitler and RC Sproul Jr. Darby Sproul herself posted a comment on her social media not long ago in support of Sitler's victims while also acknowledging she too had been a Sitler victim. I know of at least one other Sproul child (now an adult and married) who was also molested but so far they've elected to not go public. We should all be respectful of their decision.

It should be obvious Sitler's 100+ victims in Idaho feel betrayed by Doug Wilson. He helped to see to it that Sitler got off with a one year prison sentence when he was facing possible life. But Doug Wilson wasn't the only one to betray Sitler's victims. RC Sproul Jr did too. Worse yet Sproul even betrayed his own children by not lifting a finger (or a telephone) to see justice done on behalf of his own children. It seems he didn't even make any attempt to determine if there were any other victims in St. Peter Presbyterian Church. He just covered it up, or at least that's what I'm picking up from these old comments. I realize this is a touchy subject because you wouldn't want to expose the victims who wish to keep their names out of it. But I think it's possible to write a story exposing Sproul's coverup and possible collusion with the Sitler family without exposing the victims themselves.

RC 2.0 said...

@Karen, done.

RC Sproul Jr's Pedophile Coverup

Ex- St. Pete member said...

Back in the mid 2000s I was invited to the Sproul home on several occasions. I'd heard rumors of the blanket training and wife spanking. But by that time his children weren't babies anymore. So I never had an opportunity of personally witnessing RC blanket training or self comforting his kids. It still struck me though how RC's kids and Denise were so intimidated by him. He tried to give the impression they were all close. Too obvious though that things were very strained and RC was forcing his family to put on the best face to make him look good. I could tell Denise and her children were very close. But there was an obvious distance in their relationship with RC. It struck me how Denise and the kids appeared to have been victims of domestic abuse, certainly psychological but likely also physical. So I have no trouble believing the kids had been physically abused as babies. And as for the wife spanking allegations, again, Denise appeared to me as a woman who'd been severely abused by RC.

Fast forward to today with RC marrying Lisa. Really obvious who's wearing the pants in the family now. One of Lisa's daughters posted a comment saying Lisa made a rule that all the males in the home must sit to pee like girls, including RC. So if anyone's doing the spanking now it's Lisa.