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RC Sproul Jr Abandons Reformed Faith

RC Sproul Jr abandons the Reformed faith

RC Sproul Jr is no stranger to scandal. Over the course of his religious career RC Sproul Jr has created far more scandals than any other minister/pastor/teacher we can think of.

We truly wish RC Sproul Jr all the best... as an insurance salesman, or a realtor, or in lawn care, or some other secular vocation where any further scandals he causes won't bring more shame and reproach to the name of the Lord. The problem is that, even though he's repeatedly demonstrated that he's biblically disqualified to be a minister, pastor, teacher, or anything else related to Christian ministry (Titus 1:5-9, 1 Tim 3:1-7), he keeps masquerading as those very things. Until he does as he should have done in 2006 when he was defrocked, and leave Christian ministry for good, we're left with no other option but to continue exposing RC Sproul Jr's ongoing debaucheries and his ministry scams.

In light of all the scandals he's caused common sense would dictate that RC Jr would want to avoid public attention. But personal obscurity isn't something RC Jr can abide. His narcissistic personality can't tolerate it. He craves the limelight, the center stage, and so we have little option but to continue giving him the exposure he warrants. This isn't to say we have any intention of reporting on the minutiae of his life (other blogs and social media already do that). Much of his life, although cringeworhty and drama-ridden (e.g. he and his wife's public sniping against his adult children), is better left to others to cover. What we will report on are the things we believe our target audience is needful of knowing, say for example RC Jr abandoning the Reformed faith.

To bring our readers current RC Sproul Jr announced on his Twitter on March 27, 2019, "I am a member in good standing at Pine Hills Church here in Fort Wayne. It is a part of the Federation of Evangelical Churches." Such an admission came as quite a shock to those familiar with the FEC, especially given how proudly Sproul seemed to be making this public announcement.

There are several remarkable things about Sproul's admission. For one thing it's a bit of an alibi, albeit an incredibly stupid alibi, to cover for the allegation that Sproul had for months been attending a Pentecostal church, the Foursquare Life Bridge Church. Dismissing his foray into Pentacostalism with such an alabi is akin to, "I couldn't have murdered my wife. I wasn't even in town the day she was killed. I was in another state robbing banks." 

Needless to say these two revelations regarding Sproul's church affiliations raised some eyebrows, not to mention quite a few questions. RC Sproul Jr was brought up under the tutelage of one of the world's most brilliant Reformed theologians. From the time of his birth RC Jr was raised in Reformed Presbyterian churches. He went on to receive formal theological training, earning a D.Min. from Whitefield Theological Seminary (Reformed Presbyterian). Over the course of his ministerial career he's been ordained in three different Reformed Presbyterian denominations -- ARP, RPCGA and CPC (excluding his "considered ordained in the CREC" because, contrary to Doug Wilson's claims, Federal Vision is not Reformed, and the CREC isn't the least bit Presbyterian). 

Possessing such a solid foundation in the Reformed faith, how did RC Sproul Jr find himself attending a church for months that is the antithesis of all that? Pentecostalism, and particularly a Pentecostal denomination founded by a female preacher -- Aimee Semple McPherson -- is the antithesis of the Calvinist teachings and practices of the Reformed faith and the Westminster Confession. It's hard to imagine a church that's any farther removed from the Reformed faith than the Foursquare church. It's for good reason many are scratching their heads. People have been looking for answers.

RC Jr has been asked about his Pentecostal church attendance on his Twitter and elsewhere. If the rumors were untrue RC Jr could have just graciously denied it. But instead he's evaded, arrogantly belittled, and even raged against such inquiries. His belligerence only confirms the validity of people's concerns and this has resulted in even more questions.

Rather than calmly denying that he attended a Pentecostal Foursquare church for four months (which he can't do since there's too much evidence to prove he did) he uses as his alibi, "I am a member in good standing at Pine Hills Church".

But this only raises a whole new set of concerns. Pine Hills Church is a member of the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches. The FEC is the re-branded Evangelical Mennonite Church. It's roots are in the Egly-Amish. They're not Baptist, they're Anabaptist, and there are significant differences. For example most Baptists consider themselves Protestant. However, Anabaptists would argue they are not Protestant. Baptists are quite often Arminian, but there are also many Calvinist Baptists (John MacArthur and John Piper being noteworthy examples). However Anabaptist soteriology largely conforms to Arminianism. Anabaptists are commonly referred to as "Proto-Arminian." 

For this reason Anabaptists shouldn't be confused for Baptists. For one thing we can find examples of "Reformed Baptist" churches, but there is no such thing as "Reformed Anabaptist" or a "Calvinist Anabaptist." If RC Jr were to have joined a Reformed Baptist church it probably wouldn't raise any eyebrows since Reformed Baptists are in agreement with the major tenets of the Reformed faith (the Baptist Confession of Faith is remarkably similar to the Westminster Confession of Faith). But for RC Jr to proudly announce he's joined a distinctly Anabaptist sect is extremely problematic. It's hard to draw any other conclusion but that he's abandoned the Reformed faith of his father, and his father's Ligonier Ministries, and become Anabaptist.

How could this happen? What motivated him to do this? Surely there's a back story. We believe much of it centers around RC Jr's remarriage on October 14, 2016 to Lisa Ringel. Sproul's first wife Denise, the mother of his six biological children, passed away from cancer in 2011. Because of Denise's passing RC Jr had biblical justification to remarry, provided his fiance was also biblically unhindered to remarry. RC Sproul Jr was at the time an ordained minister in the Covenant Presbyterian Church. The determination of whether or not his remarriage would be biblical would fall to the elders of the Presbytery who'd ordained him. It's interesting to note that one of the founders of the CPC is James McDonald. He and his wife Stacy had both been divorcees prior to marrying one another. As such the CPC was not inherently opposed to remarriage, provided it met the biblical criteria.

RC Sproul Jr's Presbytery wouldn't give their blessing to his remarriage due to Lisa divorcing three prior husbands, none of which were deemed to be for biblical causes (e.g. adultery, abandonment, physical abuse, etc.). It was also discovered that RC Jr had for several years been secretly "counseling" Lisa. His counseling of Lisa almost immediately turned into marriage counseling, but absent her husband's knowledge or participation. Lisa's marriage was failing, but her husband was seeking to patch things up with her. However, RC Jr encouraged Lisa to divorce her husband. Immediately after she filed for divorce RC Jr proposed marriage. RC Sproul Jr used the pretext of marriage counseling to steal another man's wife. Needless to say RC Jr's Presbytery couldn't condone such a marriage. Rather than submitting to his Presbytery RC Jr demitted his ordination, which the CPC accepted on October 4, 2016. Sproul bailed on his Presbytery to marry Lisa Ringel. 

Little more than a month after his remarriage RC Sproul Jr self-destructed. He was arrested on November 29, 2016 for drunk driving with two minor children in the car. The result of his arrest, and subsequent plea bargain in order to avoid a potential 7 year prison sentence, was personally and professionally catastrophic. He got off with just a suspended 1-1/2 year sentence, but now he's also a convicted felon. He was forced to resign from Ligonier Ministries and Reformation Bible College where he'd for some years enjoyed a six-figure salary and lavish lifestyle. This part of the story is equally challenging to explain. Why only a month after remarriage, to a woman he ostensibly adored, would RC Jr go on a bender such that he completely blacked out and has no memory of the evening? Why did he risk killing his own minor children by careening down the highways blind drunk with them in the car? Worse yet it's recently come to light, courtesy of a social media posting of one of Lisa's daughters, that RC Jr wasn't just drunk that night. He was allegedly also stoned on opioids that he took from his wife.
"Their dad got a dui a few years back with them In the car, scared for their life, after he took my moms pain meds from a tummy tuck, and blew a .175" 
Again we have to ask how could such a thing happen? We believe Ligonier Ministries' Steven Lawson sums up the crux of the problem well in What Is Self Discipline?:

"Admittedly, personal discipline is not a popular subject today. In our society, any insistence upon self-discipline is largely resisted, even among many Christians. Legalism, they cry, defending their rights of Christian liberty. These free-spirited believers maintain that discipline restricts their freedom in Christ, binding them in a spiritual straightjacket.

"But many of these believers have so abused their freedom in Christ that they have virtually no spiritual discipline. They have swung the pendulum so drastically toward Christian liberty that their spiritual lives are out of balance. Such neglect of self-discipline prolongs their spiritual immaturity, leaving them with little self-control to resist temptation and sin."
Steven Lawson was quite aware of RC Jr's abuses of "Christian liberties." It's likely that RC Jr even served as Lawson's inspiration for the article. He wrote it a mere one month prior to when RC Jr was due to be reinstated at Ligonier Ministries after having been suspended for a year (with pay) because of his Ashley Madison scandal. It might further be said that Lawson's article was even prescient; he wrote it a mere 5 months prior to RC Sproul Jr's felony DUI arrest.

RC Sproul Jr's years of preaching and practicing "Christian liberty," mocking any who questioned his brazen abuses of alcohol, proved nothing more than a cover for his licentiousness. Time and again RC Jr demonstrated his remarkable lack of maturity or self-discipline. What he needs more now than ever is accountability and submission to a team of wise and competent biblically-minded counselors. Such a team also needs to include at least one mental health professional. Sproul also needs an extended time of quiet reflection out of the public eye. Instead he's actively promoting himself and his "RC Sproul Jr Ministries," believing himself biblically qualified to preach and teach. Has he been restored to ministry by any denomination or church body? No. Has he even attempted going through any formal process of biblical restoration? None. Yet he's now actively promoting himself using the titles "Rev." and "Pastor."

Who or what deemed him worthy of such distinguished titles? He pronounced them on himself thus proving he's a renegade, a maverick, an autonomist, without respect for church authority.

Sproul has for many years portrayed himself as accountable to church authority. In the past he's even taken vows of submission. Yet when those in authority over him have attempted to hold him accountable he's consistently evaded and even fled that accountability. Reformed churches in general, and Presbyterian churches in particular, are structured and governed in such a way that accountability is a given. Reformed folks tend to be very proud of the Presbyterian system of accountability, submission to sessions and Presbyteries, Books of Church Order, checks and balances, etc. Sproul himself often boasted of the Presbyterian system and criticized less formal forms of church government. He's been especially critical of Congregationalism.

RC Jr loves the appearance of accountability and claiming that he's under authority because it lends him credibility. Yet when held to account by the system he's taken vows to submit to he's rebelled and repeatedly fled accountability. Sproul loves authority, but only when he's the one wielding it. For him accountability only goes in one direction. It would appear the demittal of his ordination to the CPC was an act of "shake the dust off your feet" against Presbyterianism and the Reformed faith. He's fled to a place where, for all practical purposes, there is no genuine authority that can be exercised over him. He can claim he's "in submission" all he wants, but it's all a sham. He can do pretty much anything he wants and, by his craftiness and audacity, evade accountability. We believe this is a major contributing factor in why RC Jr has fled to the Anabaptists.

Pine Hills Church, like all Anabaptist churches, is "Congregational" in governance. Every member gets a vote, and the bar is set quite low for membership. Quite literally it's a democracy. The FEC Manual of Faith, Practice, & Organization makes that abundantly clear. It's the opposite of Reformed church governance.  

RC Jr has always portrayed himself as being "accountable" and "under authority." In Reformed Presbyterian circles where he's taken vows of submission that hasn't been a hard sell (though in each case he's ultimately rebelled against them). But claiming "submission" to "authority" in a congregational Anabaptist church? He's finding that a much tougher sell.

RC Jr claims to be in submission to a "session" in his church, but Anabaptists don't have sessions. On a practical level, he's not in submission to anyone who has the wherewithal or backbone to discipline him. Even if the Anabaptists ever tried to discipline him (the very thought of pacifist Mennonites disciplining anyone is almost laughable) he could simply evade accountability. His past history proves he most certainly would.

Other factors likely enter into explaining RC Jr's flight from the Reformed faith to the Anabaptists. His pastoring and preaching prospects are tenuous at best in the Reformed world where standards tend to be set rather high (Ligonier Ministries having been the exception, but that was entirely due to nepotism). He can far more easily get away with calling himself "Rev." and "Pastor" among the Anabaptists. They may have some standards, but they tend to set the bar quite low. Also, the name "RC Sproul Jr" is pretty much unknown among Anabaptists. They're less likely to perform due diligence and discover his numerous scandals. From a practical standpoint it makes sense for him to switch from Reformed to Anabaptist. However, from a biblical standpoint it's a disaster in the making that's likely to result in only more scandals, perhaps even much worse scandals. After all, in spite of all the accountability Sproul was under while he was a Reformed Presbyterian, he still managed to create multiple ugly scandals. One can only imagine the sort of debacles he's likely to get himself into as an Anabaptist and an autonomist.

We don't raise our concerns about any of this to incite a Calvinist vs. Arminian doctrinal debate. That's not the point of this article. The point is that RC Sproul Jr was a professing Reformed faith Calvinist throughout his life. He may still be that for all anyone knows. But that's just the problem -- no one seems to know and RC Jr is evading giving any accounting of his actions. RC Jr's conduct in the past 2 years lead any thinking person to the conclusion that, in all likelihood, he's abandoned the Reformed faith for the Anabaptist faith. Logically it follows there is also a possibility he's abandoned Calvinism for Arminianism. If he hasn't then he owes everyone a plausible and credible explanation, not just more evasion and belligerence. Raging against those who question him only confirms suspicions.

Anyone who challenges RC Jr regarding his sudden and seemingly inexplicable metamorphosis he accuses of promulgating "falsehoods." He seems incapable, however, of correcting the alleged falsehoods, and the reason is obvious -- the allegations aren't falsehoods at all but quite true. He then goes on to accuse his challengers of "slander." His wife then follows his example while also ratcheting things up a notch.

It would appear both RC Jr and Lisa need to learn how to use a dictionary. They clearly don't comprehend the definition of "slander." To qualify as slander the allegation must, first and foremost, be false. If the allegations are true it cannot, by definition, ever qualify as slander. By RC Jr's definition pointing out his errors and calling him to repentance is "slander." Rather than responding graciously and humbly to such calls for repentance he's reacted with an how dare you arrogance.

Of equal and perhaps even greater concern is that RC Jr is promoting and positioning himself, once again, for Christian ministry, but without any church authority to do so.

"I exercise no ministry leadership" is a blatant lie. He doesn't have the blessing of any church to do so but the fact is he's promoting himself for preaching, and actually doing a little bit of it here and there, while using the titles "Pastor" and "Rev." all under the moniker "RC Sproul Jr. Ministries." RC Sproul Jr doesn't meet the biblical criteria of what it takes to hold a biblical office as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Moreover, he is disqualified per Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Tim 3:1-7.

If the Anabaptists view it otherwise, and if they see no reason for calling him to repentance, then they deserve him and all the scandals he'll bring on them.


KCapshaw said...

What a sad decline. In addition to what you’ve addressed, he and his wife have also had CPS reports on them for abuse of his children who live with them. This was shared by one of Lisa’s daughters. Additionally, at least one of his adult daughters have confirmed that he is estranged from not only his adult children, but his mother, sister, and other friends and family. Lisa alluded to this in a post on her blog. The adult children have also confirmed that they are not allowed to contact their siblings in the home, and their siblings aren’t allowed to contact them, or their grandparents.

My heart hurts for all of his children. After experiencing the death of their mom, I would expect they feel like they’ve lost their father, also.

Ghirard said...

I confirm the truth of everything KCapshaw says. It's actually much worse than that. The Sproul family drama started within days after R.C.'s marriage to Lisa. She wasn't just forced by R.C. onto the three minor children living at home. Lisa was forced on the adult Sproul children too, two of them already married. Lisa declared herself First Lady Of The Sproul Household, calling herself as the Queen and alluded to her Throne. R.C. has always ruled his household as a benevolent dictator. Lisa's personality being what it is she jumped at the opportunity of being Queen dictator.

The children's late mother Denise remains very dear to them. They have a lifetime of cherished memories of Denise. Family photos are important to them. R.C. and Lisa demanded Denise's Facebook be taken down because "the children need to move on and accept Lisa as their new mom." The adult Sproul children who administered Denise's Facebook refused to take it down. They wanted it left as a memorial to her. Lisa then posted some weird pseudo-religious stuff on social media clearly targeting them. Worse yet she set up several anonymous forum accounts to manufacture nutty stories attacking her step-children, accusing them of stuff like "What is known of the Sproul’s: The 'kids' use weed. The 'kids' drink like fish. The 'kids are an abomination to our denomination." The adult Sproul children are all members in good standing of Reformed Presbyterian churches, so Lisa's stories aren’t credible. R.C. hasn't defended his children or prevented Lisa's attacks. At Lisa's urging R.C. boycotted one of his daughter's weddings. He was slated to officiate the wedding. The daughter's grandpa, R.C. Sproul Sr. stepped in and officiated instead. Since then the family discord has only gotten worse. I grieve for the Sproul children. They haven't done a thing to deserve any of it. They need our prayers and encouragement.

Aside from R.C. being disqualified from ministry because of the things mentioned in your article, at the top my list is the disastrous ways he's governed his family. I was in the Sproul home many years ago and I'll have to say Denise and the kids were a delight to be with. Our children played together, especially at church picnics and get togethers, and it was obvious to everyone that Denise was doing a great job raising her children. She was the glue, the love, that held the family together. She was a buffer against R.C.'s abrasive and abusive personality. R.C. made a wise choice in Denise. He made a disastrous choice in Lisa. His children are suffering for it but he seems just fine with the arrangement. He's getting what he wants. She’s a good cook, and the sex is probably good which helps him avoid the temptation of setting up more accounts on adultery sites.

“4 He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive,” 1 Tim 3. Denise managed the Sproul household well. Upon her passing the eldest Sproul children stepped in and did a marvelous job managing the household, cooking, cleaning, homeschooling younger siblings, etc. The reality is R.C. has never managed his household well and since he brought Lisa in as Queen it's been a nightmare. R.C. and Lisa are both known to be physically and emotionally abusive. To me this requirement that a pastor must demonstrate a history of managing his household well is just common sense, and Paul tells Timothy exactly why. "5 for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God's church?"

I feel sorry for the Anabaptists. From the few I've known I can tell they're nice people. I have nothing against them, but for our sake I'm relieved he's left the Reformed Presbyterian camp. Good riddance. Good luck to Pine Hills Church. They'll need it.

Kent Prichard said...

Let me start off by saying RC Jr is entirely responsible for the messes he's made and I completely agree that he's immature and lacks self-discipline. But you didn't mention he's also a spoiled brat. Someone was doing the spoiling and this confirms it, "He wrote it a mere one month prior to when RC Jr was due to be reinstated at Ligonier Ministries after having been suspended for a year (with pay) because of his Ashley Madison scandal." Suspended WITH pay? How is that discipline? Where are the consequences? Sounds more like a reward to me. What kind of message would that send to R.C. Jr? If he'd been suspended without pay it would have sent the message get your act together buster. Maybe if he'd actually been disciplined he never would have gone on to get that DUI. He only got his jobs and huge salary at Ligonier because family connections. Talk about being spoiled. As much as I respect the late Dr. Sproul this still seems very much like an Eli's sons story. "Eli's sons were scoundrels" and that's the perfect description for Dr. Sproul's son. Makes me very sad.

RC 2.0 said...

Kent, we were the first to bring to light that when RC Jr was suspended over his Ashley Madison scandal he was suspended "with pay." It's something that's always disturbed us but our concners never seemed to gain any traction. We'd assumed that Ligonier donors would have a big issue with seeing their donations go to effectively give RC Jr a golden parachute, a paid vacation, rather than punish him for a scandal of his own making. We figured Ligonier's phones would be ringing off the hook. It seems we were wrong. We were also the first to bring to light the fact that RC Jr received a "severance payment" when he resigned from Ligonier in 2016 "for personal reasons" (i.e. his DUI arrest):

2016: $152.023 + a severance payment: "In 2016, Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. received a severance payment from Ligonier Academy, Inc., a related organization." (pg. 37) However Ligonier Academy Inc.'s 990 tax return fails to document the specific amount of RC Sproul Jr's severance payment, as the law requires.

Ligonier has made it all but impossible to find out how much that severance payment was. If it were a modest figure they wouldn't be ashamed to disclose it. However they clearly are ashamed, which means RC Jr's severance payment is likely in the six figures. We do know that several people have inquired of Ligonier but, so far, they've been completely evasive. We'd be willing to bet if a major donor threatened to discontinue their donations should Ligonier not make that figure known, as the law requires, the figure would be produced immediately.

Rewarding bad behavior is s formula for disaster. We too respect the late Dr. Sproul. However like any other man he had his shortcomings. In our view his most glaring shortcoming was mollycoddling his wayward son, repeatedly bailing out of his scandals. The inevitable result of spoiling is immaturity and lack of self-discipline. RC Jr is 53 years old, but emotionally he's in many respects still a teenager.

Cassie Upton said...

There's a lot to digest here. I'm shocked beyond belief! Can I be shocked but not especially surprised at the same time? Considering the course of his life I suppose all of this was inevitable. Many people miss his father including me, but in a way it's good he's not around to have to witness any of this. It would so break his heart. I feel so sorry for Vesta. Poor woman has to see her son self destructing like this. I can't see things getting any better for R.C. Jr. It scares me to think of what other disasters lie in store for him. People better stop enabling him because they're likely to suffer the consequences too. It's a bad thing to fight the will of God and it's so obvious that's what he's doing. Queen Lisa sounds like a piece of work too. I think Lisa may be God's judgement on him. Really stupid defying his presbytery like that when they were just trying to obey the Bible and protect him in the process. Now he's stuck with her as she sabotages all his family relationships. What a sick woman. They must deserve each other.

RC 2.0 said...

Cassie, we completely agree. It seems RC Jr is headed for total destruction under a full head of steam, and rather than just doing so on his own now he has a wife who's at the controls. We think it nothing short of bizarre how the two of them can post links to articles and videos, along with their their hearty approvals for the truths contained therein, yet they frequently fail to see how the messages contained therein apply directly to themselves. They're very selective in what they choose to see. They love preaching to everyone else while ignoring any practical personal application. Here's a great example of that contained in an article Lisa links to on her Twitter:

"Like these and so many others, our desire for a fallen pastor must not be his death and burial, but his resurrection to repentance and newness of life, even if he is never again restored to ministry (which sometimes — especially when there has been chronic and un-repented abuse, profane character, evil, and corruption — is the best and wisest course)."

We heartily agree with that statement. The difference is that we agree with all of it while ignoring none of it. RC Sproul Jr is one of the best examples of a man who has for many years engaged in a pattern of "chronic and un-repented abuse, profane character, evil, and corruption." His eagerness to point the accusatory finger at others and their sins, sins which usually pale in comparison to his own, only confirms in our minds that he has a very serious mental disorder.

RC Jr and Lisa, as they do so often, cherry-pick what they agree with and ignore the rest; and what they're ignoring is the stuff that applies to themselves. If they agreed with all of it they wouldn't be promoting "RC Sproul Jr Ministries" without his first having gone through a formal restoration process that could be recognized and confirmed by the church. Restoration would necessarily involve his seeking out all the people that he's harmed and injured over the years, confessing and repenting to them, and pursuing reconciliation. We know of many such people, and entire families he's harmed, including small children. There isn't a single case where he's ever sought reconciliation with any of them. Only after a formal restoration process could RC Jr then seek to be ordained again. Apart from an ordination he has no authority to claim to be a "Rev.", "Pastor", etc.

Susan M. said...

I long ago lost all respect for Sproul Junior. He's nothing like his father, a man I always respected. Really Junior is just the opposite of his father who was a very humble man. For years I've witnessed Junior strutting about like an arrogant fat little peacock on any public stage that will tolerate his pomposity. He's an insufferably selfish self-centered self-righteous know it all. With his departure from Reformed Christianity he's only gotten much worse. His marriage to Lisa clearly hasn't tamped down his ginormous ego. Hooking up with her has only poured gasoline on the fire. I'm stunned by Lisa's self righteous hatefulness. She accuses her husband's detractors of "bloodthirsty words"? Who has ever said he should be crucified? What utter insanity! What planet are these people living on? What kind of crazy martyr complex is this they've adopted? Sproul has always been a very public figure who makes his living off the donations of his supporters. He owes it to his donors to make himself accountable to them but when they start asking questions he and Lisa accuse them of slander. Their arrogance makes me want to vomit.

NewLife said...

I think you guys are mistaken about RCJR not being ordained anymore. Last I heard he was still ordained in Beer Church. BTW that's some hilarious satire! Maybe a bit offensive to some people but considering everything y'all have likely been through I can see how it's therapeutic to satirize him.

Lisa Sproul said...

This is Lisa Sproul. So many social media hits seeking to sabotage my husband’s new book being released this May 14th.
What inspires the attacks, lies, drama, false accusations, web spinning—Fear.

Only the enemy crafts plots to destroy.

To read sorry, biased, misinformation is no longer shocking. I have come to see this is the society of the religious, the hurt, the confused, the gossips, the slanderers, the lost, and the deceived—ALL by choice. That choice can cause famine or feast. Starve gossip or Feed it? Not many practice disciplined appetites- so we have some fattened folks here and many other places.

We choose to trust God with the outcome of our lives. A God breathed union— not a train wreck marriage caused by rebellion. A marriage where we as a family sought to serve God. Some fell away from that choice immediately and chose to conspire with one another and lie. While relationships seemed genuine, they weren’t. While relationships seemed loving, they were actually propagating death and destruction- All while we fellowshipped together, breaking bread. God was good in exposing. But that exposure caused war instead of peace when confronted.
You would think that Christ followers would want peace, strive for truth, walk in unity and help one another to walk in their new call as a family. Not scream lies on social media or anywhere else. Gossip is provocative.
Jealousy. Bitterness. Hatred. Defamation. It’s an MLM of wickedness multiplying deep and wide. We choose love.
•There was no rebellion of presbytery, but defamation of our character.
This rumor was started by RC’s daughter, then passed down among those who saw their father moved on with his life.
•In many ways that DUI was the best thing that ever happened to my husband— it’s what God used to wake him up, to bring him out of his grave. God used it powerfully. He saw the idols on the throne of his heart that replaced the authority of God’s Word in his life.His careless behavior threatened lives of loved ones—which he rendered as truth. He admitted the pathology of image he and his family lived with & how this bred contempt among them. Those are difficult truths to identify. I am blessed to be led by such a man— Willing to speak truth and not make excuses for his life, his past, his sins, or confront those when needed. Nor I.
Although it’s always easy to find fault, assign motives, and exploit someone who falls from the glory throne we personally place them on—It neither heals the situation, nor helps the listener to deny that God actually allow our sins to be used as a platform to teach others from. It’s truth. It’s how God redeems is if He allows us life after the fall.
There are no DCS scandals, except the false reports made by RCs three oldest surviving daughters, as told by our own daughter. It was a plot to sabotage the book release. R.C. and I both have adult children with bipolar disorder and depression. As parents it is heartbreaking and difficult to deal with—especially when you become their target.
As the adopted mother of EC, Maili, Reilly and Donovan—All children from the genesis of our union were lovingly welcomed, but we were hostilely received.
If any of you know the difficulty of parenting or of blending a family when jealousy is the bedrock hardship for the kids you understand the constant battles.As a mother, I raised my children faithfully in church, faithfully in the Word. Yes, I have had four marriages and whether or not I say it was their fault or mine, nonetheless it is the choices I live with.
I am not perfect. I have never claimed to be. But I confess these are hard times and in each and every one of them we get on our faces and cry out for restoration of those who chose to abandoned God’s Word. Our hearts are opened and honest. We are sinners. We were saved by Jesus Christ who paid the price and was the penalty for our sin hanging on a tree.Our life’s mission is to share how God saved us. How our image, our past, our today’s and our tomorrow’s are ALL in His hands. ALL in His plans.

Bill Randell said...

So many were willing to forgive R.C. Jr, even for Ashley Madison and drunk driving. Lots of well wishers hoping for his eventual restoration. Myself included. But leaving the Reformed faith to become Anabaptist? Sorry, but for me that's just unpardonable. Even if he turns from his folly I could never trust or believe anything he ever says again. Can't see any other Reformed people stomaching it either. Not saying it's a sin to be Anabaptist. Just that Jr knows better than that. He knows the two are doctrinally opposites. So there's no excuse. This is much bigger than when he was just toying with federal vision and playing footsies with Doug Wilson. If his father were alive I'm sure he'd be disgusted. He'd probably feel like he'd been a total failure as a father. So what's next? If the Anabaptists don't let him get away with his shenanigans will he convert Roman Catholic?

RC 2.0 said...

Hello Lisa, and welcome. We're genuinely pleased that you've made an appearance here.

Our article didn't delve into your family dramas. We chose to avoid it as much as possible and focus on RC's plunge into the Anabaptist faith, as well as his masquerading as "Rev" and "Pastor" with no church authority of any kind to do so, and your active promotion of the same. We also avoided making any mention of RC's upcoming book (forward courtesy of the unrepentant serial adulterer Tullian Tchividjian) because doing so would have necessitated making mention of the fact that yours and RC's children are actively encouraging people to boycott it. Again, more family drama that we thought would just distract our readers from what we believe to be far more important issues. Yet you bring both of these issues up here even though we didn't mention them in the article. We can only assume that's to evade the topic at hand. Or perhaps it's because it's a topic you just don't care about or comprehend the significance of? Perhaps you're oblivious to how incredibly offensive it is for Reformed folks to see what had been an influential Reformed teacher and theologian (albeit a very disgraced one), the son of perhaps the most influential of all Reformed teachers and theologians in the US, flee to the Anabaptists? You appear to have been an admirer of the late Dr. RC Sproul. Yet you fail to appreciate how passionately and uncompromisingly he espoused the Reformed faith. We dare say Dr. Sproul would be deeply offended to see his son become a member of an Anabaptist church. Bill Randell is completely right in his comment above, "If his father were alive I'm sure he'd be disgusted. He'd probably feel like he'd been a total failure as a father."

In our view none of our story is "attacks, lies, drama, false accusations, web spinning" and "biased misinformation." We are not "the confused, the gossips, the slanderers, the lost, and the deceived." To accuse of such makes for some very serious charges, ones which call for proof. We welcome your putting forward your evidence here, particularly if you are able to stay on point with the article itself.

We'll make this easy by asking you to elaborate on what you mean by this:
"There was no rebellion of presbytery, but defamation of our character.
This rumor was started by RC’s daughter, then passed down among those who saw their father moved on with his life." It wasn't from Darby or any of your step-children or children that we learned that RC demitted his ordination, and that he did so because his Presbytery wouldn't give their blessing to your marriage. But perhaps we've got it wrong. So please correct any errors we've made. Is it not a fact that RC demitted his ordination in 2016 to the CPC immediately prior to marrying you? Are you saying the timing of that was merely a coincidence? If it wasn't for the reason we've stated then what was the reason? No Presbyterian minister demits his ordination for for light and trivial causes. Please explain what happened.

Lisa Sproul said...
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Bill Randell said...

Lisa Sproul, your dismissal of my concerns with a mere wave of the hand isn't credible. I don't know you but I do know RC and the things he's said. So that's what I'll have to go by. I can remember RC teaching about church membership at a Ligonier conference years ago. He said church membership was a lot like marriage. They're both a covenant and they both require vows. RC quoted from the Westminster Confession about oaths and vows and then said church membership is a very serious covenant that God holds us accountable for. We don't enter into church membership vows lightly.

You say he's still Reformed? How can he be Reformed but be a covenant member of an Anabaptist church? That simply makes no sense. That's like having a mistress but claiming you're faithful to your wife. It's not like he doesn't have options either. In less than a minute I found 6 Reformed churches in Fort Wayne. With more time I'm sure I could find many more in your surrounding areas. Makes me jealous of what you've got there. In my area we haven't got a single Reformed church. It's over an hour's drive for us to attend the Reformed church where we're members. Not that I'm complaining. That's what a lot of Reformed people have to do. Depending on where you live being Reformed can be a big commitment. In your area it looks pretty easy. The only thing that makes sense is he's a member of an Anabaptist church because he wants to be Anabaptist.

You'll have to do better than "False accusation."

Banyan said...

Lisa’s social media articles portray an idyllic “God breathed union” marriage and spiritual home life. A discerning eye can tell it's a cheap facade. Even more so her comments posted on other’s blogs and forums, like the one she posted here.

The way Lisa turned against her children and step-children, but then plays the victim, is classic Borderline Personality Disorder behavior. Borderlines are often impossible for healthy family members to live with, say like her children and step children. So it's no surprise they can't cope with her. Fear of rejection is a Borderline's chief concern, so when they are ultimately rejected they'll turn it into all out war. They can never see that it was their own spitefulness that caused the rejection in the first place. They're always the victim. To deflect attention they’ll project mental illnesses onto other family members rather than acknowledge their own. "R.C. and I both have adult children with bipolar disorder and depression" is an example. While this is partially true it's also a poor excuse to cover for her much more serious mental illness.

Borderlines can form some interesting and oddly compatible unions with those who suffer with their own personality disorders, say like a spouse who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They feed off one another, especially where it comes to personality disorders that include a martyr complex. Both RC Jr and Lisa crave and are totally addicted to victim status as much as the junkie is addicted to their heroin. That mutual addiction has forms a powerful bond of victim co-dependency.

It's been recognized and accepted for years by family members that RC Jr suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It's only been recently though that his adult children have had the courage to speak about it to one another, and then to make mention of it publicly. As Lisa said his children are boycotting his new book ("sabotaging" as she calls it) because it only serves to feed his narcissist ego. RC Jr has made it out to be about honoring his late father, but his children know better than anyone that it's not.

NPDs like BPDs require a regular dose of being the injured party. If there's nothing going on where they can play the victim they'll make unreasonable demands and provoke fights, often in a passive-aggressive manner. They specialize in shaming and guilt-tripping. They're experts in knowing all the right buttons to push to illicit an angry reaction. Then when they're challenged for their obnoxious behavior they'll claim that they've been misunderstood, they're completely innocent of wrongdoing, and then play the victim. Their energy for this game is never ending and can become a daily routine.

Adding to this emotional black hole the probability that RC Jr is also a Sociopath. Those personality disorders can, oddly enough, be exactly what a Borderline like Lisa wants to keep her happy. It's not at all what she needs to better her mental health though. The same can be said of RC Jr being made happy by a Borderline wife. He's happy with her stirring the pot and publicly maligning his detractors. As long as she's disparaging everyone else, even his own children, but not him, everything is good. But it's also a curse that will ensure that he never comes to terms with his own very serious mental illnesses. For the sake of their children, whose lives they have shattered and driven into chronic depression, I hope they get the professional psychiatric help they so desperately need.

RC 2.0 said...

Banyan, excellent insights. We agree with your assessments of Lisa and RC Jr's mental health problems. We have a hard time believing things are as rosy in the marriage as Lisa makes it out to be. Being a Borderline means she's also a splitter, and it's not going to be limited to just her children and step-children. If she isn't splitting her husband already she'll start doing so eventually. What this means is RC Jr can look forward to one week being Lisa's hero and the next being the devil incarnate. For all we know that may already be taking place. Borderlines are very socially conscious, so if she is splitting him it'll be concealed from public view. Much like RC is obsessed with preserving his public image, she too is obsessed with preserving her public image. She knows she can't bash her husband publicly (a man she naively believes is still an esteemed religious celebrity) or that would make her look bad. She only has any standing at all because of her marriage to him, so she can't undercut him without undercutting herself. But the children have no public status so they're fair game. She'll never say anything derogatory about her husband publicly, other than to portray herself as his savior, as she's repeatedly done, especially over how she came to his rescue over his drunk driving arrest and suicidal ideation.

Lisa gets how it would be stupid to publicly bash her husband, but she fails to grasp how bashing her children and step children is the worst thing she could do for her public image and reveals what an absolutely horrible mother she is.

Ben Greene said...

I didn't know R.C. Jr. married Lisa in defiance of his Presbytery and that he'd demitted his ordination over that. That all makes perfect sense. If people ever had any respect for R.C. Sproul Jr they'd have a hard time believing he'd marry a woman who'd been divorced three times prior. What are the odds that all three of those divorces were for biblical reasons? I've wondered about those things myself and I've been surprised that I haven't seen anyone pressing R.C. for answers. The CPC has been very hush hush about the details of his departure. They must feel super embarrassed over ordaining him in the first place. We Presbyterians would use the word "contumacy" to describe Sproul's rebellion against his Presbytery. It's a scary word because that kind of rebellion is something we recognize that the Lord always punishes. Their marriage may last several years but ultimately it's doomed.

Ghirard's characterization of Lisa as "First Lady Of The Sproul Household, calling herself the Queen and alluded to her Throne" is so appalling that some people will have a hard time believing it. If I hadn't seen her say those things myself I'd have a hard time believing it too. Then Lisa shows up to prove with her own comments that she really does believe all those things. Maybe she is Borderline. But she also has strong narcissistic traits. Narcissists believe the world revolves around them. Religious Narcissists are the worst of all because they use Jesus to justify their egotism all while pretending to be oh so humble. She proves it with this, "You would think that Christ followers would want peace, strive for truth, walk in unity and help one another to walk in their new call as a family." Right Lisa, your children and step-children were created by God to fulfill your roles and ideals of family, YOUR family, i.e. your fourth marriage to Sproul Jr. Just ignore the fact that your adult children and step-children already have their own "callings" i.e. marriages and their own children. You're the Queen and they're just pawns to genuflect before your royal throne. Their refusal to bow down means they "fell away" from God and his calling for their lives. Talk about delusions of grandeur. Really Lisa, time to grow up and get over yourself. You've got three children at home to raise. Don't ruin their lives too.

Annie B said...

"Myself and RC Jr’s other adult children are estranged from him. We do not support this book or his return to public ministry.” Darby Stouffer

Bill Randell said...

Lisa you said, "Reformed faith intact. No one left, abandoned, or changed faiths. False accusation." I'm skeptical but I'm open to hearing from you. It's all very hard to understand though. For one thing I don't see how R.C. Jr expects to be able to fit in with Anabaptists. Even if he were just a fairly conventional Reformed guy, and if he were able to keep his mouth shut about what he believes, that would still be a tall order. We all know though that R.C. Jr can't keep his mouth shut, and he's been anything but a conventional Reformed teacher. His beliefs aren't just the opposite of the Anabaptists. R.C. Jr's teachings have often proved to be way over the line by Reformed Presbyterians too. I can still remember what a huge swirl of controversy he caused over his book Almighty Over All. In it he said, "I am not accusing God of sinning; I am suggesting that He created sin." It's one thing to have Arminians calling R.C. Jr a heretic, but when his own Reformed brethren are calling him a heretic you know he's gone over the cliff. I viewed his book as heretical, and not just for that one thing he said. There's a lot of other heresies in it as well. If I were to go into more detail here it would make for a very long comment. So I won't. No need. Just check out the 1-star Amazon reviews of his book. Taking Calvinism Too Far: R.C. Sproul Jr.’s Evil-Creating Deity gives a good synopsis too and it resulted in 245 reader responses.

Lisa, do you know if R.C. Jr has repented of Almighty Over All? Does he still believe “God is as delighted with his wrath as he is with all of his attributes” so “What I’ll do is create something worthy of my wrath, something on which I can exhibit the glory of my wrath”? I have to ask because if he hasn't repented of Almighty Over All then I'm quite confident he'll have a rough row to hoe in an Anabaptist church, unless that is he can figure out a way of keeping it a secret from them. Anabaptists are very opposed to the view that God is a wrathful, vindictive God who "glories" in pouring out his wrath on humans that he created for the purpose of delighting in their destruction. For that matter I've never known a single Reformed person who would agree with R.C. Jr about that either. For some reason though, and probably just because he's the son of R.C. Sr, too many Reformed folks were willing to overlook that implications of R.C. Jr's heretical book. But I seriously doubt any Anabaptists will be so accommodating. If he expects to get along with Anabaptists he'll have to repent by repudiating his book.

RC 2.0 said...

Bill, we agree that teaching that God is the creator/author of sin is heretical. We'll go beyond that and say Sproul's teaching is blasphemous because he's impugning the moral character of God. He teaches that God needed to create man so He had an object worthy of demonstrating one of his most glorious moral attributes on -- his wrath. The Reformers all taught the sovereignty of God, but they also explicitly warned against going so far as to blaming God for creating sin or in any way encouraging sin. RC Sproul Sr also warned against it too. In Chosen By God (p 31), RC Sproul Sr wrote, "In spite of this excruciating problem we still must affirm that God is not the author of sin. The Bible does not reveal the answers to all our questions. It does reveal the nature and character of God. One thing is absolutely unthinkable, that God could be the author or doer of sin."

For 20 years RC Jr has been able to get away promoting heresy and blasphemy. The implications of this are troubling. Why would so many Reformed teachers look the other way? Surely they weren't all ignorant of what RC Jr was teaching. We can only assume it was because they feared having to cross his father. If RC Jr weren't the son of such a highly esteemed Reformed theologian we're confident he would have been publicly called out for his heresies. Instead they all just turned a blind eye while they continued inviting RC Jr to speak at their conferences.

Knowing RC Jr's position on this does help us better understand his penchant for meting out wrath on those who displease him, and delighting in doing so. He's simply been following in the footsteps of the malevolent God he's imagined. God delights in pouring out his wrath on sinners, so RC Jr delights in pouring out wrath on those who displease him. God throws unrepentant sinners into eternal isolation and torment so RC Jr casts out as excommunicants any who defy his imperious will and orders the remainder of his flock to speak not a word to them (i.e. shunning). Here, however, RC Jr goes even far beyond the actions of the vengeful God he conjures -- God doesn't punish children for the sins of their parents, but Sproul does. He's repeatedly ordered the excommunication and shunning of entire families, including small children. His unjust excommunications and shunnings have caused many children to stumble and abandon the Christian faith altogether.

RC Jr's hateful and malicious bullying and spiritual abuse resulted in RC Sproul Jr's defrocking in 2006. His Presbytery wisely deemed him disqualified from ministry per 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. So he ran off to his corrupt pal Doug Wilson for the CREC's imprimatur. Relations there chilled so he ran off to his pal James McDonald and got himself ordained in the CPC. But when it came time to marry Lisa the CPC wouldn't approve that union so he demitted his ordination altogether. RC Jr has had a long history of jumping from one ship to another. Now he's an Anabaptist without an ordination of any kind. Anabaptist ministerial standards make ordination comparatively easy, so it's likely he's pursuing ordination with them. But in the interim that isn't stopping him masquerading as "Rev" and "Pastor". God have mercy on those poor souls who fall under his influence if RC Jr ever is successful in his ministry pursuits.

Jerry said...

Lisa you said, "Our life’s mission is to share how God saved us." That's a big problem for a couple reasons. First off, if you're saved it should show. If you expect to "share how God saved us" with any credibility, but your life is a train wreck, and it's obvious it's just going to continue being a train wreck, it just makes you out to be a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is the worst kind of testimony and only brings reproach to the name of the Lord Jesus. "The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you." Romans 2:24 The net result of RC Jr's life has not been to bring glory to God's name but to bring shame and reproach. "Bear fruit in keeping with repentance." Matt 3:8 So what's the appeal of your testimony to unbelievers? Or even to believers? Come to Jesus so your lives can be just as much of a wreck as ours? The evidence of your husband's life for many years hasn't shown the fruits of salvation at all, and certainly not a life of victory over sin. He hasn't even just shown genuine repentance for his many sins but, "Oops, sorry I got caught again." I personally have known RC long enough to believe he's unregenerate. I say that not only because he's such a sinful man, I say that because he's not genuinely remorseful for his sins. It's all an act. He's only sorry he keeps getting caught.

Secondly, regarding your "life mission," who or what exactly gave you that mission? Are you going to claim God Himself gave it to you? If He did then it needs to be confirmed by credible church authority, especially where RC is presuming to teach and preach under the titles "Pastor" and "Rev." As a former Presbyterian RC well knows this. Even Anabaptists believe this too. As this article pointed out RC has established himself as an autonomist. If your mission were God-given and not just self-appointed you'd have some credible church authority for it. A book forward from Tullian Tchividjian hardly qualifies. If that's the best RC can come up with then it speaks volumes right there.

There's nothing more presumptuous and arrogant than for an autonomist to claim he's on a mission from God. Tragically it's been done so often by disgraced preachers it's become a source of cultural satire. RC Sproul Snr. was a blessing to Christians everywhere and the fruits of his life was evidence of the Lord's salvific work in his life. His son's life has been just the opposite. Please stop pushing RC on this misguided self-apppointed mission of yours.

From the Fort said...

I live in Fort Wayne, IN, have followed the Sproul family from a distance for years, and am beside myself that Jr. lives here now... I will tell you that NOBODY around here has a clue who he is - his name is slowly showing up from time to time and it concerns me. He's had speaking engagements at a fundraiser for a rehab facility and also a pastoral leadership conference. Interesting, huh? I also heard he was leading a small group at church for blended families, but nobody signed up for it. I find his current family situation interesting and his new wife totally nutty! I truly hope his youngest children are okay. The church he is attending with his new bride is a popular, trendy church full of good, unsuspecting people. However, it is in NO WAY reformed, which I find incredibly ironic and totally humorous. I just pray my family isn't out on the road when he and his "queen" are barreling down I-69!!

Carverelle said...

I agree with the comments about RC Jr's personality disorders. Very narcissistic. Also a pathological liar. He's had those issues for many years. On top of that RC Jr has permanent brain damage from a lifetime of alcohol abuse. I don't say that to be mean. Just stating a fact. He was born with a high enough IQ that the casual observer may not see the signs of his alcohol-diminished intelligence. But it's there. I personally witnessed his drinking abuses over several years. RC Jr goes way beyond being a casual social drinker having a couple drinks a night with the boys after work. We're talking two to three times that amount. RC Jr also binge drinks. Years of heavy daily drinking and binge drinking causes thiamine / vitamin B1 deficiency resulting in "wet brain." It's irreversible brain damage. Add to that RC Jr's incredibly poor diet. His late wife Denise tried to feed her family a healthy diet. RC demanded the family eat mostly junk food. His staple were things like white bread grilled cheese and the greasiest meals imaginable like sausage sandwiches. It's amazing his kids survived but his wife didn't (Denise got cancer twice and he once). That kind of horrible diet meant he was already seriously vitamin deficient. Add alcohol abuse to the equation and you've got a perfect formula for wet brain. One of the symptoms of wet brain is memory loss. So to fill in the gaps they engage in "confabulation" meaning the person creates fictitious memories to bridge gaps in existing memories. A person with this symptom likely doesn't know they're making up memories. This is where RC Jr's pathological lying comes in. He really does believe the lies and false memories he tells. Anyone who reads RC Jr's latest book Growing Up With RC is reading some true memories but also a lot of fabrication. Because of his memory recall problems it's likely he doesn't remember specifics of the many people he's abused. He feels no need to repent because he can't remember what he's done. No memories, no remorse, no need to repent. I'm just one of many RC needs to repent to, but I've come to terms with the fact it'll never happen.

I'll post a link to a video but I do so reluctantly because it contains some foul language. If that's a problem maybe a moderator can edit it out? It's the most candid thing I've seen on the dangers of alcoholism. When a former alcoholic and meth, heroin, MDMA, Xanax, etc. junkie tells us alcohol is even more dangerous we should all pay attention. Watching What's an alcohol problem like? helped me better understand RC Jr's alcoholism. It's also the thing that got me thinking about RC's wet brain.

RC 2.0 said...

@Carverelle, good insights. "Wet brain" isn't a term we'd heard before, but it's quite appropriate to use in RC Jr's case. Alcohol abuse alters the neurochemistry of the brain changing the way the alcoholic thinks and feels. If the alcohol abuse is short-term the brain can often recover. However long-term alcohol abuse inevitably results in permanent brain damage. Considering the vast quantities of alcohol RC Jr has consumed in his life it would be hard to imagine him not having caused his brain severe and permanent damage, and not just to his brain but also his liver and other vital organs. Add to that the fact that RC Jr started drinking heavily in his teen years, a time at which his brain was still developing. He quite literally wired his brain for alcohol. No doubt it's severely impacted his ability to think rationally and normally, not to mention truthfully.

As you point out RC Sproul Jr is a pathological liar. This is the norm with drug abusers in general. When alcoholics enter into recovery they need to come to terms with how alcohol has driven them to become chronic and habitual liars. It's one of the most important first steps on the road to recovery. AA has done a lot of research on this and they have many years of working with countless thousands of alcoholics to prove their case. Recovering alcoholics are the first to acknowledge that alcoholics are the biggest liars on the planet. It comes up in AA meetings constantly. One of the first things an alcoholic needs to do on their road to recovery is face the reality that they've been chronically lying to everyone for years and then confess it to everyone they've harmed. They call it "making amends." If they fail to do be honest with others then they're obviously failing to be honest with themselves. This makes it probable they'll fall off the wagon by sneaking booze, justifying it to themselves with "I can handle it" but lying to family and friends that they're clean.

We believe RC Jr's pathological lying was literally programmed into his developing brain as an alcohol abusing teen. He's been lying for so many years that it's become pathological. He really believes the lies he tells, starting with the lies he tells to himself. Can God save him? Yes, but only by a literal miracle of healing his physical brain. Can God perform such miracles today? We believe He can and does. Can that ever happen in RC Jr's case? We believe not. Why? Because RC Jr would first have to pray in faith for God's healing. That's something he'll never do since he doesn't believe he's a brain damaged pathological liar in need of God's healing.

Bill Randell said...

It looks Lisa won't be coming back to reply to my comment. I'm disappointed but not surprised. How can anyone give a defense of Almighty Over All? It's just inexcusable.

I think you Spinderella guys should seriously consider doing a book review of Almighty Over All. Searching around the internet it's hard to find much about it other than a few Amazon reviews. It just seems really weird that R.C. Jr's heretical views on this have escaped criticism. Is everyone too embarrassed to talk about it? He really does need exposure about this. Let me suggest if you don't already have it you guys pick up a copy of R.C. Sproul Jr's Almighty Over All and read it. Then do a book review. If you have some qualms about putting money in his pocket you can always buy a used copy cheap off ebay.

RC 2.0 said...

@Bill Randell, we agree. We'll do something about that in the near future. Stay tuned.

Banyan said...

Carverelle, thanks for your comment. Very informative. I was already really skeptical about Sproul Jr's book. Seems a little too convenient that he waited until after his father passed before putting it out. He can make up any "memories" he wants now and no one, especially his dad, can challenge him. Based on what you're saying I'm now more convinced than ever that his book is full of fiction. Stuff he may believe happened but never did. It doesn't even take a booze pickled brain to do that either. I've seen plenty of preachers making up stories from their pulpits. It starts out as just an "illustration." There may be an underlying element of fact to the story, but their story grows and gets exaggerated to the point that it's mostly fiction. Once they've told the story then in their mind it really did happen, and they'll keep telling the same story over and over again like it really did happen. In Sproul Jr's case he's gone beyond just saying it from a pulpit. He's put it in a book. So now it really really did all happen just the way he said it did. Really.

H. Abramson said...

Pastors are often heard to criticize "church hoppers." But RC Jr is a denomination hopper. He hopped from the ARP to the PCA (but the PCA later rejected him) to the RPCGA (who later defrocked him for stealing the ARPs tax ID number, spiritual abuse of his flock, drunkenness, plying young children with hard liquor, stealing church funds, etc.). Doug Wilson then rolled out the red carpet to Sproul, so he got himself reordained in the CREC where Doug Wilson cleaned his dirty defrocked laundry. After growing weary from having to deny that he's a secret Federal Visionary he jumped the CREC ship and got himself ordained in the CPC. In 2016 he demitted his CPC ordination because they refused to give their consent to his marrying the 3 times divorced Lisa (none of her divorces being for biblical reasons). Defrocked, refrocked by the disgraced Doug Wilson, then demitted. 6 denominations in 10 years. He's not ordained but he keeps calling himself Reverend and Pastor. A year ago he left the Reformed faith and joined an Anabaptist denomination where he's pursuing another ordination. "He is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways." James 1:8

NewLife said...

Banyan said, "It doesn't even take a booze pickled brain to do that either. I've seen plenty of preachers making up stories from their pulpits. It starts out as just an "illustration." There may be an underlying element of fact to the story, but their story grows and gets exaggerated to the point that it's mostly fiction."

So true. Sometimes even those preachers we admire wind up being exposed for telling huge lies from their pulpits. Even John MacArthur is now being exposed as a liar, and it's not just a little bitty lie either that he only told once. It's a whopper of a lie he's been telling for years. Once a preacher gets exposed as a liar it's hard to know what we can believe from them anymore.

J.M. said...

This is a very disturbing article, and for a multiplicity of reasons. I have some ministry interest in RCJR, and that interest would necessarily include his conduct toward his family. In your article you mentioned "he and his wife's public sniping against his adult children." If this is true then I'd consider it to be conduct incompatible with that of a minister. It might disqualify him from consideration in speaking at our events. Can you provide some evidence of that public sniping?

RC 2.0 said...

@J.M., RC Jr's family problems were never intended to be the focus of this article. Yet it's clear from multiple comments posted above that many of our readers have a strong interest in that subject. As such we've updated the article to include a link to an image of a Facebook thread as evidence of RC Jr and Lisa's sniping against his adult children. The link has been added to the text you quoted. After opening the link you can click on the image to enlarge it.

The dispute originated over RC Jr deleting Denise Sproul's Facebook page without consulting other family members. The Sproul children wanted Denise's Facebook to remain as a memorial to Denise. This became especially critical to them after many Sproul family photos, all of whom just happened to include Denise, had suddenly "gone missing" (there is speculation RC and/or Lisa destroyed them). RC Jr insisted Denise's Facebook stay down. Darby Sproul Stouffer contacted Facebook and successfully got them put back up, designating it as a memorial site for Denise Sproul so that RC Jr couldn't delete it again. For context, Betty Lou Rocklein is the mother of the late Denise Sproul and grandmother of the Sproul children.

J.M. said...

Thank you for taking care of my request. Reading those Facebook comments made me sick to my stomach. I'm horrified to see a gospel minister being so vindictive and self centered against his own children. The Word of God should never be used as a weapon to beat people down with, especially against your own family. I've now read all the comments above too. If I'd only read the comments without first reading RCJR's Facebook entries I might have dismissed it all and assumed y'all were just a bunch of bitter people out for a pound of his flesh. Now I can see for myself everything you're saying must be true. Can you elaborate on "This became especially critical to them after many Sproul family photos, all of whom just happened to include Denise, had suddenly "gone missing" (there is speculation RC and/or Lisa destroyed them)."?

RC 2.0 said...

@J.M., it had been RC Jr and Lisa's plan to sell her home in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and move her to his home in Florida. It was while he was in Ft. Wayne helping her with moving arrangements that he was arrested for drunk driving. That arrest and subsequent felony conviction completely upended their moving plans. Due to the terms of his plea bargain he wasn't free to leave Indiana. He was also forced to resign from his six-figure positions at Ligonier Ministries and Reformation Bible College. So he sold his home in Florida and moved in with her in Ft. Wayne. His move from Florida to Indiana coincided with the disappearance of many Sproul family photographs. Not every Sproul family photo disappeared though, only photos which included Denise. The adult Sproul children were and remain deeply hurt that their father disappeared all family photos of their mother. Based on the pattern of Lisa's conduct toward the Sproul children it's believed that Lisa instigated the disappearance, and that RC complied with her demands.

The situation with RC and Lisa Sproul is a textbook case of parental alienation. Quoting Widipedia, "Parental alienation is the process and the result of psychological manipulation of a child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards a parent, relative or others." What RC and Lisa have perpetrated against the Sproul children is one of the worst cases of parental alienation we've ever witnessed.

Banyan said...

For goodness sake, Lisa is actually threatened by her step-children's memories of their dead mom? There's so much ugly drama to the Sproul family. Lisa must be an incredibly insecure woman. Psychotically insecure. All memories of Denise had to be erased. Anything less for the Sproul children is "worship" of their mother. Lisa demands they "move on." She requires the position of total and exclusive Mother. I am the Queen thy Mother, and I will have no other mothers before me. This has all the makings for a smash hit psycho-thriller movie. In my screen play Lisa Sproul plays the role of a hyper-religious bible thumping version of Glenn Close à la Fatal Attraction. Lisa is the woman who will not be ignored. I can't help but think RC Jr will ultimately rue the day he married Lisa. No doubt his children have rued that day since it happened. They're in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

It was not in defiance. He told Presbytery he intended to marry Lisa, who was 4x divorced. They said they would need to do a brief investigation to make sure it would be lawful for him to remarry. He chose to demit the ministry and the Presbytery in order to avoid that investigation . I think he was protecting her, but it also shows he already knew the answer. Presbytery accepted his resignation from the ministry without censure. He was a member of his dads church in Florida which was not in that denomination. So he got married and there were no objections.

My family has been close with the Sprouls both generations for fifty years. I think the people who put RC senior on a pedestal and demonize RC Jr are continuing the cult of personality that helped create these problems in the first place. RC Jr is very much the fruit of his father. It's easy to write books and make videos when you are not the pastor of a real church with real families. One sin is evident in all three generations of Sprouls, and that is pride.

I suspect RC Jr is still a Calvinist but he is now fellowshiping in the church circles of his wife. They call anybody who can stand up and speak "Rev".

I think also that RC has believed all along he can just do what his dad did without being ordained. He can personally teach as a parachurch ministry. If the reformed people get upset by that he can just point to all the other parachurch teaching ministries that we accept without question.

The real situation is a mixture of Sproul's real failings being exaggerated by the author of this site, and an additional crowd of armchair internet purity warriors .

I feel sorry for him. I think Denise's death exposed his deep weakness. I think his marriage to Lisa is probably adulterous and he has basically surrendered his moral authority to her. I agree with the site owner the Sproul family needs to get out of the teaching and spiritual leadership business.

Anonymous said...

Your summary is not accurate at all.
He left the ARP because of an ARP church sued a member of a church down south and the presbytery didn't object. The RPCGA defrocked him without a trial. He didn't steal the ARPs TIN, that was the one SPPC was set up to use, and kept using it after they left the ARP. Taxes were still paid. As a member of the SPPC church at the time, what the RPCGA did to us was horribly wrong. They defrocked all four elders without a trial and also kicked the entire church out of the denomination, leaving it decapitated and bobbing in the ocean. The CREC helped to clean up that mess, and they did one of the better jobs I've seen. That was mainly Randy Booth's work.
RC went to the CPC because he didn't want any associations with Federal Vision. He never paid any money to AM so, he couldn't have actually used the site. He just stupidly took a look see with his personal email. I never saw him abuse alcohol while Denise was alive. It's clear he came unglued and hit the bottle after she died. This site portrays him as a tyrant, when I think the reality is that he is weak. Marrying Lisa was his ultimate act of weakness. He knew it was wrong, but rationalized it and cut off his friends and family because he knew they would ask the questions he didn't want to hear. Now that Lisa is in charge of his life, the only friends he has are her friends. Her friends are happy clappy Pentacostals and Mennonites. So I reckon that is where he will end up, until she dumps him like the dumped the previous husbands. My only question is how long that will take.

RC 2.0 said...

Thanks Anonymous for your first comment, as well as the last part of your second comment starting at "Marrying Lisa was his ultimate act of weakness." We'd welcome hearing more of your perspective on that. We'll hold off for now in countering your objections to our coverage of RC Jr's 2006 defrocking for tax fraud and identity theft, ecclesiastical tyranny, etc., Randy Booth and the CREC, RC Jr's registering for the Ashley Madison account, etc. This blog has very thoroughly covered those issues already and you're free to disagree with us. For reasons which, in our view defy logic, RC Jr and Laurence Windham still have a few loyal fans. It sounds like you're a former St. Peter member, and while many former St. Peter members support and endorse what we've done not everyone does.

It seems, however, there is much we can agree on, including that Denise represented everything the opposite of Lisa. We all loved and admired Denise. So it's hard to understand why RC would after being married to such a godly and humble woman be attracted to, well, Lisa. We agree with you that RC Jr's folly of marrying the 3-times divorced Lisa is "his ultimate act of weakness." From our perspective it seems he's permitting Lisa to completely dominate and control his life, even to the point of standing on the sidelines as she sabotages all his family relations.

At the time of his arrest for drunk driving, which occurred less than a month after his marriage, we speculated there had to be a direct correlation. In that month since his marriage had he come to the realization that he'd just made the biggest mistake of his life? Was it that realization that compelled him to take his wife's opioids and combine that with .175 BAC worth of alcohol? That combination could have easily killed him, all on its own, let alone the dangers of then getting behind the wheel blind drunk and stoned.

There's much to yet be sorted out. Any insights you wish to offer us, Anonymous, are appreciated.

RC 2.0 said...

Anonymous, we've waited several days after your first two comments, hoping you'd offer further comment, as we suggested you do. For the sake of being congenial we refrained from challenging you at the time. However since it appears you've had your say and won't be commenting further we find it necessary to set the record straight with you. However, we don't do this so we can have the last word. Quite the opposite. We'd encourage you to respond.

You say, "The real situation is a mixture of Sproul's real failings being exaggerated by the author of this site..." We'd welcome hearing specifics on anything we've exaggerated. Surely you can do much better than, "Your summary is not accurate at all." Correcting what you perceive as exaggeration or an inaccurate summary with nothing more than wild speculation rooted in ignorance is, to put it politely, downright silly. You speak as one who was an eye witness of the events you raise here; so we might reasonably assume you were, or perhaps even are to this day, a St. Peter member (if not then please correct us on that point).

It appears rather than researching these matters for yourself you just took the word of your St. Peter Presbyterian Church elders about their 2006 defrocking and its aftermath. It's sad you've gotten stuck back in that 2006 St. Peter narrative and haven't moved beyond that point. One would think after everything St. Peter members went through, and all the time that's passed since then, that you'd have learned to think for yourself. It's for good reason St. Peter always had the reputation in SW Virginia and NE Tennessee of being a cult. Members of any bona fide church know how to think critically for themselves, not turn a blind eye to glaring problems, examine all the evidence for themselves, and eschew parroting the narratives of their pastors. Cult members do just the opposite.

RC 2.0 said...

"They defrocked all four elders without a trial..." RC Jr and Laurence Windham's favorite mantra of 2006 was, "We were deposed without a trial." You can examine the evidence for yourself at Addressing Inferences and Innuendos. They were legitimately, per the RPCGA's BCO, and per the oaths and vows they took to the RPCGA to comply with that BCO, defrocked without a trial. It occurred in similar manner to any civil or criminal proceeding. Plead "guilty" and there's no trial. The court just moves to sentencing. That's what RC and your elders did -- they pled guilty -- maybe not to everything, but to more than enough worthy of defrocking. Everything was handled in conformity to the RPCGA's Constitution/BCO.

You're also wrong about the tax ID issue. RC Sproul Jr committed tax fraud and identity theft. The ARP does not ever permit any member church to use the denomination's EIN. In point of fact no denomination ever permits member churches to use the denomination's EIN, nor are they legally permitted to do so. A denomination is its own unique legal entity separate and legally distinct from its member churches. Therefore, each legal entity must have its own unique EIN. RC Jr started using the ARP's EIN while St. Peter was a member of that denomination, but he never had permission to do so. Had he ever asked for permission they would have told him no. The ARP was extremely troubled when it came to light that RC Jr had been using their EIN. They contacted the IRS in response and informed the IRS that the ARP had not authorized the use of their EIN to any member church, let alone a church that hadn't even been a member for years. Feel free to call the ARP yourself, as we did years ago, and determine the facts for yourself. None of this was an "administrative error" as Sproul later claimed. It was deliberate and it was fraudulent. Do your own research rather than relying on the spin of RC Jr and Laurence Windham.

As to "CREC helped to clean up that mess, and they did one of the better jobs I've seen", you'd find strong disagreement with those of Abingdon parish, including opinions against the man you praise, Randy Booth. Their view of his handling of the situation is exactly the opposite of yours. This isn't to completely invalidate your perspective, just to say yours isn't the only opinion. Another issue you probably haven't considered is that the Abingdon parish included the biggest financial benefactors to St. Peter church and, therefore (and unwittingly at the time on their part) Highlands Study Center. RC Jr had used St. Peter's coffers for years as his personal piggy bank, as well as to finance HSC without any accounting or accountability. When the men of the Abingdon parish became informed of financial malfeasance (fraud) perpetrated by RC Jr they demanded an accounting. Sproul refused and Randy Booth actively blocked any such accountability with the mantra, "You need to just trust your elders." Sure, after hundreds of thousands of dollars of their gifts and tithe money had already vanished they were just supposed to blindly "trust."

As to your retelling of RC Jr's Ashley Madison debacle we'll simply refer you to R.C. Sproul Jr's Ashley Madison Scandal. We'd encourage you to start examining these facts in a more objective manner. It's an important part of your recovery from having been a member of a cult. You can never recover apart from first coming to terms with the reality that much of what you were indoctrinated with were lies promulgated by self-serving men.

Former SPPC member said...

On the ARP's tax number I know for a fact it wasn't the first or last time R.C. pulled that kind of scam. He'd also used the tax number 547769277 to open a couple bank accounts. He said it was just a number he made up. Seemed kind of proud about it too. He even encouraged me and a couple other men at a St. Peter men's breakfast meeting in Bristol to use it if we ever needed a tax number. I asked why he picked that specific number. He said by translating "KISS MY ASS" from a telephone keypad. That got some laughs around the table. But he wasn't just kidding. To me it seemed like a crazy idea so I never tried it. The entire incident didn't sit right with me. It wasn't the first time I'd heard him talk crazy like that either. So I stopped going to those breakfast meetings. I found out later couple of the other SPPC guys actually did open business bank accounts with that number. As far as I know they got away with it. At least for a time. Pretty risky stuff though.

RC 2.0 said...

@Former SPPC member, we've heard the same story before, so we'll confirm the truth of what you're saying. The restaurant where many of RC Jr's crazy talks took place is called Bonnie's. If was a favorite of RC Jr's. He loved greasy food. Bonnie's wasn't called a "greasy spoon" for nothing.

Speaking of crazy talk and crazy events going down at Bonnie's, don't miss reading RC Sproul Jr's Bizarre Pastoral Style. It's the story of another former St. Peter attendee, Dennis Cochran, and some real crazy stuff he encountered from RC Jr and Laurence. The photo at the top of the article features Dennis and was taken inside Bonnie's.

Banyan said...

After lying and denying he was doing ministry RC Jr reversed himself and formed Dunamis Fellowship. He's still not ordained and he doesn't even come close to meeting the biblical qualifications for being a minister. But why bother with trivial church formalities when you can just form a nonprofit corporation instead?

Pastor Dave said...

I've read a number of your blog articles. Fascinating stuff. What it reveals is a clear pattern of a controlling, abusive, self-seeking man and his wife. You've said several times R.C. Sproul Jr. is a "sociopath," a "narcissist" and a control freak. You've also said Lisa may have Borderline Personality Disorder and also exhibits narcissistic traits. I can appreciate why you say that. It could be entirely valid, but these are merely human psychology terms that characterize "personality disorders." They're not all that helpful because the world of psychology offers little hope of healing. Mental health professionals offer cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, mental health drugs, etc. and such things can't deliver Mr. and Mrs. Sproul of the demons that torment them.

R.C. Sproul, Jr. and Lisa both clearly manifest the spirit of Jezebel, a devious and destructive demonic spirit, a "Principality." This spirit seeks out positions of power and influence through which it can dominate the lives of Christians. Jezebel is a "religious" spirit that gravitates to self-seeking religious leaders who crave attention and control, people like Sproul and his wife. Through those leaders it then seeks to dominate and control vulnerable Christians, the kind who have good intentions and seek to honor the Lord in their lives. They hunger for the "deeper things of the Word." So they seek out intelligent and eloquent teachers, the intellectuals, smooth talkers like Sproul.

Reading your blog it's immediately obvious to me the spirit of Jezebel is in control of R.C. Sproul, Jr. Jezebel is a very destructive spirit so it's no wonder Sproul has harmed so many individuals and entire families, turning people away, perhaps even children, from the Lord in disillusionment. I think it's fitting and proper that you've done so much to expose Sproul. Perhaps you've saved many from falling under Sproul's control. But you also need to understand how to pray effectively and take spiritual authority in this battle. As the Word says, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." The battle isn't so much against Sproul but against the spirit that dominates his life and drives his destructive actions. Your true battle is against the spirit of Jezebel. To better understand this I recommend reading Steve Sampson's book "Confronting Jezebel, Discerning and Defeating the Spirit of Control." My prayers for the Lord's wisdom and protection are with you.

Banyan said...

Anonymous said, "RC went to the CPC because he didn't want any associations with Federal Vision." That's not all of the story, but it's certainly a good part of the reason RC left Doug Wilson's CREC for the CPC. He got tired of having to defend himself and explain how it was that he got himself ordained in that Federal Vision abomination and moved St. Peter church into the CREC too, but magically wasn't Federal Vision himself. Many St. Peter members were happy about the move since they were Federal Visionists too. But this raises an interesting issue: how will RC ever be able to convince anyone he's not Anabaptist when he's a member of an Anabaptist church? Certainly the Anabaptists assume he's converted to Anabaptism, and RC has done nothing to dissuade them of that notion. Those poor Anabaptists are too naive and trusting to know RC's pulling a scam on them. But Reformed people are on to RC's game. Then again it probably doesn't matter anymore. No one in the Reformed world cares about him or wants anything to do with him, just like no Reformed Presbyterian wants anything to do with his unrepentant serial adulterer best buddy Tullian Tchvaginafiend.

On my Mind said...

You sure seem interested in someone else's misfortune and problems. Must be nice to have such a perfect life. But please, go get another bag of stones...

On my Mind said...

So you're a professional psychiatrist then?

On my Mind said...

What is wrong with Almighty Over All?

RC 2.0 said...

@On my Mind, Almighty Over All is at best heretical, and at worst blasphemous. It's just another in a long list of things RC Jr needs to repent of. See RC Sproul Jr Accuses God Of Creating Sin, Weaponizes Calvinism.

Jerry said...

Lisa Sproul said, "God used it powerfully. He saw the idols on the throne of his heart that replaced the authority of God’s Word in his life... God actually allow our sins to be used as a platform to teach others from." Wrong on both counts! Lisa it's obvious RC is still ignoring God's Word as evidenced by his pretending to be a "Pastor." Even more arrogant is giving himself the title "Rev." God's Word is very clear on the qualifications for elder, pastor, teacher, preacher, etc. It's all right there in Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Tim. 3:1-7. It's pretty obvious he fails the test by a mile. RC is one of the most biblically disqualified people I've ever seen. That and his new found buddy in ministry swindling, the unrepentant serial adulterer Tullian Tchividjian. It's not RC's scandalous sins that God uses as "a platform to teach others from." If that were the case you'd be able to find that somewhere in the Bible, but you can't because it's just not there. It's just a "seeker-friendly" scheme that RC himself formerly condemned, the same exact justification of "being forgiven" that Tullian Tchividjian is using to justify his re-entry to ministry. Forgiveness isn't a biblical justification, nor does it make one biblically qualified for ministry.

It's also obvious Lisa that you are RC's Enabler In Chief. You're the one who's been pushing him back into ministry even though each and every one of his close personal ministry friends have urged him to stay out of ministry and seek secular employment. Who are they to be so easily disregarded? Just highly esteemed Reformed biblical scholars, theologians, pastors, teachers, men RC has shared the pulpit with at many churches and conferences over many years. These are men RC formerly esteemed. Now he's cast them aside because they won't tell him what he wants to hear, just as he cast aside his CPC ordination because they wouldn't tell him what he wanted to hear about marrying you. These are men who represent hundreds of years of combined biblical teaching and practical Christian-living experience. Men who have themselves never been embroiled in sinful scandals. Men who not only teach the whole counsel of God but who apply it to their personal lives. Were their ministries in any way diminished because they didn't have a track record of "sins to be used as a platform to teach others from"? The fruit of their ministries proves your seeker-friendly excuses bogus.

RC has cut himself off from everyone, including his own family members, because they won't stroke his ego (which those of us who know him know is massive) and tell him what he wants to hear. RC is in rebellion to God, defying His Word's clear and unequivocal ministry requirements. His rebellion is, in many respects, far worse a sin than the sins that disqualified him from ministry in the first place.

You're one of those rare individuals, Lisa, who is determined to aid and abet RC's rebellion against God. RC will suffer the consequences of God's punishments for his rebellion and, you too Lisa will suffer those consequences should you not repent. You two need to follow RC's own often repeated admonishment, "Repent and believe the gospel." That gospel includes Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Tim. 3:1-7. You're not honoring the gospel. You're spitting on it. You do so at your own peril. God is patient and long suffering but one day His judgment will come.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I'm not surprised to see what makes you so compatible with RC Jr -- both of you love preaching at and telling everyone else how they must live their lives but you constantly ignore your own advice.

Here's a great piece of advice that RC Jr has often given but has seldom practiced himself. “Here is the application part of the R.C. Sproul Jr. principle of hermeneutics – After you figure out how you are being stupid, repent.” The problem seems to be that RC Jr can never seem to figure out the many ways he's been stupid and that he continues being stupid.

Lisa, I know enough about RC Jr to know he's a lost cause. But I don't know much about you. Maybe there's still some hope for you? Maybe unlike RC Jr you're not a scheming pathologically lying reprobate? So I'm hoping Lisa that you figure out how you're being stupid and that you repent of it.

westerner said...

Perhaps in a quest to achieve peak irony, RC Jr. is now posting on the necessity of church discipline and how those are disciplined and then join a different church are fooling themselves.

New Theses, New Reformation
Posted on February 11, 2020 by RC

...Discipline is neither in the home nor in the church some grim, law-infused, mean-spirited exercise designed to harm those who receive it. It is instead an expression of tender care and love. The Bible itself says, “For whom the Lord loves He chastens” (). Church discipline is a powerful act and means of the grace of God, for both the recipient of the discipline, and the rest of the congregation. When we confront a brother with his sin, when we call him to repentance, when we remind him that those who refuse to repent for gross and heinous sin give evidence that they are outside the faith, we are proclaiming the gospel. We are giving the very warning of Jesus, “Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish” (). We speak the same warning to the entire congregation as well, reminding all that those who repent find forgiveness and peace with God, while those who refuse will face the judgment.
There is one other excuse evangelical churches use for their failure here. We reason that the excommunicated will simply move down the street to some other church, and thus it does no good. But Jesus said to Peter, “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” We are called to live by faith, and not by sight. A rightly disciplined man may join the church down the street. But that doesn’t change his standing before God. When we use this argument we show our own unbelief, rather than the unbelief of those under discipline.

Former SPPC member said...

Westerner, I'd call it peak hypocrisy and peak lying. RC Jr is also incredibly adept at gaslighting, and this latest article of his is a perfect example of it. "Discipline is neither in the home nor in the church some grim, law-infused, mean-spirited exercise designed to harm those who receive it." Except in his case it is. RC Jr is the most abusive, hateful, spiteful, vindictive, malicious, conniving, power-tripping man I ever knew. He does it all with cunning charm and a smile on his face. He's as much of a sociopath as Jeffrey Dahmer, but the consequences are even worse because Sproul murders his victims' souls. I'm not alone in that opinion. Many of his former church parishioners agree, as do his own children.

Unknown said...

I, too, knew Denise and spent time in her home in Vitginia. I agree with and confirm everything you have said. She was a lovely person.

Unknown said...

He's a sad, strange little man. He has my pity.

bwilkes8 said...

RC Jr., my prayer and hopes are that you truly repent and return to the faith.

NewLife said...

"RC Jr loves the appearance of accountability and claiming that he's under authority because it lends him credibility." Sad to have to point this out, but Junior learned all that from his dad. As much as I admired RC Sproul Sr one thing I never respected is how he pretended to be a Presbyterian. Everyone assumed because he was ordained in the PCA he must have been accountable to a Presbytery. But he wasn't. He only "parked his ordination" in the PCA. Saint Andrew's Chapel, the church he founded and preached at, has always been an independent non-denom church. RC Sr fought off all attempts by his church members to bring Saint Andrew's Chapel into the PCA. Why? He hated accountability. How did he get away with it for decades? The PCA would never tolerate the same thing from anyone else; but RC Sproul was the PCA's biggest celebrity preacher. They wanted his name on the rolls and were willing to permit him to masquerade as a Presbyterian while throwing their Book of Church Order in the toilet. RC Sproul taught RC Jr everything he needed to know about giving the appearance of accountability while offering none.

Anonymous said...

You are spot-on! Praise God

Ex- St. Pete member said...

This isn't the first time RC Sproul Jr made a significant detour away from the Reformed faith. After being defrocked by the RPCGA in 2006, but before joining the CPC in 2010, RC Jr arranged to have himself "considered ordained" (whatever that's supposed to mean) by Doug Wilson in the CREC. Because of the defrocking, and the very serious charges that led up to it, no credible Reformed denomination would have gone anywhere near RC Jr. That left only the faux-Reformed CREC. Doug Wilson was only too happy to roll out the red carpet to RC and his co-conspirator ecclesiastical thugs Laurence Windham, Jay Barfield and Wayne Hayes. Wilson was already well known for bleaching the dirty laundry of defrocked ecclesiastical thugs, e.g. Burke Shade, Dennis Turri, etc. Wilson and Sproul had much in common, including covering up for the grotesque crimes of the serial pedophile who'd molested children in their churches, Steven Sitler.

Doug Wilson labored for years polluting the Reformed faith via Federal Vision heresies. The stain of Federal Vision inevitably smeared RC Jr. Though he argued he was not Federal Vision himself, Sproul had a difficult time distancing himself from that label. So long as he remained a member of the world's only Federal Vision denomination he was assumed to be a sympathizer. A short four years after joining the CREC he bailed and joined the CPC. To the CPC's credit they at least seem genuinely Reformed. They even have a semblance of Presbyterian government.

In my personal experience with RC Jr it's obvious he's only half-Presbyterian. What I mean by that is he loves authority, and he uses "accountability" to wield his power over others. But when the shoe is on the other foot he refuses to be held accountable. Asking a 3-time divorcee to marry him was guaranteed to bring some scrutiny. Rather than submitting to his Presbytery's authority he bailed.

It's a repeat of 2006. Just substitute FEC for CREC, and Anabaptist for Federal Vision. Just like in 2006 he can deny he's an Anabaptist (and Arminian) all he wants, but it won't be any more successful than when he denied being Federal Vision. If he wants to be thought of as Reformed he'll have to join a Reformed church. It's not going to happen for two reasons, 1) Being a member of a Reformed church would make him accountable again to a Session and Presbytery and RC Sproul Jr hates having to be accountable. 2) His name is notorious in Reformed circles and no Reformed church in their right mind would ever welcome him as a member.

He does have another other option though. He could go back to the CREC. Would they take him back as "considered ordained in the CREC"? Doubtful. The last thing CREC needs is another scandal (Doug Wilson has proven himself more than capable of giving them plenty of that as it is). But at least RC Jr could join as a CREC church member. There's even a CREC church in close proximity to Fort Wayne, IN. As bad as the CREC is the optics are still not quite as bad as RC Jr being a Mennonite. On the other hand Mennonites have a vastly superior reputation to the CREC. For one thing unlike the CREC, Mennonite churches aren't known for being cults, nor are they inclined to engage in pedophile cover ups. So RC Jr probably should just remain where he's at.

Katherine said...

RC Sproul Jr announced on his Facebook he'd started a new church. He calls it Sovereign Grace Fellowship. The first four Sunday meetings were in his home, but now they're meeting at Cedarville Community Church in Leo Indiana. In one of his announcements he said "We're Reformed." But he went on to say, "We're going to exercise the gifts of the Spirit, including speaking in tongues." So has he started a new sect? Reformed Pentecostal? Pentecostal Reformed?