Thursday, June 08, 2006

Who Is Doug Wilson To Clear RC Sproul Jr?

CREC Pastor Doug WilsonOnly a matter of barely three weeks after the CREC declared that the defrocked RC Sproul Jr was "considered ordained" in the CREC, the CREC's founder Doug Wilson has once again found himself embroiled in another Christ Church/NSA scandal. This scandal is likely to be the biggest one of his scandal ridden career.

The allegations are running hot and heavy on the Moscow listserve, Vision 2020 that Doug Wilson is at the center of a New Saint Andrews student pedophile cover up. First to expose the lurid details of the scandal is former Christ Church member Michael Metzler.

Yet, in spite of the significance of the story the rest of the blogsphere remains strangely silent. Given some time we're sure that will change.

Convicted pedophile and NSA student/Christ Church member Stephen Sitler was aided in his defense by none other than Doug Wilson. In a letter to Judge John Stegner, Doug Wilson asks that the sentence be "measured and limited." Judge Stegner reduced Sitler's sentence from life to one year.

We don't doubt that it took more than Wilson's letter begging for leniency for Sitler to get such a light sentence. It also takes an excellent defense attorney, and for that Wilson turned to none other than NSA attorney Dean Wullenwaber. The question on many people's minds right now is why was the school's own attorney used to defend a pedophile who, from some accounts, molested over 100 children in several states, including Idaho, Washington, and Virginia?

Now it's come out that Steven Sitler isn't the only pervert in the NSA student body. Recently sentenced also is Jamin Wight, who had sexual relations for some 18 months with a 14 year old girl, the daughter of the Christ Church family that he boarded with.

NSA students are all boarded off-campus in the homes of Christ Church members. "Kirkers" as they are called are opposed to birth control and, not surprisingly, often have large families with lots of small children. With working Kirker dads away from home all day working, and busy moms often not able to pay attention to what's going on at all times, this no doubt makes for easy prey for pedophiles.

Doug Wilson's response so far has been anything but pastoral. No surprise there. Rather than taking responsibility Wilson has gone on the attack against "scurrilous bloggers" (that would include us) and in particular against Michael Metzler.

By his own admission Doug Wilson waited some eight months after Sitler's arrest to notify Kirkers, and he has yet to produce any evidence that he even notified any Kirkers at all. Though Sitler early admitted that he had molested many children, it now appears that Wilson made no attempts to determine how widespread Sitler's victims extended throughout the Kirk, and throughout the greater Moscow community. From all appearances there was a cover up.

Adding to the concerns of Moscow residents is the fact that Sitler remained free for a number of months after he confessed to his crimes, and prior to his being sentenced and incarcerated. Even now that he has been sentenced and jailed he is freed twice per week to drive unsupervised to his sex predator rehabilitation "treatment" center many miles from the jail. Anxieties run high in Moscow that a convicted serial child molester continues to be given so much liberty to travel and opportunities to prey on more victims.

Doug Wilson has shown every bit as much humanistic concern as the Latah County justice system has for Sitler's "rehabilitation." Neither have shown any regard for justly punishing Sitler for his heinous crimes. However, now that the scandal is being exposed, along with Doug Wilson's complicity in it, Wilson's chief concern is for salvaging his tattered image.

So who is scandal-ridden Doug Wilson to clear anyone else's name, like RC Sproul Jr?


Anonymous said...

Not that anyone on here will care ...

NSA students are all boarded off-campus in the homes of Christ Church members. "Kirkers" as they are called are opposed to birth control and, not surprisingly, often have large families with lots of small children.

Both of these statements are demonstratably false.

Anonymous said...

Given the response to Austin above, I ought to perhaps explain a little more. Many NSAers are boarders, but they are not nearly all that (maybe 10% of the boys are boarders).

And the so-called "Kirkers" are allowed to use birth control if they want, though large families do still result.

RC 2.0 said...

Not at all Phillip! I think people will care a great deal about this. This is truly earth-shattering news you bring us! This is newsworthy-type news that would radically change the nature of this whole pedophilia scandal. In fact if you prove me wrong it would mean that Steven is completely innocent and Doug Wilson is being unjustly criticized!

There's just a couple of minor little problems. You say both "statements are demonstrably false" but you haven't "demonstrated" anything to repudiate these two statements.

Furthermore, you haven't offered to correct my assertions, and given that you're probably a Wilson toadie that makes me nervous. If you're a Wilson toady you've learned to use authoritative sounding phrases like, "That statement is demonstrably false." In Dougspeak that roughly translates, "Okay, so you're 99% correct, but you're 1% wrong, and I'm not going to tell which 1% you're wrong about. You'll have to figure that out for yourself. And because you're 1% wrong that means you're disqualified from having an opinion at all (nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah)."

So let me offer a few options for you to pick from, or if you don't like the options feel free to make up your own response:

NSA students:
A). All live in the NSA office building located at Friendship Square on Main Street in beautiful downtown Moscow.
B). All live in Doug Wilson's Shantytown on the outskirts of Moscow from which the students are bussed to NSA every morning in cattlecars, and which he's currently in secret negotiations to sell the land for millions of dollars to Wal-Mart.
C). All live at Riviera On The Palouse Gated Condominiums.
D). Combination of the above.

Kirkers and Family Planning:
A). Kirkers practice birth control by leaving the decision to the women to determine for themselves how many children they will procreate for the family ("My body, my choice"). Average family size, 2.3
B). Kirkers believe there are already too many unwanted children in the world, so the men get all vasectomies and adopt Koreans.
C). Rythym method.

Anonymous said...

Well, see, this is the difficulty with the Internet. How, precisely, could I demonstrate this?

Anonymous said...

See the SPLC's Intelligence Report Neo-Confederates, Idaho Pastor a Hard-Liner, With an Exception or Two

Anonymous said...

Marking the third anniversary of the Steven Sitler story, The Serial Pedophile

Former CREC member said...

There's another direct connection between Doug Wilson and R.C. Sproul Jr. Steven Sitler molested children in R.C. Sproul Jr’s church where Sitler spent the summer of 2003 right before going to Moscow and enrolling in NSA. It seems that R.C. Sproul Jr. did about the same thing that Wilson did and covered it up. If R.C. Sproul Jr would have reported Steven Sitler as a child molester to the Virginia authorities, rather than covering it up, it’s likely Sitler would still be behind bars to this day, unmarried, and unable to molest his own baby son. So R.C. Sproul Jr. may deserve at least as much blame in this pedophilia scandal as does Doug Wilson, and maybe even more.