Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Help! I just got defrocked. Please send money!"

RC Sproul Jr Saint Peter Presbyterian Church
RC Sproul Jr is a savant of spin. In fact he knows so much about spin he was able to dedicate an entire issue of Every Thought Captive to the subject of Spin. Now that's the kind of dedication that comes from personal experience and expertise. RC Jr has quite often promulgated the spin directly himself; but in many other cases he's directed the spin from behind the scenes, pulling the strings like a puppet master. RC Jr has quite often used others to do his dirty work for him. One of the men RC Jr often uses is his corrupt sidekick, Laurence Windham.

The latest spin comes courtesy of Saint Peter Presbyterian Church defrocked minister Laurence Windham's email list, and it's couched in a plea for money, while also perpetuating more Saint Peter Presbyterian Church blame-shifting:

Laurence Windham Saint Peter Presbyterian ChurchDear Friends,

As you may have heard, the elders of St Peter Presbyterian Church have been deposed from the ministry, without censure, by our former denomination. This action was done without a trial, called witnesses, cross-examination, or opportunity for a defense. The result has plunged our beloved sacred community into the quagmire of congregationalism. The elders have been maligned and slandered incessantly by the cowardly in the lawless realm of the internet. The ensuing gossip and fallacious commentary, even by some misguided good people, have added to the confusion.

We hold out hope that we will soon be exonerated by godly men in another denomination. Even now, plans are going forward that will bring our plight before the entire Reformed world for evaluation. This will be most welcome by the entire deposed session of St Peter. In this interim, I am appealing to you for financial support for my family. The situation has left the church, the session and the Highlands Study Center's viability in question. Each of us who labor in this part of the kingdom is hopeful that things will be back to normal in a few months.

But in the short term, in the spirit of Antioch helping out Jerusalem, any support you could send this way would help us give our attention to rebuilding the walls and preparing ourselves for the regathering of the sheep.

Send all contributions for the Windham family to:

Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 30315
Knoxville, TN 37930

Thanks for your timely consideration,


Laurence Windham's accusations against the RPCGA are the new Saint Peter Presbyterian Church mantra, having now easily surpassed the old mantra of, "Simple, separate and deliberate" in frequency of use:
"The elders of St Peter Presbyterian Church have been deposed from the ministry, without censure, by our former denomination. This action was done without a trial, called witnesses, cross-examination, or opportunity for a defense."

Bunk! Unfortunately, a lot of undiscerning folks who don't know anything about Presbyterian church discipline are buying the Saint Peter bunk. But it doesn't take a serrated edge to slice it to ribbons. There's no such thing as being "deposed from the ministry, without censure." Being deposed is not only a censure, there's no more harsh a censure for any ordained minister than being deposed. The only way it could have been any worse for them is if the RPCGA had also excommunicated them (but since they supposedly "repented" that wasn't an option). As for the rest of Mr. Windham's claptrap we would just refer you to "Addressing Inferences and Innuendos." It bebunks the Saint Peter Presbyterian Church mantra better than anything we could say here.

So much for the Saint Peter Presbyterian Church Session's letter of "repentance." Laurence Windham makes it obvious who they really thinks is at fault for all their cash flow problems -- certainly not RC Jr and his fellow Elders masquerading as Pastors. As Peter Kershaw pointed out in his Open Letter to RC Sproul Jr, the Saint Peter Session's repeated attempts to "repent," but also shifting the blame to the RPCGA and all those malicious and gossipy witnesses, is really no repentance at all. It was just a sham to get out from under the RPCGA's jurisdiction. Laurence Windham's fund raising letter is just more of the same blame-shifting. If they objected to the testimony of the witnesses, why did they plead "Guilty"? If they objected why did they plead to leave the RPCGA rather than stay and appeal the Declaratory Judgment that they now claim to disagree with?

As is noted in the "Austin letter" to the Saint Peter Session, it wasn't the RPCGA's actions that "plunged our beloved sacred community into the quagmire of congregationalism," it was the Saint Peter Presbyterian Church Session's failure to administer the RPCGA's membership vows in the first place. "Since every St. Peter member was compelled by the session to take an unconstitutional vow, and every unconstitutional act is null and void ab initio, it could be argued that no St. Peter member can be held accountable to their membership vows." Failing to administer the proper vows meant that no Saint Peter Presbyterian Church member was ever a member of the RPCGA, and with no RPCGA members, Saint Peter Presbyterian Church could not be a member of the RPCGA and as such Saint Peter Presbyterian Church was never "Presbyterian." The only Saint Peter Presbyterian Church members who ever were RPCGA members was the Saint Peter Session itself. This isn't unlike the actions of RC Sproul who "parks his ordination" in the PCA, but the church that he founded and pastors, Saint Andrews Chapel, is an independent nondenominational church. Was RC Jr's "failure" to administer the RPCGA's vows just a mere oversight, or was he following daddy's example, masquerading as a Presbyterian?

After this "failure" was pointed out to the Saint Peter Presbyterian Church Session, the members of Saint Peter Presbyterian Church were offered by the RPCGA in writing the opportunity to take the RPCGA's membership vows. Not a single St. Peter member accepted the RPCGA's offer. Hmm. Yup, it sure sounds like it all must be the RPCGA's fault.

And so the spin continues.

By Laurence Windham's own criteria list, he doesn't seem to qualify as even a man, let alone a minister of the gospel:
"I am not perfect. But I'm not stupid either. I learn from my mistakes."
"I choose my words carefully."
"I tell the truth whatever the cost."
How To Recognize A Man, by Laurence Windham

Laurence Windham's fund raising letter is certainly the most unique we've ever seen, and the theme goes something like this: I just got defrocked. Well, it just really stinks, and I'm in a world of hurt because we're low on groceries, and the people in my church distrust me so much now that even they wouldn't give a case of tomatoes to their poor old defrocked pastor so I can keep making my world famous salsa. So what I'm gonna do now is bash and lie about the denomination that did all this to me. It's their fault, not mine, and anyone who can't see that is just a fallacious gossiper. And I'm gonna claim that I've already got another "denomination" (well, it's really just a "confederation") just waiting in the wings to vindicate us of all charges (well, at least I'm pretty sure they'll "whitewash" everything). And then they're gonna ordain us, and everyone at Saint Peter Presbyterian Church will trust us again and want to give us that steady paycheck again, and everything will be just peachy like old times. And because of all those really good reasons, all you nice people need to send us your money to tide us over for just a few months. My own church won't help me pay the bills, but that's obviously no reflection on me. So send me your money today. You can trust us with it. And after all, it's just temporary. That's it. The end.

We're not sure what school of fund raising this guy graduated from, but that's just not the way it's done, unless, that is, you're just trying to pull a scam. At the very least you've got to have some kind of credible story, and Windham's story just doesn't cut it. Donors expect some accountability, which means you've got to explain what you need the money for, what specific kind of ministry work you've been doing, what kind of ministry work you'll be doing in the immediate future, and what kinds of ministry successes you've already had.

So right off the bat there's a big problem -- it's pretty hard to convince anyone that you've had any success in ministry when you just managed to get yourself defrocked. Furthermore, Laurence Windham makes no mention of what specific kinds of "ministry work" he and RC Jr are engaged in right now, or what ministry work they'll be doing next week, or next month, which seems to imply that they're doing probably little or nothing. Mr. Windham, please notice here that the operative terms are "ministry" and "work." If you were actually engaged in some "ministry work" there would be some actual evidence of that "work" and something you could actually communicate about that "work." As we understand it, however, your "work" ethic is pretty much on par with RC Sproul Jr's work ethic (that's not meant as a compliment).

Mr. Windham, the body of Christ isn't a substitute State welfare program. From what we've heard you're an able-bodied man. Quit being a burden and an embarrassment to the body of Christ and go get yourself a job. Start practicing what you've been preaching all these years.
"My hands are callused from honest work."
How To Recognize A Man, by Laurence Windham


Anonymous said...

Note to Laurence Windham:

“So you think you are called of God to be a societal parasite and lazy gospel abuser?”
Panhandling Preachers

Anonymous said...

"The situation has left the church, the session and the Highlands Study Center's viability in question."

What's all this talk about their "viability in question"? Last we heard (and it was just a few weeks ago) St. Peter and the Highlands Study Center had over $200,000 in their bank account. That kind of money could easily pay the bills for a long time.

Laurence Windham's money problem doesn't have anything to do with the viability of St. Peter and the Highlands Study Center. His problem is a lot more obvious than that. Time to get a job Laurence. The same goes for R.C., Jay and Wayne.

Anonymous said...

Is that copy of Mr. Windham's photo legal? Was it taken from a copyrighted source?


RC 2.0 said...

Hey "Gil," were you planning on asking any other "straining at a knat and swallowing a camel" questions? What about something like, "Wasn't that Laurence Windham email protected under U.S. copyright laws?"

To answer your questions plainly "Gil," yes the picture of Laurence Windham is "legal" and no it did not come from a "copyrighted source."

Funny thing about that Laurence Windham picture, "Gil." It wasn't copyrighted when we copied it last December. In fact, prior to early January 2006 nothing on the Highlands Study Center web site was copyrighted. Thankfully, we downloaded the entire HSC site and backed it up, pre-copyright notice, so anything we want to use from our backup copy is fair game (you'll notice we're linking from our own source, not the HSC web site). You see, we did that because RC Jr has been quoted recently so much from his own writings in ETC, squiblog, and his nauseating Ligonier Tales, we were concerned that he'd start to get embarrassed enough about it that it would all just suddenly go bye-bye. So we've got copies of everything, just in case. And it was all copied prior to the copyright notice going up in January 2006.

Of course any new source material that appears on the HSC site in the future might be a different story, although we're not necessarily going to even concede that. But considering how the pace has slowed down at the Highlands Study Center, we're not really expecting you'll have anything of interest that we'd want to use in full here anyway, "Gil."

And that reminds us -- what's the deal with RC Jr's blog? He hasn't blogged anything since December 13. And where's our latest edition of ETC? You haven't put one out since the November/December 2005 edition. You guys are really getting behind. Is RC Jr nervous that we might be watching him like a hawk, and scared that we might quote some new assinine thing he says? Or is it just that he's down in the dumps about something? Would a bottle of Scotch help?

BTW that "Being Under Authority" thing in RC Jr's Top Ten list was just great! Thanks for the questions "Gil." Do stop in again.

TheIronHare said...

LW said, "The elders have been maligned and slandered incessantly by the cowardly in the lawless realm of the internet. The ensuing gossip and fallacious commentary, even by some misguided good people, have added to the confusion." Talk about HUGE hypocrisy by the cowardly, lawless, gossipping, slanderous dirtbag! Slick to include the reference to "some misguided good people." Gives him an out so one might think, "How DARE he insult such and so! Oh, wait. He thinks such and so is good but misguided." When in fact he probably thinks such and so is scum. But you have to give him the benefit of the doubt, right? He MIGHT think such and so is good but misguided. What a sneaky weasel you are, LW.

"So what [LW is] gonna do now is bash and lie..." A familiar phrase there!

LW has a history of slipshod carpentry and such. I know this from speaking with Michael Branson (his open letter to RC: who worked with him some back in the day and observed it firsthand. Let LW find some sucker who might not mind substandard work for the sake of supporting the Hypocrite's Scam Center!

Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 30315
Knoxville, TN 37930

Let's write and let them know what we think of LW's lies and plea for moolah, eh? :>)

Lastly, it's pretty amusing to think how many links to RC's blog don't work now because all his blogs are archived and there is no longer a page for current blog posts. And even if Clueless Ones Clinging To Swine rectify that the best they can do is have a link that emphasizes the interesting silence of RC blogwise. - Dennis

arabknight said...

Just exactly what does Mr. Windham's activity have to do, in particular with Dr. Sproul, who is an ordained PCA Minister?

RC 2.0 said...

Laurence Windham has nothing to do with Dr. RC Sproul. He does however have a great deal to do with RC Sproul Jr, and RC Sproul Jr is the subject of this blog.

Anonymous said...

"Furthermore, Laurence Windham makes no mention of what specific kinds of "ministry work" he's engaged in right now, or what ministry work he'll be doing next week, or next month, which seems to imply that he's doing probably little or nothing."

Not true! Laurence spends most of his days hanging out "ministering" at our local coffee house Java J's, and also the local cigar store Sidetrack Tobacco. It's kind of a high-brow way of bumming free drinks and free smokes. I guess it's more dignified than hanging out on Skid Row. Laurence gets free drinks and free smokes from people who see the man of the cloth (he loves to wear the priest's collar) and want to ask him about religious stuff. It always seemed to us like he was trying to avoid his family too. If you ever come to Bristol and want to meet Laurence Windham don't waste your time going to his house. Go instead to Java J's and Sidetrack Tobacco where you'll find him, the guy in the priest's collar. None of us could ever figure out why his church pays him to hang out drinking coffee and smoking cigars all day but then we've heard a lot of really weird stories about his church too.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry To Know personally both gentlemen Windham and Sprouls kind of sounds like Bonnie and Clide I live in the town of Mendota there has been rumors of ak47 fire people are hearing and also heavy drinking over at the bible study the 16 familys are buying up all the propery in this town. me and a few others are sick to the thought of giving children alcohol, and they are having church everywhere they can .I am not a very smart man and do not have a degree but I know my Spirit and I feel There are very much Wrong WE WILL NOT give up our town to a Jim Jones Wantabe

Anonymous said...

There's not much of anything positive that could be said about the shyster Laurence Windham, other than maybe what you already said about his salsa, and it is a good salsa BTW. Here's Laurence Windham's salsa recipe (from

Hot Hot Hot
by Laurence Windham

This has always been a hit with our family, friends and all those of you who have visited us.

Laurence's Homemade Salsa


2 large cans of whole tomatoes (I prefer Hunts brand)
4 green onions
1/2 jalapeno pepper (the wrinkled ones are best)
5 cloves of fresh garlic (crushed)
1/3 bunch of fresh cilantro
1/2 teaspoon of salt

Combine all ingredients in large blender. Blend well. Taste for heat. You may want to add more jalapeno. Enjoy! Try not to bite fingers while gorging yourself. (Too bad RC can't send you his homebrew recipe!)

Anonymous said...

What would Paul say if he were here reading this drivel? You do not understand what you are doing and the danger that is associated with wrecking the body of Christ. Imagine how we must look to non-beleivers. What part of this blog is meant to glorify God? What is your point here in this blog? Are you calling into question Mr. RC Jr. salvation? If so, you should be ministering to him! Are you working to help a brother when he is down? Has he commited an unpardonable sin? Must you embarrass yourself and the Body of Christ by putting on this blog? What is worse is that you have brought in others to your gossiping. Your tongue is venomous and your heart is cold if you can slander a brother as you have with no guilt.

From a Brother,

Jesse Pimental

RC 2.0 said...

"Are you calling into question Mr. RC Jr. salvation?" I'm not going there. I will say, however, that there is more than ample evidence to show that RC Sproul Jr. is a wolf in sheep's clothing, as is Laurence Windham. May they repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"What would Paul say if he were here reading this drivel? You do not understand what you are doing and the danger that is associated with wrecking the body of Christ. Imagine how we must look to non-beleivers."

No doubt there were some of Paul's own detractors (you do know that he had many, don't you Jesse?) who made similar accusations when he publicly rebuked Peter for hypocrisy, and all the others who had followed Peter in his hypocrisy. But Paul didn't just do it verbally. He wrote it all out in a letter for an entire church to read!

"But when Peter was come to Antioch, I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed. For before that certain came from James, he did eat with the Gentiles: but when they were come, he withdrew and separated himself, fearing them which were of the circumcision. And the other Jews dissembled likewise with him; insomuch that Barnabas also was carried away with their dissimulation. But when I saw that they walked not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel, I said unto Peter before them all, If thou, being a Jew, livest after the manner of Gentiles, and not as do the Jews, why compellest thou the Gentiles to live as do the Jews? We who are Jews by nature, and not sinners of the Gentiles" (Gal.2 11-15)

No doubt Paul had detractors and Matthew 18 police who told him he should have confronted Peter privately and "ministered to him". And what an abominable sin that he would write a letter to all the Galatians which, not only they, but millions and millions of others have been reading for the last 2000 years, including (gasp!) unbelievers!

No doubt Paul was told by some, "Your tongue is venomous and your heart is cold if you can slander a brother as you have with no guilt."

Jesse, save the guilt-tripping for those who are unsure whether or not it's appropriate to publicly expose wolves in sheep's clothing. We have no such reservations.

We don't need to merely speculate, as you are doing, about the fruits that come of these exposés. For example, more than one (former) St. Peter member has written to thank us for exposing the St. Peter alcohol abuses. Those former members have freely admitted that they had become abusive of alcohol themselves (contrary to RC and Laurence, they came to understand what "drinking in moderation" is and what it isn't), as a result of RC and Laurence's deplorable examples, and that excessive drinking is winked at. When your own pastors are known to get "sloshed" at "church functions" it makes for a dangerous example to those that those who already struggle with alcohol.

What do unbelievers think? Why, they (hopefully) think that there are at least some decent and honorable Christians out there who are trying to clean up their ranks, rather than just give it a wink and a nod.

Thanks for stopping by, Jesse, and thanks for your questions.

Melanie said...

I'm pretty familiar with both Sproul Jr. and Laurence Windham. The comments I've seen here on your blog are true. One thing Saint Peter church folks assume is R.C. Jr didn't cheat on his late wife. Hopefully that's true. The same assumption shouldn't be made for Laurence Windham. It's an open secret around Bristol that Laurence Windham is a lecher. He haunts the local coffee shops and King's College to prey on young women. He hits on them with sleazy pickup lines and tries to groom them. Some of them are obviously underage. He often does it while wearing his priest's collar. The girls call him "that dirty old man." They're good about warning one another to stay clear, but tragically he's been successful with a few including some minors. I've known some of these girls personally and their stories are consistently disgusting. R.C. Sproul Jr. knows about it and has never done a thing to put a stop to it. Someone like Chris Hansen and Catch A Predator really needs to run a sting on this sleazy priest.