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RC Sproul Jr Disowns Denise Sproul

RC Sproul Jr with "previous wife" Denise Sproul

On February 14 RC Sproul Jr edited his Wikipedia page and gave the following explanation for the edit, "I am RC Sproul Jr. and I do not want my previous wife mentioned by name. She is not a significant part of my life."

RC Sproul Jr cancels Denise Sproul

The IP address geolocates to Fort Wayne, Indiana. "I am RC Sproul Jr" therefore appears credible. RC Sproul Jr deleted the name "Denise Sproul" from his Wiki page. Wikipedia person pages are biographical and, therefore, historical. As such not only is RC Jr saying, "She is not a significant part of my life," he's telling the world "She never was a significant part of my life." RC Sproul Jr has effectively disowned Denise Sproul. Or to put it in the current cultural context RC Sproul Jr has cancelled Denise Sproul.

Anyone not familiar with RC Sproul Jr's family history could reasonably assume from his comment that he and his "previous wife" had divorced. That's the common usage of "previous wife." But, no, he and Denise did not divorce. Denise Elizabeth Sproul passed away on December 18, 2011 after a protracted battle with cancer (leukemia), thus making Denise the "late wife" of RC Sproul Jr. 
Those of us who personally knew the Sprouls, who've been in their home, shared meals, fellowshipped at church functions, etc. were aware of the obvious delight RC Jr took in his bride. As far as we could tell it was genuine. Perhaps it was all just an act? If it was an act it's still what he wanted people to believe. Even for those who didn't know the Sprouls personally it was made clear in RC Jr's writings just how significant Denise was to him. We find it nothing short of shocking that RC Jr would, as he deletes Denise's name from the historic record, now claim "She is not a significant part of my life." Thankfully it's not always so easy to cancel people, especially someone as significant as Denise Sproul.
Even several years after her death, right up through his Ashley Madison scandal in 2015, RC Sproul Jr gave every indication that Denise Sproul remained a significant influence in his life. In claiming he hadn't committed adultery with any women via his Ashley Madison account he asserted: "I have always remained faithful to my wife even after her passing." Many found it weird that a widower would proclaim his ongoing faithfulness to a spouse, years after her passing. But those of us who've known RC Jr understood he was distancing Denise from the disgrace he'd brought upon his family name by registering for an online adultery account. RC Jr had made a public commitment, only days after Denise's passing, that he would honor Denise's legacy: "What is the plan? The plan is to continue to honor both God’s Word and Denise’s legacy."  Ask RC: What Now?

How did RC Sproul Jr fare in living up to that commitment? For the first 5 years, pretty well. Then in 2016 the commitment of honoring the legacy of Denise Sproul began to erode. The new agenda evolved into throwing Denise Sproul under the bus. Even prior to that though the Sproul children would be thrown under the bus. It came on the heels of RC Jr marrying the 3-times divorced Lisa C. Ringel. She demanded the subordination of all eight Sproul kids (including the married-with-children adults) and their acceptance of Lisa as their "new mother." Lisa manifested intense jealousy for the loyalties the Sproul children had for Denise. As the stench of RC Jr and Lisa Sproul's self-absorbed "sacred marriage" grew ever more odious their slanders grew worse by the day. By 2020 RC Sproul Jr publicly alleged Denise Sproul was guilty of "marital unfaithfulness." Those of us who knew Denise Sproul and the circumstances in which she lived, and moreover those of us who knew RC, knew he had to be lying.

Denise Sproul, who "is not a significant part of" RC Jr's life, among many other things bore him six children, tenderly and compassionately raised those children, homeschooled those children, and gave of herself humbly and unselfishly in every conceivable way for those children, all the more so for RC Jr. She and RC Jr also adopted two more children. Though Denise is no longer present with them physically she remains a significant part of the lives of her children. 

This isn't the first time RC Sproul Jr has attempted to cancel Denise Sproul. We previously documented how RC Jr destroyed any Sproul family photos that contained images of Denise. RC Jr also took down Denise's Facebook (her children successfully appealed to Facebook to have it restored as a memorial to her). RC Jr's attempts to cancel Denise and publicly trash her hurts the Sproul children deeply. It's clear that hurting them is by design, all in retaliation for their not accepting Lisa as their "new mother." He's been attacking his children since 2016, publicly trashing them months prior to throwing their mother under the bus. Hurting his family, while playing the innocent victims, also appears to be he and Lisa's primary objective in his podcast series, "Sacred Marriage Under Fire." RC Jr's incompetence with conflict resolution, and refusal to be a peacemaker, are yet more evidence of his disqualifications to be a pastor.

Not only has RC Jr disowned his late wife, he's also disowned his children. They too are no longer a significant part of his life. In fact they're not a part of his life at all -- not by their choice but by his. He's cut them off. That includes refusing to have anything to do with his children's children. 

RC Jr's two adopted minor sons remain in his house, raised by he and his second wife. They forbid their sons' communication with any other family members. They've enforced that prohibition by confiscating their sons' phones and internet access.

In spite of the family estrangement, an alienation that RC Sproul Jr is entirely responsible for fomenting, he started a church and masquerades as a "Pastor" and "shepherd." He even started a bible college, naming it Shepherd's College. What qualifies RC Sproul Jr to be a pastor? Contrary to his opinion, being the namesake of a famous theologian doesn't qualify him. The fruit of RC Sproul Jr's scandalous life, when held up to scripture (Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Timothy 3:1-7), makes it abundantly clear that RC Sproul Jr is manifestly disqualified from serving in the office of pastor, teacher, theologian, evangelist, elder or even just a deacon.

Among other biblical requirements: "4 He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive, for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God's church?"

This is just common sense. How could anyone be so foolish as to trust a man to be a pastor when he's proven himself to be abusive and even criminally negligent of his own family members? A man who's negligent, abusive, and autocratic to his family is very likely to be negligent, abusive, and autocratic to his church congregation. With his defrocking in 2006 for "spiritual abuse," i.e. bullying and threatening his congregants (not to mention "duplicity" and a host of other charges, some even criminal), RC Sproul Jr proved he was unfit to pastor. Rather than stepping down he evaded the discipline of his Presbytery and continued masquerading as a pastor. RC Jr was actively encouraged to rebel against his Presbytery by Doug Phillips, Doug Wilson, Kevin Swanson, and James McDonald, not to mention his many fanboys. If RC Jr learned anything at all from being defrocked he learned how to buck accountability and continue on his merry way like nothing had changed. Encouraged in his rebellion by many of his adoring fans RC Sproul Jr confirmed in his own mind that he could get away with anything. Little wonder RC Jr went from bad to worse.

In spite of RC Sproul Jr's horrific track record of ravaging sheep, not to mention the numerous other scandals he's racked up since his 2006 defrocking, there remain some who speak of "restoring him." Those who argue for "restoration" always do so from a safe distance. That makes them cowards. They impose demands for "forgiveness" from others while taking no risk themselves. In effect they say, "Restore the wolf to the sheep pen. No need to worry that he's ravaged dozens of sheep. Just ignore those sharp fangs. I'm a fat tasty sheep too but no worries for me. I'm in another sheep pen far away." Worth repeating here is a comment from one of our readers:

"Every single time one of RC's flagrant sins shames the body of Christ, people gather online and predictably misapply the story of the righteous King David's great fall and restoration to RC (conveniently leaving out the part where David still suffered horrible consequences). David was a man after God's own heart, desperate to repent and reunite with his God; RC is after RC's own heart, and he has a long history to prove it. Commenters praise RC's humble language in his publicly written apologies. They are afraid of throwing a stone, even at a wolf. They feel the warm cozy feelings of giving a second chance to a villain they haven't and probably never will have the misfortune of meeting. It's cheap mercy given without risk and without discernment, and it puts the body of Christ in real danger. RC is not a backsliding Christian with a good heart who needs more loving confrontation. He's been given and has burned up far more precious chances than should have been wasted on him. He does not want to repent. He wants you to believe he has repented so you'll let him back in the sheep pen, AGAIN. Stop praying that God will turn this wolf vegetarian. Stop virtue signalling cheap forgiveness. Get your sling and staff."

We challenge anyone who argues that RC Sproul Jr should be "restored" to move to Fort Wayne, Indiana, join his Sovereign Grace Fellowship, and make him your pastor. Submit to the "pastoral authority" he will exercise over you and every member of your family (a verse he often reminds his members of is Heb 13:17, "Obey those who rule over you, and be submissive, for they watch out for your souls"). Check back with us in a couple years and tell us how it's working out for you. Based on our experience and dozens of other families we can tell you exactly how it'll turn out -- disastrously (unless that is you're an obsequious toady and do everything he demands without objection). It'll turn out as disastrously as it has for his own family: "For if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God's church?" So unless you're willing to step up to the plate and make that kind of personal commitment, stop telling others to "restore" RC Jr when you've got no skin in the game yourself.

No one who personally knew RC Jr and Denise Sproul believed it when he publicly slandered Denise some 9 years after her death -- baseless allegations which Denise can't defend herself. The reality though is Denise doesn't need a defense, especially when the one making the allegations is a pathological liar. In light of his Ashley Madison adultery account scandal, not to mention all the lies he's told about that and everything else he's faked "repentance" about, his projections against Denise are just further evidence of his mental pathology.

Since his lies about Denise Sproul weren't convincing, RC Sproul Jr is now attempting to outright cancel her. How hypocritical given that he's condemned cancel culture himself.

We won't be hypocritical ourselves and call on anyone to cancel RC Sproul Jr. However it's entirely biblical for Christians to refrain from supporting RC Sproul Jr in any way, other than to continue praying for his genuine contrition and repentance. Those who support RC Jr financially are aiding and abetting sin, which is bad enough. But those who continue calling for his restoration are aiding and abetting a wolf who, given further opportunities, will most assuredly ravage more sheep.  


UPDATE March 9, 2022:

RC Sproul Jr has for many years used the nom de guerre "Coramdude" (e.g. his Ashley Madison account email address is Today Coramdude repeatedly deleted large portions of his Wikipedia page. In each case one or more Wikipedia editors reverted his edits and accused him of vandalism and conflict of interest for removing substantiated and well-sourced entries. 

Editing Wikipedia pages requires furnishing an explanation for each edit. RC Jr's first edit gives this explanation: "Removed inaccurate information put in by trolls and said family members seeking to harm my reputation." 

This has been the pattern -- blaming his adult children when there is zero evidence for it. If anything the evidence shows they've steered clear of his narcissistic delusions. Subsequent edit explanations include, "Removal of snark and false information,"  "Removed false information and false reporting sites," etc. After vandalizing his page 13 times Coramdude was blocked from Wikipedia for "Disruptive editing."

UPDATE July 17, 2022:
Since publishing this article has RC Sproul Jr repented and taken personal responsibility for his scandalous life? Nope. Not even close. Not only are RC Jr's scandals still not his fault they're actually now the fault of his family and friends!

RC Sproul Jr's scandals aren't his fault


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RC Sproul Jr Announces New Church Racket

RC Sproul Jr Sovereign Grace Fellowship Church Racket

"We have reduced the gospel to the level of toothpaste, just another product looking for another batch of consumers... We must not to fall for the huckster’s hustle."

RC Sproul Jr, The Power Of God  



Were RC Sproul Jr ever to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award it would have to be for, "Most Lifetime Scandals By A Pastor/Minister." 

RC Sproul Jr Lifetime Achievement Award
In spite of his seemingly never-ending scandals RC Sproul Jr always succeeded in maintaining a steady six-figure income. Included among RC Sproul Jr's various income streams is $1.5 million documented from Ligonier Ministries' tax returns. But the actual total figure is likely at least twice that (13 years of Ligonier's tax records are missing). 

Even with his felony DUI in 2016, RC Jr's six-figure income wasn't diminished in the least. After arranging a massive golden parachute "severance package" RC Sproul Jr resigned as Rector of Reformation Bible College. He likewise resigned as a Director from the Ligonier Ministries board of directors. Even then he wasn't escorted off the Ligonier Ministries Gravy Train. RC Jr arranged a six-figure "independent contractor" agreement. Ligonier's tax records reflect that, at least as of 2018, RC Jr was still receiving a six-figure Ligonier paycheck. According to inside sources Ligonier continued paying RC Jr in 2019.[1]

Given Ligonier Ministries' penchant for nepotism it wouldn't be out of character were they paying RC Jr to this day. However, an inside source informs us that 2019 may have been RC Jr's final year as a Ligonier independent contractor. If this is true it likely means RC Jr has burned through his cash reserves. He'd be motivated to scheme up a new income stream. However, RC Jr's work ethic (or rather total lack thereof) precludes his consideration of any honest hard-working day job. Throughout his life a religious vocation is all RC Jr has ever known. Religion has also been good to RC Jr -- an easy path to riches. Honest secular work is beneath him. Whatever vocation he pursues will be a religious one, and he will only gravitate to what pays the most money. Confirming our suspicions, RC Jr recently revealed details of his latest religious racket.

The following comment from "Ministerial Experts" seemingly represents the frustration and annoyance many have likewise expressed for RC Sproul Jr:

Ministerial Expert Rev. Pastor Dr. RC Sproul Jr, D.Min. is now available for consultations with ministers embroiled in scandals. Areas of damage control expertise include, but not limited to, DUI (booze and opioids), online adultery accounts, sexting, pedophile coverups, tax fraud, identity theft, pilfering church coffers, fundraising scams, travel expense scams, church keggers, plying minor children with booze, spiritual abuse, bullying congregants, defrockings, and so much more. Rev. Pastor Dr. Sproul Jr provides guidance in pretend-repenting as you arrange being suspended, with full pay. A year later you can return from suspension/paid-vacation as you arrange the terms of your "restoration," along with a pay raise. Should any scandal be of a criminal nature Rev. Pastor Dr. Sproul Jr will counsel you how to resign "for personal reasons" while arranging a massive severance package. Rev. Pastor Dr. Sproul Jr will further guide you how to arrange a steady six-figure paycheck as an independent contractor from the ministry you pretend "resign" from. After waiting a year or so for the dust to settle (i.e. memories of your scandals begin to fade) Rev. Pastor Dr. RC Sproul Jr can guide you how to incorporate a 501c3 "church," appoint yourself as its "Pastor," and declare yourself "restored," all because God forgives you. As the head of your very own "church" you can solicit donations to pretend-construct a church building. Not that any donations will be escrowed for construction costs though. Just use them to pay yourself a massive six-figure salary. It may not be ethical or moral, but it's all legal. Faux-repentance is your key to success. Family connections (nepotism) further enhance your odds of success. For a fee schedule contact RC Sproul Jr via his Ashley Madison account email:

Some might describe that comment as "satirical." Satire employs exaggeration to make a point using humor. While it may be tongue-in-cheek humor, nothing in the comment was exaggerated. It's all remarkably accurate, including "solicit donations to pretend-construct a church building."

On July 17, 2019 RC Sproul Jr incorporated DUNAMIS FELLOWSHIP INC as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation. He dubbed it, "The Teaching Outreach Of Dr. RC Sproul Jr." and began soliciting donations. He alleged that donations were tax deductible because Dunamis Fellowship was a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt tax-deductible ministry.  Then on September 21, 2020 he began soliciting donations in the name of Dunamis Fellowship to buy a piece of land, ostensibly to build a church building, bible college, and pastor's retreat center. More recently he disclosed the land was 90 acres and the price was $1.2 million. "The great news is the owner has agreed to finance it. We just need to come up with half in cash." Then on December 9, 2020 RC Sproul Jr incorporated SOVEREIGN GRACE FELLOWSHIP INC (via a registered agent) as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation. 

In January 2021 RC Sproul Jr announced Sovereign Grace Fellowship church services would begin in his Fort Wayne Indiana home on Sunday, February 14. Never one to pass up an opportunity to beg for money, he once again solicited donations to buy land and build a church building. "All donations are tax-deductible." However, as of this date IRS records reflect that neither Dunamis Fellowship or Soveriegn Grace Fellowship are tax-exempt or tax-deductible.[2]

Another one of our readers, "GNL," posted a comment detailing why RC Jr's land purchase and church construction scheme has the indicia of a religious scam:

$1.2 million is just for the land. This means the church construction costs would add $ millions more to the final bill. For those of us who know RC Jr's criminal history of tax fraud, identity theft, pilfering $ hundreds of thousands from the church coffers, commingling church and ministry funds, and ripping off other churches and ministries in travel expense scams, it's all too obvious his church building fundraiser is a fraud. Any donations he receives won't be safely locked away in an escrow account. Donations won't be held by a third-party trustee. He'll be in charge of the money himself, which means he'll use it to pay himself a lavish salary.

He's expecting people to pony up $600,000 as a down payment for an expensive piece of land before he even knows if anyone will be attending his home church? Nothing about this passes the smell test. What would pass the smell test is to start a church the way legitimate fiscally responsible realistically-minded pastors do it:
1. Start a home church.
2. See how attendance goes.
3. If capacity is reached rent a hotel conference room, retail space, or building and outfit it for church meetings.
4. Once capacity is reached in your rented space go to two services (many churches even go to three services).
5. If capacity is reached again consider the option of renting an additional space, hiring an additional pastor, and splitting into 2 parishes.
6. If capacity is reached again start fundraising to purchase land and build a building.

RC Sproul Jr isn't ignorant of how to legitimately start up and grow a church. As GNL goes on to explain, RC Jr planted a church in 1996, all while passing "the smell test."

Interestingly enough 1-5 is exactly how RC Jr started and operated St. Peter Presbyterian Church in Virginia. He started in his home. When he outgrew that they rented the 7th Day Adventist Church in Bristol, VA (7th Day Adventists meet on Saturdays and they were happy for the Sunday rental income). Eventually things grew to 3 parishes with 3 pastors, all of which were in rented spaces. The low overhead meant there was plenty of leftover money for RC Jr to skim from the offering plates. 

In 2006, a decade after starting St. Peter Presbyterian Church, RC Sproul Jr was defrocked from the ministry over a litany of egregious charges. RC Jr refused to step down and leave the ministry. In continuing to pastor after being defrocked he proved himself to be a renegade and autonomist. Since that time RC Sproul Jr's life has borne striking resemblance to a never-ending series of dumpster fires. 

With such a scandalous reputation it's all but certain Sovereign Grace Fellowship will never see the sort of robust attendance that would necessitate a meeting facility larger than RC Jr's home. That's not mere speculation on our part. His track record proves it. For 2 years RC Jr has promoted his Monday night bible study. Every week he announces that people are welcome to attend in his home. It's never progressed beyond an online streaming bible study because no one but his wife has ever attended in person.

RC Jr's practice of "skimming offering plates" was once a profitable racket. But that's no longer feasible, at least not in the sense of physical offering plates. A successful RC Jr religious racket now necessitate a virtual strategy. This has the added benefit of appealing to an audience much broader than just Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thus RC Jr is soliciting donations from anywhere his social media accounts can reach. RC Jr's marketing ploy boils down to, "Please contribute toward the millions of dollars I'll need to construct a church that you'll never attend." Anyone who gives him money, thinking it'll actually go toward purchasing land and constructing a church building, will only have their own gullibility to blame. It may take several years before they come to their senses, but donors will eventually realize they've been hoodwinked.

As for RC Sproul Jr starting a home-church and declaring himself its "Pastor," nothing prevents him from doing so. Nothing of any significance to him that is -- just the Word of God. According to Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Timothy 3:1-7 RC Sproul Jr is disqualified and prohibited from being a pastor, elder, deacon, minister, teacher, etc. In making shipwreck of his life RC Sproul Jr has made it impossible for any denomination, or even just a local church, to restore him to ministry without destroying their own reputation in the process. So he's "restored" himself and declared himself "Pastor" and "Rev." RC Sproul Jr has declared himself fit for ministry, all because God forgave him. It wouldn't be the first time RC Jr had taken an Exacto blade to his Bible. RC Sproul Jr has many years of experience using religious sophistry to bilk gullible Christians out of their hard earned money. "It may not be ethical or moral, but it's all legal."

Even leaving aside the matter of how his scandalous life biblically disqualifies him from ministry (repentant or not, forgiven or not), RC Sproul Jr has formerly argued against men setting themselves up as pastors and establishing their own churches: 

"A church without authority is no church at all, and that self-created authority is in essence no authority at all. If person A is free to establish his own church of his own will, person B, when under this self-created authority can flee said authority simply by self-creating his own authority."

Who is Allowed (According to God’s Word) to Start a Church?

RC Sproul Jr, February 25, 2014

RC Sproul Jr demitted the last of his ordinations[3] to the Covenant Presbyterian Church on October 4, 2016. He demitted not because of his felony DUI (his drunk driving arrest didn't happen until November 29). RC Sproul Jr demitted his ordination to marry a 3-times divorced woman, a marriage his Presbytery would not and could not biblically condone.[4] Since that time RC Sproul Jr has had no ordination, license, or authority granted to him by any church or denomination to serve in ministry, let alone to start a church. Any ministerial authority he exercises is "self-created authority" and, by his own definition, is "no authority at all."


1Ordinarily it would be a simple matter to either confirm or disprove this. However, Ligonier has been evasive in responding to inquiries. Furthermore, just as Ligonier was due to post their 2019 tax returns they deleted all their tax returns, leaving us unable to confirm RC Jr's 2019 Ligonier income. Needless to say, Ligonier's aversion for transparency makes it difficult if not impossible to determine if they continued paying RC Jr in 2020, and perhaps even to this day. 

2Dunamis Fellowship Inc isn't listed in IRS Publication 78. Had RC Jr applied for 501(c)(3) recognition he would have long ago either received a "501(c)(3) Recognition Letter" or a denial letter. Likewise, Sovereign Grace Fellowship isn't listed in IRS Publication 78. Any significant delay in IRS 501(c)(3) processing is often a bad sign. If indeed RC Jr did apply for 501(c)(3) recognition it's likely his application received greater scrutiny (the IRS is well aware he stole the ARP's tax ID number). If his tax-deductible status is ultimately denied, any donations will be retroactively declared non-tax-deductible. Any donations taken by donors as tax deductions will be reversed. Those donors should expect to receive an IRS assessment with interest and potential penalties.

3At various times over the years RC Sproul Jr had 4 different ordinations (ARP, RPCGA, CREC, and CPC), all of which he lost due to either defrocking or demittal. Whenever he's found himself embroiled in a scandal, and potentially facing ecclesiastical charges, he's bailed on his denominations. RC Jr changes up denominations like the typical church-hopper changes churches.

4In addition to Lisa Ringel's 3 divorces, it came to the attention of RC Jr's Presbytery that he'd been giving Lisa what amounted to marriage counseling since 2013, all without her husband's consent, participation, or knowledge. Ultimately RC Jr encouraged Lisa to divorce her third husband, David Ringel. Within days of Lisa filing for divorce RC Jr traveled to Fort Wayne to propose marriage.

Thursday, October 08, 2020

RC Sproul Jr Sexts Penis Pics To Lure New Wife

RC Jr and Lisa Sproul Sexting

Lisa C. Sproul with 4th husband RC Sproul Jr

A family member reached out to us to share the tale of RC Sproul Jr and Lisa C. Sproul's lewd "courtship." The details are smutty enough that this article might warrant an NC-17 rating. We had misgivings about sharing this at all. Our goal is not to titillate our readers. Rather, we have an objective, and that objective will be explained at the close of this article.

Love connections like RC Sproul Jr and Lisa C. Ringel happen every day. They usually occur via Ashley Madison, Tinder, and various adultery apps. However, with the possible exception of Tullian Tchividjian, lascivious hookups like RC Sproul Jr and Lisa Ringel are rare in the world of Christian pastors, rarer still for Reformed Presbyterian pastors.

RC Jr's hookup with Lisa was precipitated by his providing her private counseling sessions. Lisa referred to their counseling as "objective counsel":

"My relationship with RC began August of 2013. I reached out to him through the internet for objective counsel, not knowing if he even ran his own Facebook account." 

Lisa reached out to RC Jr in the midst of her third marriage coming apart. Her husband, Dr. David Ringel, alleged that Lisa suffered from a cluster of mental health disorders. She turned to RC Jr, in part, for confirmation that she "wasn't nuts." Any competent, qualified and ethical counselor would have immediately brought Lisa's husband, David Ringel, into the conversation. If that proved unsuccessful the counseling should have never gone forward. But anyone who's had the terrible misfortune of receiving counsel from RC Jr knows he's anything but competent, qualified and ethical. 

RC Jr agreed to secretly counsel Lisa alone. This entirely one-sided "objective counseling" devolved into marriage counseling absent the husband of the marriage -- an extremely unethical and reckless counseling practice. Lisa was left unhindered to spin her poor me -- victim wife stories. Rather than fostering reconciliation between the Ringels, RC Sproul Jr used his position to undermine their marriage and encourage Lisa to file for divorce. Immediately upon filing divorce papers RC Sproul Jr proposed marriage, which Lisa accepted. RC Jr used the pretext of "counseling" Lisa to steal her away from her husband.

As she filed for divorce against her third husband, Lisa reported Dr. David Ringel to the feds on a petty allegation. The feds went on a fishing expedition of Dr. Ringel and his colleagues, ultimately indicting them over what many medical professionals viewed as nit-picky frivolous charges. We must question what role RC Jr played in encouraging Lisa to rat out her husband. 

Our previous article, Has RC Sproul Jr Gone Completely Insane? prompted a family member to contact us. They gave us permission to repost their email, provided we not divulge their name:

Lisa started reaching out to RC on facebook during her marriage to David Ringel. When Lisa and David divorced she told us that she was talking with a man whos wife passed famous.. has a bunch of kids…homeschools… basically everything Lisa tried to make herself appear to be.. she has had some weird infatuation for homeschooling.. Not actually schooling..but just the appearance of it..

So anyway..RC bought her a tummy tuck..a car..Sent nudes back and forth.. Lisa's son Jordan actually was made to take them of Lisa for RC, and Jordan has seen RCs penis pictures sent back,etc. she actually made him to shop for lingerie while they were talking, pre-marriage, to help pick out what to send him pictures of.. pretty gross..but nothing new in this family.. We grew up with her constantly walking around naked,etc.

On the way to him proposing he actually hit and ran over a median bc he was drunk..But she ignored it..and laughed it off..

So after her tummy tuck he bought for her, my first experience with him was this.. He came up to visit maybe a week or so after her surgery.. he told her to HIDE her pain meds since she wasn’t needing to take them..”So that we wouldn’t take them!!”..implying the children were pill heads or something ?.. funny he ended up taking all of them before his OWI,combining with the alcohiol. 

She had him get rid of everything of denises possible.. she kept saying how terrible the kids treated she couldn’t have sex bc pictures of denise..etc.

She made the boys share a room(they still do and they have 5 bedrooms..they were told they can no longer pee standing up..they've put cameras and alarms on on the boys door "as scare tactics" according to Jordan..They are beaten with belts over many many things..including,but not limited to sneaked choc.chips..

Lisa is a pro at making sure her husbands, as well as children, do not communicate to anyone .. usually, and especially Other family. I have had to help RCs children.. Maili specifically  the last year 1/2.. and the only way it was possible was through Vesta and Sherrie.. it was a very crazy year.. with them sending her to a children’s home..

At the same time that RC Sproul Jr was sexting photos of his reproductive organs to Lisa, and Lisa was reciprocating, she was still a legally married woman. RC Jr was also being lavishly paid a six-figure salary by Ligonier Ministries. Nothing other than nepotism can account for the morally bankrupt, biblically disqualified (Titus 1:5-9, 1 Tim. 3:1-7) RC Sproul Jr being appointed as Rector of Reformation Bible College. For over 20 years RC Jr's personal life, ministerial life, and family life has been a series of dumpster fires. Sexting penis pics to a married woman is just one of many such examples. Ligonier Ministries has played a major role in propping up and enabling RC Sproul Jr, refusing to hold him accountable for his unrelenting grotesque scandals. Given Ligonier's track record it's likely they're financially enabling RC Jr to this very day.

Rather than disciplining RC Jr over his Ashley Madison account scandal, Ligonier suspended him in 2015 with pay. In other words they gave him a one-year six-figure paid vacation, all at the expense of Ligonier donors. 

Barely 5 months after being "restored" to Ligonier, RC Jr was arrested and convicted for felony drunk driving (with children in the car, no less). He had a blood alcohol level in excess of .175, more than twice the legal limit. What the arresting officer was unaware of is RC Sproul Jr was also stoned on opioids. Coming so close on the heels of his suspension for his Ashley Madison scandal, the DUI felony conviction left him few options. After arranging a $156,603.00 "severance package" RC Sproul Jr resigned from Ligonier Ministries and Reformation Bible College. Ligonier covered up the reason for his resignation by announcing RC Jr resigned "for personal reasons." In handing RC Jr a golden parachute Ligonier Ministries once again rewarded RC Sproul Jr for having caused a huge scandal.

Let no one think, however, that RC Jr's departure from Ligonier means he's been kicked off the Ligonier Ministries Gravy Train. According to Ligonier's tax filings RC Jr received $106,017.00 in 2018, almost all of which was "independent contractor" payments. As of the date of this post Ligonier's 2019 tax returns aren't publicly available. Through our sources, however, we've been able to confirm that RC Jr continued being paid in 2019 as a Ligonier Ministries independent contractor. Is RC Sproul Jr still being paid as a Ligonier Ministries independent contractor in 2020? We'd rather not have to just assume. However, Ligonier has been evasive, leading us to conclude they likely are still paying him.

RC Sproul Jr has been on Ligonier's payroll since 1989. That includes not just when he resided in Florida, but throughout most of the time he pastored St. Peter Presbyterian Church in Virginia (1996-2010). So on top of his Ligonier salary RC Jr drew a $120,000/yr salary from St Peter Presbyterian Church, as well as the $ tens of thousands he annually skimmed via Highlands Ministries. Ligonier Ministries' tax returns reflect that Ligonier paid RC Jr $1,489,966.00 in salary, pension benefits, severance, and independent contractor payments. But the actual figure could be double that (tax returns are only available from 2002-2018, leaving 13 years still unaccounted for). Those moneys all came to RC Sproul Jr by way of Ligonier Ministries' unwitting donors.

Enabling parents are as commonplace as are the disastrous consequences thereof. If parents wish to enable their children, even doing so their entire lives, that's their prerogative. What isn't their prerogative is enabling their children with other people's money. Ligonier Ministries maintains its status as a tax-exempt religious organization only because it made a covenant with the Internal Revenue Service, committing to obey 501(c)(3) legal requirements, chief among them not engaging in private enurement. Ligonier's decades-long history of paying outrageous six-figure salaries to unqualified, incompetent, and morally bankrupt family members (e.g. RC Sproul Jr, Tim Dick, etc.) is in clear violation of those legal requirements.

Ligonier Ministries has consistently set the bar exceedingly low for favored family members (RC Jr's family pet name is "Precious"). Some Sproul family members have integrity and work for their Ligonier salaries. However, the track record of several other Sprouls has been dreadful. They've been permitted to commit scandal after scandal with zero accountability, all while being paid outlandish Ligonier salaries they could never hope to get anywhere else. 

If the Sproul family wishes to continue financially propping up RC Jr they should do so on their own dime. Every time the Sprouls squander Ligonier Ministries' bank account sending RC Sproul Jr another fat check they're defrauding their donors. 

What follows are the names of Ligonier Ministries' key officers and board members. Ligonier Officers can be reached via the contact information provided, below. Board Of Director members may be contacted by writing them at the addresses provided, below. Should one feel inclined they may wish to phone and/or write to voice their concerns for Ligonier Ministries' nepotism and malfeasance. Anyone who has ever made a donation to Ligonier is especially entitled to fiscal accountability:  

Ligonier Ministries
421 Ligonier Court, Sanford, FL 32771
P.O. Box 863595, Orlando, FL 32886

Ligonier Ministries Officers:
Chris Larson, President and CEO
Sherrie Sproul Dorotiak, Development Officer (daughter of RC and Vesta Sproul)
John Cobb, VP Strategic Initiatives (husband of Kaki Cobb, the daughter of Sherrie Sproul and ex-husband and former President/CEO Tim Dick, granddaughter of RC and Vesta Sproul)
Diane Berry, Director of Finance
John Petersen, Senior Director of Ministry Advancement (fundraising)
Angie Moore, Director of Human Resources
Jim Moore, VP Operations
Stephen J. Nichols, Chief Academic Officer
Burk Parsons, Chief Publishing Officer
Dirk Naves, Chief Creative Officer
J.D. Bridges, VP Global Outreach

Ligonier Ministries Board Of Directors:
Sherrie Sproul Dorotiak (daughter of RC and Vesta Sproul)
Vesta Sproul (wife of RC Sproul)
Chris Larson (also Ligonier President and CEO)
W. Robert Godfrey, 1725 Bear Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027
James Campisi, 315 E. New England Ave #29, Winter Park, FL 32789
Pat Dizney, 1110 W. Ivanhoe Blvd #31, Orlando, FL 32804
Robert Downie, Jr, 5219 Old Stump Drive NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332
Sinclair Ferguson, 21 Tommy Armour Place, Carnoustie, Angus DD7 7TQ, United Kingdom, OC
William K. Harper MD, 4135 Sandridge Drive, Jackson, MS 39211
Steven J. Lawson, 5445 Caruth Haven Lane, #2118, Dallas, TX 75225
Gregory Miseyko, 3236 N. E. 5th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33062
David Stoltzfus, 244 S. Pine St, Elverson, PA 19520