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RC Sproul Jr Released From Criminal Probation

RC Sproul Jr

On June 1, 2018 RC Sproul Jr filed a petition with the Allen County Indiana Adult Probation Department to be released from criminal probation.

As our readers will recall RC Sproul Jr was facing up to 7 years in prison and $21,000 in fines for drunk driving with two minor children in the car. At the time of his arrest on November 29, 2016 it was determined that he was more than twice the legal limit of .08 BAC (.175 BAC) and so drunk that he was incapable of even standing up on his own to take a sobriety test. He hired one of the best drunk driving attorneys in Indiana, plead not guilty, and asked for a trial by jury. Soon thereafter however he sought to avoid trial by petitioning to have his case referred to drug court. The drug court refused to accept his case because of the two felony charges (only his two misdemeanor charges might have qualified for drug court referral).

Rather than moving forward with the jury trial, RC Sproul Jr in a plea deal plead guilty to one felony charge of the four criminal counts that he'd been charged with. He was sentenced under Indiana statute 9-30-5-3(a)(2)/F6: "Operating Veh. While Intox or Controlled Substance: Passenger Under 18" and given a prison term of 1 Yr 183 Days. His prison sentence was suspended under the terms of the plea deal and he was placed on "1 year active adult probation."

We're pleased to say that, from all appearances, RC Sproul Jr has kept his nose clean for the past year. On June 5 Judge Samuel Keirns granted Sproul's petition and ordered that Sproul be discharged from probation.

No doubt things might have turned out differently had he not sobered up (giving him the benefit of doubt here that he is sober). He might have even found himself in serious trouble had he continued with his life-long obsession of flaunting his "Christian liberty" and promoting "drinking in moderation."

RC Sproul Jr alcohol tobacco and firearms

Sproul's "drinking in moderation" advocacy has always been a complete sham given his long history of alcohol dependency and abuse. Furthermore he's been downright foolish and reckless given that an alcoholic is incapable of honestly defining what comports with "moderation" in the first place. Sproul's life has been one of the best possible examples of how an alcoholic has no ability to gauge for themselves when to say "I've had enough."

We're encouraged to see that in the past year RC Sproul Jr has ceased his public advocacy of "Christian liberty," at least as it concerns alcohol. Very prudent. His new beverage of choice is coffee:

Only up until recently RC Sproul Jr would have instead said, "That odd sense that I've had this same beer before- deja brew."

RC Sproul Jr's beverage of choice is coffee
Many Christians are quite capable of responsibly enjoying the moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages, and they also have a reasonable definition of "moderation." RC Sproul Jr has never been one of them though.

We wish RC Sproul Jr and his family all the best and hope that he avoids for the remainder of his life the consumption of alcoholic beverages and flaunting his "Christian liberties."


At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Rick Stanford said...

Congrats R.C. Sproul, Jr. I'm hoping for everyone's sake he can stay sober. That's a major struggle for alcoholics. All it takes is that first drink and they can spiral down all over again. Just being around booze at all is a bad idea for an alcoholic. The problem is they've been telling themselves for so long that they can handle it it's hard to convince them otherwise.

I have a family member who's an alcoholic. I've witnessed the struggles he's faced with the booze. He had a DUI too. We all thought that would be the end of it and that he'd stay sober. Didn't take it all seriously enough though and fell off the wagon and wound up in court again, although it took a few years before he got caught. Apparently he'd been drinking on the sly for a long time before anyone knew. The only way he's been able to stay sober is dump a lot of his friends. Being around them involves too many temptations. If R.C. Jr. wants to stay sober he'll probably have to cut ties with his drinking buddies too.

At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Chris Foust said...

Good to hear Sproul isn't a drunkard anymore. Still, the damage has been done. Years and years of his horrible example to thousands of young people. He was an incredibly awful influence on the YRR crowd especially.

Other than posting religious one-liners on his Twitter feed has he been doing anything with his life? Does he have a job? Does he work for a living? Has he EVER actually worked for a living? I may be wrong but from what I know Sproul has never actually held down a non-ministry job in his life. He went straight from seminary to Ligonier Ministries. Then from there he started St. Peter Presbyterian Church in Virginia and founded Highlands Ministries there too. But he was defrocked from his church and went back to Ligonier. He continued having a hand in Highlands Ministries too. Then Ligonier suspended him for a year over his Ashley Madison scandal. He went back to Ligonier after his suspension ended but then Ligonier had to fire him over his drunk driving felony. It just seems doubtful he'll ever be able to work at Ligonier again. Unless maybe they hire him in secret. His partners at Highlands Ministries also did kind of a hostile takeover around the same time as his drunk driving thing and threw him out of that too. Then they had a fire sale to quickly get rid of anything that had the name R.C. Sproul Jr on it. If Ligonier won't take him back, and he can't even be in Highlands Ministries (something that he was the founder of) what ministry ever would hire him? So how will he provide for his family since no ministry will ever have him again and he doesn't have any secular job experience? I've heard he's rich from all the years of being paid like royalty from Ligonier. But still. His nest egg can't last forever.

With his religious Twitter skills maybe he should start a business writing tweets for church marque signs? Probably not much money in it. At least it's something.

At 5:20 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

Chris, as far as we know RC Jr is not gainfully employed. Nor has he ever been gainfully employed in any position outside of being a pastor or working for his (late) father's Ligonier Ministries. As far as providing for his family goes it appears his wife is the breadwinner and he lives in her home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He did however just recently secure "a small paid writing gig," and here is the fruit of it. Perhaps it will turn into a steady thing. We wish RC Sproul Jr all the best in his new vocation and pray he finds success and some peace in it.

At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, some pretty cutting words here. . . . I too am an alcoholic and, incredibly, God called me - a sinner - to do His work. I pray RC Sproul, Jr., in his sobriety, may carry the true and powerful message of Jesus Christ to all. May God watch over him and protect him on his journey.

At 9:11 PM, Anonymous sarah said...

I don't see any Christian behavior on your part. People who care about R.C. Jr care nothing about your blog with one exception....God. Your blog which seems to be completely about the gossiping of R.C. Jr goes directly against Biblical teaching. Instead of pointing out all of his sins, why don't you have a blog which encourages others to pray for him and others.

At 11:56 AM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

@Anonymous, we personally know a number of recovering alcoholics, sex addicts, and much worse, who've genuinely repented and gone on to "carry the true and powerful message of Jesus Christ to all." We're all moved by stories of redemption, so it would be normal for you to wish as much for RC Sproul Jr. However, alcoholism isn't RC Jr's problem. Rather it's merely a symptom of the man's character. Alcoholism for most people is something to be ashamed of -- something to conceal. Not RC Jr. He's openly flaunted drunkenness in the name of "Christian liberty" and encouraged thousands of others to abuse alcohol in the process. That's the real problem -- his character, and we believe, having personally witnessed the fruit of his character over many years, that he will never change. Even if he were to change, given his history of sham repentance, how could anyone know if it were genuine or just another sham to gain sympathy?

RC Jr has maintained and even justified his many character flaws for many years, all while masquerading as a pastor, minister, theologian, and seminary professor. RC Sproul Jr was defrocked from the ministry by his Presbyterian denomination in 2006 for spiritual abuse (bullying his congregation), tax fraud, duplicity, and more. He feigned repentance to avoid being put on trial for even more charges, but then as soon as he was released from their jurisdiction he commenced to slandering the Presbytery. Tragically RC Jr's father enabled his son in playing the victim and only proved that his repentance had been a total sham.

RC Sproul Jr's Ashley Madison scandal, and his subsequent "repentance," only proved publicly what those of us who've known RC Jr up close and personal have known for many years -- that RC Sproul Jr is a fraud, a false minister, and a threat to the body of Christ.

RC Sproul Jr's felony drunk driving arrest and conviction is merely the public evidence that he is, and always has been, a moral train wreck. Regardless of his eloquence, his intelligence, his theological aptitude, RC Jr is nonetheless a reprobate. He should have never been encouraged by his parents to pursue a career in Christian ministry in the first place, and now that he's out he should never be permitted back in again. In our view he has permanently disqualified himself. Per the judgment of his denomination that defrocked him, "Most importantly, their actions manifest that they lack the qualification for the ministry (1Timothy 3:1-7). It would be unwise to allow these men to continue to hold an office for which they are not qualified."

Has anything at all changed in the ensuing decade? Anything at all that's shown that RC Sproul Jr has redeemed himself? Made himself fit for the ministry of the gospel? Quite the opposite. All we see is RC Jr heaping scandal upon scandal, and in the process he's brought shame and reproach to the name of our Lord. As such we do not pray that RC Sproul Jr "may carry the true and powerful message of Jesus Christ to all." We pray that he will just quietly fade into the sunset and be forgotten forever.

At 9:38 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I struggle with this I've recently embraced Reformed Theology.
Does this give us a true picture of Reformed belief? It's one thing to repent. Yet, another thing to repent after being caught.The ruling elders need to think about
Sweeping sin under the rug is as bad as the sin itself.
A not guilty plea is yet another example of dirt hiding under the rug.
Please own up. Please have a repentent heart. After all, God knows the heart of man. Maybe Jr could possibly help others who hide in the dark

At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Tomas said...

RC Sproul Jr's stepdaughter recently disclosed on her Facebook that he wasn't just drunk the night of his arrest. He was also stoned out of his mind on his wife's opioids. This all makes so much more sense why he claims he has zero memory of that evening. A .175 BAC is pretty high for most people but not for someone who'd abused alcohol as many years as Sproul has. He should've been able to handle a lot more than .175 without completely blacking out. But with opioids in his system? A really dangerous combination. If the court had known that he was a pill popper on top of being an alcoholic I have to wonder if they would have been as lenient in their sentencing?


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