Saturday, December 17, 2016

RC Sproul Jr Charged With Drunk Driving

As we reported earlier, RC Sproul Jr resigned (was fired) from Ligonier Ministries. Now we know the reason why.   

RC Sproul Jr drunk driving arrest

State of Indiana v. Robert C Sproul

Allen County Superior Court 6
Case #: 02D04-1612-F6-001308

On November 29, 2016, RC Sproul Jr was arrested in Indiana for drunk driving with two of his minor children in the car. His blood-alcohol level was .175, over twice the legal limit.

Here's how the University of Oklahoma describes RC Sproul Jr's drunken state:
0.13 — 0.15 BAC: Gross motor impairment and lack of physical control. Blurred vision and major loss of balance. Euphoria is reduced and dysphoria* is beginning to appear. Judgment and perception are severely impaired.
( * —Dysphoria: An emotional state of anxiety, depression, or unease.)
0.16 — 0.19 BAC: Dysphoria predominates, nausea may appear. The drinker has the appearance of a "sloppy drunk."
In The Know Zone describes it this way:
6. BAC = .12-.15 = Vomiting usually occurs, unless this level is reached slowly or a person has developed a tolerance to alcohol. Drinkers are drowsy. Drinkers display emotional instability, loss of critical judgment, impairment of perception, memory, and comprehension. Lack of sensor-motor coordination and impaired balance are typical. Decreased sensory responses and increased reaction times develop. The vision is significantly impaired, including limited ability to see detail, peripheral vision, and slower glare recovery.

7. BAC = .15 = This blood-alcohol level means the equivalent of 1/2 pint of whiskey is circulating in the blood stream. 
8. BAC = .18-.25 = Drinkers are disoriented, confused, dizzy, and have exaggerated emotional states. Vision is disturbed, as is perception of color, form, motion, and dimensions.  
Those who have personally witnessed RC Sproul Jr consuming prodigious quantities of alcohol know that tossing back a 1/2 pint or more of whiskey, on an empty stomach, in less than an hour, isn't unusual for him.

This blog has been sounding the alarm for over ten years that RC Sproul Jr has a serious drinking problem. For the most part those warnings have gone ignored. RC Jr has outright mocked those concerns, including those raised by visitors who voiced objections to RC Jr's controversial approach to Pastor Appreciation Sunday. RC Sproul Jr has literally destroyed the lives of several people that we're aware of, and no doubt more we're not aware of, by his deplorable example in abusing alcohol and encouraging others to abuse it too. He either refuses to see it or is incapable of seeing it. As far as he's concerned he always "drinks in moderation." But given that he has often rendered an opinion on "moderation" while he's drunk he hardly qualifies as an expert on that subject. Some have voiced concern that RC Sproul Jr is likely an alcoholic in desperate need of rehab.

We've long been aware that RC Sproul Jr routinely gets behind the wheel inebriated, endangering himself and the lives of others, including his own family members. It's remarkable he hasn't long ago killed himself and perhaps a few others.

Many members of St. Peter Presbyterian Church, the church that he started in Virginia, and then subsequently resigned from after his defrocking in 2006, often witnessed RC Sproul Jr inebriated, including at various church celebrations (i.e. keggers). It was commonplace at those church parties that minor children were served alcoholic beverages, including drinks spiked with Everclear (190 proof grain alcohol). RC Sproul Jr fostered a culture of heavy drinking at St. Peter Presbyterian Church, not just with church members but also with the pastors he invited to his "Pastor Camps" (open bars were the norm). He was also known to turn a blind eye to drunk driving. For example a young man who was one of RC Jr's personal assistants had lost his driver's license because of multiple DUIs. RC Sproul Jr was well aware of it but raised no objections to his continued driving. After all the assistant still needed to run numerous errands for RC, and a little thing like a suspended driver's license wasn't going to get in the way of that.

Drunkenness was one of a number of formal charges that were brought against RC Sproul Jr in late 2005 to his denomination, the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly. As word of these charges spread a number of other former members of St. Peter Presbyterian Church also stepped forward and corroborated the allegations, including the fact that some of their own children had been plied with alcohol without their consent. These and many other charges were to have been adjudicated by the presbytery in a formal trial. RC Sproul Jr formally confessed in writing of "abusing his authority in an inexcusable manner" (i.e. spiritual abuse), thereby effectively pleading guilty to at least some of the charges. 

"Coming as his own accuser and confessor" the presbytery voted unanimously to depose him from the ministry. Having already made plans with Doug Wilson to make his exit strategy to the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches, RC Sproul Jr pleaded to be released from the jurisdiction of the RPCGA and transferred to the CREC, which they granted. Having no further jurisdiction of him the RPCGA cancelled the trial and permitted RC Jr to transfer membership to the CREC. The CREC allegedly reviewed the charges and held an investigation (an "investigation" in which they didn't interview a single witness who had submitted formal written charges). The CREC ignored the evidence and testimony, including the charges of drinking abuses and drunkenness, and reinstated RC Sproul Jr after issuing a report. Having had his dirty laundry cleaned by the CREC, RC Sproul Jr subsequently departed the CREC to be ordained by the Covenant Presbyterian Church Presbytery. Then he later took his place at his father's ministry, Ligonier Ministries, where his annual compensation quickly rose by 2014 to $279,702, all at the expense of Ligonier Ministry donors. It seemed his troubles were behind him. But it didn't last.

On August 31, 2015 RC Sproul Jr outed himself for having "visited" Ashley Madison. In reality his "brief visit" involved him setting up an Ashley Madison account, including registering his "Affair Limits." All but his most adoring fans (of which he seems to have had many) saw through his "confession" and "repentance" and recognized it for the sham it was. His suspension from Ligonier Ministries was also a sham -- a six-figure ten-month paid vacation -- a golden parachute suspension. 

Even so RC Sproul Jr still retained many adoring fans who were eager to "forgive" and ignore the overwhelming evidence that he was unfit to function as a minister of gospel of Jesus Christ. But then many of them were the same ones who ignored the overwhelming evidence that he was in no way fit as a minister when he was defrocked by his presbytery in 2006. Just how bad does the evidence have to get for some people before they cease their hero worship? Perhaps RC Sproul Jr's arrest for drunk driving and endangering the life of a minor child will finally be the end of it?

The State of Indiana has charged RC Sproul Jr with four criminal counts:

Count 1:
35-46-1-4(a)(1)/F6: Neglect of a Dependent def. places dependent in situation that endangers the dep

Count 2:
9-30-5-3(a)(2)/F6: Operating Veh. While Intox or Controlled Substance: Passenger Under 18
Count 3: 
9-30-5-2(b)/MA: Operating A Vehicle While Intoxicated; Endangering A Person

Count 4:
9-30-5-1(b)/MA: Oper Veh w/ Alcohol Concentration Equivalent to .15 or More

From the records it appears that RC Sproul Jr may have remained in jail for up to a week after his arrest awaiting a bail hearing (although this isn't entirely clear from the court record). On December 7 RC Sproul Jr posted a $5,000 bond. His next court hearing is February 2, 2017. 

We can only hope that he loses his driver's license and is required by the court to enter rehab. Anything less continues to put the public in jeopardy.  

It was obvious to us that the RPCGA had it right when they said in the their Declaratory Judgment of RC Sproul Jr and his cohorts in ecclesiastical tyranny in 2006:
"Most importantly, their actions manifest that they lack the qualification for the ministry (1Timothy 3:1-7). It would be unwise to allow these men to continue to hold an office for which they are not qualified."
Doug Wilson and the CREC ignored that very wise determination, as did the CPC, as did Ligonier Ministries, as did many other ministry leaders who paid RC Sproul Jr to speak at their events. Their collective whitewashing of the scandal-ridden career of RC Sproul Jr served as an example to the church at large. As a direct result too many gullible Christians have been willing to "give him the benefit of the doubt," as though there were some credible basis for doubt.

There are important lessons to be learned here, not the least of which is this: the church of Jesus Christ needs to repent of its idolatrous practice of placing mortal men on pedestals. There is only One who is worthy of our adoration.

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At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Cortney said...

As sad as this is, it isn't surprising. In 2005, I was 13 years old and my family had just joined R.C. Jr's church in Virginia, Saint Peter Presbyterian Church. One time, his daughter invited me to the Sproul house for a sleepover. She and R.C. came to pick me up in his car. The Sprouls lived in an extremely rural town called Mendota. The road to Mendota was very long and wound sharply through thick woods. R.C. didn't want to slow down enough to safely take the corners. He instead cut them, crossing into the opposite lane right on the extreme point of blind curves. It was apparently his routine to engage in this life-threatening behavior during every commute to and out of Mendota. He had two children in the car, and we could have been caught in a head-on collision at any time. When I got home, I told my dad what R.C. had done, and he forbade all of us, his kids, to ride with him ever again. He's already a menace on the road when sober. I'm astonished he hasn't killed someone already.

At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people argue that DUI consequences are too severe and having a single DUI conviction shouldn't ruin your professional life. I used to wonder if there could be a grain of truth in that idea until the first time I watched a patient die on the operating table because of a drunk driver. If Dr. Sproul is in fact guilty as charged, I hope he has a good long spell in the slammer to think about the decision he made and the consequences innocent people could have suffered, but for God's grace.

At 8:05 AM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

@Anonymous, probably many people are agreeing with you. But it's unlikely to work out as you might hope for.

As far as we know RC Sproul Jr has no prior convictions for drunk driving, or anything else for that matter. Without prior convictions courts are reluctant to impose jail on non-violent criminals. It's one of the problems with the justice system that the public objects to, especially in cases like this. They tend to wait until the drunk has actually killed someone before he goes to prison.

RC Jr is also rich and can afford to put together a slick legal defense team. He's also white and, let's be honest here, statistically speaking rich white people favor much better in court than poor white people or people of color. He also has dependent children at home and courts are reluctant to incarcerate the family bread-winner.

This will end up costing him a great deal of money -- tens of thousands of dollars -- but in the end he'll probably be successful in putting together a plea deal to stay out of prison.

If he's smart he'll check himself into rehab immediately (a 30 day program at a minimum to show he's serious) rather than waiting for the court to impose it on him. Courts also like to see drunks actively participating in Alcoholics Anonymous. So he should really get enrolled in that too right away. That would send the right message to the court that he's taking this all very seriously. The court will likely order him to install an ignition interlock on his car (breathalyzer) for two years, so he might as well go ahead and have that work done now anyway. However, nothing said in this paragraph will happen. Taking such initiative would require RC Jr to acknowledge to himself and the world that he's got a serious drinking problem, that he needs to sober up, and he should stay as far away from booze as possible. But as we all know RC Sproul Jr is insistent that he only drinks in moderation.

Denial is one of the hallmarks of the alcoholic, and RC Sproul Jr's life is saturated with denial.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

RC Sproul Jr has taken his Facebook, Twitter, and accounts down or offline. However, there may still remain a few remnant accounts of his online. One of those is his Linkedin account. In light of current events a recommendation there by Chuck Wade is, to put it only to politely, ironic. Mr. Wade is "CEO at Council on Alcohol and Drugs and State Director of DRUGS DON'T WORK in GA."

At 7:40 AM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

Cortney, your story is not an isolated incident. There have been many such stories of people's lives having been put into jeopardy by getting into RC Sproul Jr's car. It's good that you told your parents about it, and it's good they protected you from further harm.

What may have not been apparent to you at the time is that RC Jr wasn't just driving recklessly with you in the car. He probably was already drunk, or at least under the influence. Most drunk drivers know they're drunk, and they're worried about potential consequences, so they slow down. In fact most drunk drivers are pulled over by the police not because they're driving recklessly, but because they're driving abnormally slow. They know they're drunk so they slow way down, and this gives them away.

But then there is what's known as the "functional drunk" or the "functional alcoholic." Functional drunks tend to be over-confident of themselves and, therefore, may become reckless behind the wheel and take dangerous risks. Cutting corners and crossing the center line on blind curves is about as reckless as it gets.

More than likely RC Sproul Jr is a functional alcoholic, if not a "high-functioning alcoholic." He's held down a successful career (or at least he's made a lot of money), been a reasonably successful father, has been held in high esteem by many people, etc. From just a casual observation he's not a drunk. But those who've been paying close attention over the years have known that he's got a serious drinking problem. He just masks it well.

As is the case, however, with all functional alcoholics, the bottom will eventually drop out and the mask falls to the ground. A DUI is often the thing that really gets everyone's attention -- everyone but the functional alcoholic's attention. Even with a DUI arrest many functional alcoholics with continue denying they have a problem. Denial is one of the hallmarks of alcoholism.

The biggest risk for family and friends is that they will enable their functional alcoholic by sweeping it under the carpet with, "Oh, that was just an isolated incident." But if they really love them they'll confront the matter forcefully. They'll stage an intervention and get their loved one into treatment.

With RC Jr's personality being what it is he won't take kindly to an intervention. Nor with his immense ego is he capable of acknowledging he's got a serious problem. Perhaps the worst part of all of this is that he has flaunted his abuse of alcohol as "Christian liberty" and mocked those Christians (including us) who have voiced our concerns. In so doing he has stumbled many brethren. So there is little hope for him.

At 12:01 PM, Blogger Anne Rector said...

What disturbs me most about this is not that Junior has been caught and slapped with well-deserved felonies. It is that renowned Christian leaders have been personally aware of the wall-to-wall hypocrisy of his life, and continued to include him as a speaker, minister and teaching evangelist in their forums. I refer to John MacArthur, Jim Kennedy (another hypocrite) Ligion Duncan, that crowd. These men all know Junior's story from the inside out, as they are partakers of the Reformed theology that buttresses Ligioner Ministries, and are thick with R.C., Sr. Yet, they have held Junior up to be the epitome of Christian integrity and, OMG, intellectualism. Anyone who participated in a conference with R.C., Jr., is guilty not only by association, but of covering his sins, and thereby, blaspheming the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. It disgusts me when these otherwise respected "leaders" respond to Junior revelations with, "We must be forgiving, and pray for him. We have all sinned. Think about his children. He needs God's grace and mercy at this time, not criticism." Oh, how I want to scream first and then puke. Same thing with Billy Graham's grandson, who was caught cheating on his wife. There is no indication in scripture that human DNA washes away sin.

R.C., Sr. has always been a bit of an intellectual snob. I do not doubt his love for Christ, but he is arrogant and smug. Senior has spoken at our church in the past, West Hills Pres in Harriman, Tennessee, and I have experienced his attitude first hand. To those even peripherally involved with Ligioner, it has been apparent that Junior NEVER possessed the qualities, including intellect, necessary for a minister. It is as likely that I wrote his PhD dissertation as he did.

I sent a Tweet last week to another Daddy Sproul disciple, Dr. Steve Lawson, lovingly recommending that he distance himself from Ligioner. Dr. Lawson always Tweets back immediately. He has yet to answer this one.

I live in Indianapolis, and volunteer in the state correctional system. Perhaps I will be able to bring the Gospel to R.C., Jr, in prison chapel next year.

At 1:18 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

Anne, RC Jr never wrote a PhD dissertation because he never received a PhD. He loves to call himself "Dr. Sproul" but he only received a D.Min. which is a far cry from the scholastic demands required to receive a PhD. In academic circles a D.Min. is often referred to as "Dr. Lite."

RC Sproul Jr wasn't named as "Rector at Reformation Bible College as well as the Chair of the Department of Theology and Philosophy" because of his academic or professional experience for, indeed, he was in no way qualified. RC Jr only got those prestigious posts (and a $350,000 salary to go with it) because of nepotism. In doing so RC Sproul Sr and Ligonier Ministries sent a strong message to prospective students that Reformation Bible College is not a school that values academic excellence.

As a volunteer in your state correctional system you, no doubt, have much practical experience dealing with sociopaths. As you know the correctional system is overwhelmed with them. Should you cross paths with RC Jr your prior experience will give you a significant advantage in any interactions you may have with him.

At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Mike R said...

We all are prone to gossip. We are all prone to deeming ourselves righteous by considering the sins of others. We don't know the circumstances of RC Sproul Jr's life. No, there is no justification that can be had for public sin. But there may be mitigation. I have some pity for him because he lost his wife and daughter to long illnesses. That said, there are standards for service in ministry. Both for the protection of the ministry and for the good of the person holding that office.

We have no idea of the interaction of those that knew RC Jr, and RC Jr. First, Ligionier is not a church. The responsibility for discipline rests in the consistory of his church.

Christians are rightly embarrassed when a professing believer, particularly one that is well-known, falls into sin. If we are honest, we all fall into sins daily, if not the sort that must be addressed by our elders. Sin crouches at the door. Our greatest concern for this man should be that, if he is a believer, that he repents. And if he is not, that he comes to a true knowledge of Christ.

At 8:54 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

Mike, we take pity on RC Jr too over the loss of Denise and Shannon. No doubt that double whammy hit RC Jr very hard. However, there is no correlation between those losses and RC Jr's drinking abuses which have been going on for many years prior to the loss of his wife and daughter.

We take much pity as well for RC Jr's new wife, who married RC just a month prior to his arrest. She had no idea what she was getting herself into. May God give her comfort during this trying time in her life.

Yes, Ligonier Ministries is not a church. It is, however, a Christian ministry that professes the name of Christ and holds up the Word of God as the standard for how we should conduct our lives. Ligonier also takes in many millions of donor dollars each year from Christians who have no idea that they squander money like a drunken sailor (no pun intended). Ligonier's efficiency ratings have consistently been some of the worst of all Christian ministries rated by Guidestar and others.

From all accounts RC Sproul Sr and Vesta Sproul have spoiled RC Jr rotten his entire life. They have been his chief enablers and they have repeatedly bailed him out of his scandals. RC Sr, being the celebrity that he is, has made it very difficult for the church to discipline RC Jr, the best example being how RC Sr meddled and interfered with his son's defrocking in 2006, impugning the good name of the denomination who deposed him, and putting RC Jr right back in the pulpit at their conferences less than a month after he'd been defrocked.

Furthermore, when RC Jr was suspended from Ligonier Ministries over his Ashley Madison scandal most people assumed that was a form of discipline. But was it really? Ligonier Ministries concealed the details of that suspension, and they had good cause to be embarrassed about it because they suspended him with pay. In other words they gave him a 10 month paid vacation, all at the expense of Ligonier Ministry donors. This is just one of numerous examples of how RC Sproul Jr has been mollycoddled his entire life by his parents and protected from the consequences of his actions.

No one should be naive enough to believe that with his DUI arrest the mollycoddling has suddenly come to an end. Odds are very high that his "resignation" from Ligonier Ministries came with a substantial severance package. Finding that out, however, will be next to impossible given Ligonier's pattern of concealment in such matters. It took many phone calls and emails before Ligonier finally came clean about RC Jr's suspension with pay, and it would probably take even more to find out if his resignation came with a severance package.

We do reap what we sow. Even if our loved ones step in to bail us out every time we get ourselves into trouble it will eventually catch up with us. Sooner or later if we fail to learn from life's consequences we'll do something so egregious (such as being arrest for drunk driving) that it effectively destroys our careers. It's better that loved ones not step in and bail us out lest we learn nothing of consequences.

Suffering the consequences for our sins and misdeeds is a good thing, even if it's painful. Unfortunately for RC Jr his parents didn't know when or how to stop enabling him, and it's unlikely they'll stop now. This isn't to say they're responsible for RC Jr's actions, but they do bear at least some responsibility.

It's unlikely he'll ever be able to recover from the stigma of his arrest, and it's absolutely tragic that things had to get so bad for him.

At 9:08 PM, Blogger Bob M said...

Why are you putting this stuff out instead of offering help and getting the real Truth from the Sproul ministries?? This is enquirer, rag magazine reporting...GOSSIP!!
Get the real facts from Sproul Sr. Or anyone from Ligonier.. Just one more supposed Christian trying to bring someone further down than they may already be...If these are the facts, do something compassionate, constructive, forgiving, helpful for the man. This blog is just an attempt to bring down one of the most fruitful ministries of the past 60 plus years.
Stop It!!

At 9:12 AM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

Why are we putting this stuff out? Because it needs to be put out. It's called accountability. Celebrity preachers that rake in millions of dollars at the expense of their donors and then repeatedly ignore, and even cover up their internal scandals (so they can continue raking in more millions), need to be held accountable. Contrary to your belief that this is somehow akin to the National Inquirer, it's actually a biblical principle and, therefore, something you need to devote some serious study to, Bob.

At 8:23 AM, Blogger Grammy G said...

I am very sad for the innocent people affected by the sins of those who don't see it as sin. That is noting but the Enemy. I see nothing to indicate Mr. Sproul has repented, in fact, he pled not guilty at his hearing. So we the tax payers get to pay for a trial. One can argue why he might do this, blah blah.

But the real essence is that if he were to acknowledge his sin, take the punishment and get help, he and his loved ones would be freed from this bondage. No doubt he's had challenges with the passing of his wife and daughter and trying to live up to his father's name, but haven't we all struggled?

It would seem to me if he were surrounded by TRUE Bible Believing Christians, they would have encouraged him and Biblically brought correction along time ago, instead of making excuses for him or allowing him back in the pulpit.

I am not one to point fingers at anyone because I myself am a sinner, but there is a huge difference between someone repenting and seeking restoration and someone who is just sad they got caught. His behavior during this time, his Ashley Madison time, or events that take place at his church, are in no way, Biblically sound. To follow any of his writings (regardless of how good they might be), endorses the Spirit of toleration and compromise so prevelant today. The best thing we can all do is to pray his loved ones stop covering for him, making excuses and calling that which is evil, good. There are innocent kids involved whose lives are being negatively influenced by such failure to call sin what it is, not to mention all the people who have followed his sometimes, strange doctrines. Yet, if people would stick to Scripture, seeking the Holy Spirit's wisdom and discernment, and stop using books for teachings (merchandising God), perhaps so many wouldn't follow a stranger.

We must realize Satan's tactics to deceive! His time is short and he will stop at nothing to bring God's people down. As true believers, we must see sin as it is and deal with it, bringing glory to God instead of using limited humanistic psychology to determine sin and bringing shame to His Holy Name!

We have gotten so far away from the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ and have replaced it with doctrines, rules, ordinances that even those in ministry can't preach it to set themselves free. His Word says these days would come and sadly Mr. Speoul and many others such as himself are evidence of what a watered down,lucre driven, social gospel delivers.

Don't be deceived, read the Word, WATCH AND PRAY MUCH!

At 9:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For what it's worth RC Jr is not listed on staff at Ascension Presbyterian Church at this time.

At 6:21 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

@Anonymous, you're correct. However, RC Jr's removal from the staff listing of Ascension Presbyterian Church's web site happened almost a year prior to his drunk driving arrest and is, therefore, unrelated. It was directly related to his Ashley Madison scandal, and it took Ascension months to remove RC Jr as pastor after that scandal. No doubt this is because he refused to step down, and his buddies there were protecting him. He was ultimately removed in late 2015. Or at least we've been led to believe he was removed.

This of course makes his so-called "suspension" from Ligonier all that more meaningless and underscores our point that he was rewarded, not punished (suspended with pay ). Nor was he agreeing to be punished for his sexually deviant transgression. Had he been in agreement with being punished for it he would have also immediately and voluntarily stepped down as a pastor at Ascension. Instead, he stayed on for months. And the fact of the matter is we're not even certain today what his status is at Ascension. Anyone who knows for sure can't be counted on to be honest about it. It's entirely possible that RC Sproul Jr is still unofficially a pastor at Ascension, or in some other staff position, and may be getting paid for it too.

Ascension only ultimately agreed to remove him because Brent Detwiler put so much pressure on them to do so.

At 3:06 PM, Blogger Grammy G said...

It seems more pastors are identified and appointed by men, than of the Holy Spirit. They are interviewed and often the name of their family or seminary that molded their beliefs, is used to appoint one to the pulpit. The Holy Spirit has been for the most part kicked out of the process and out of Church.

Church is no longer concerned with saving souls through the preaching of The Gospel, but rather with #'s and $! Getting a good name in there allows the business model to succeed and since few are holding to The Word of God, the deceptive rote practices can continue. Unless of course one is caught, then the business plan model must be modified.

Wolves have crept in both aware and unaware and sadly, this is the way many "churches" are being run today. Where is discernment? Where is the Biblical model of appointing MEN anointed BY God?

An anointed man of God knows the Enemy is after him and doesn't allow his eyes to be tempted. Like Joseph, he recognizes it and flees.

Surely a good lawyer and lots of money taken from the sheep should get him off again with a handsmack! Once done, he will be in the pulpit again like so many without ever repenting and seeking restoration of a relationship with Christ (if ever there was one). Leadership in the church is to fault!

Sadly, we are aware of a local Presbyterian church still doing his bible study, even after his two public issues were made known. Don't understand that at all. He just helped the Athiest's cause and increased prejudice against The Church.

Has he gone back to court yet?

At 12:02 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

@Grammy G, RC Jr's next scheduled court appearance is set for 5/11/2017 and is a pretrial conference. The pretrial conference involves the judge getting everyone on the same page so the trial can go smoothly. Judges don't like surprises. But there are also other important matters that often come up during the pretrial conference. Jury trials are laborious and very time consuming for the courts, so judges often encourage defendants to bargain with the Prosecutor's office for more lenient terms, or what's commonly known as a "plea bargain." If it happens it most likely will happen at the pretrial conference. However the prosecutor isn't required to offer a plea bargain even if the judge encourages it.

Plea bargains involve the defendant pleading guilty to at least some of the charges, in this case one or more misdemeanors. The prosecutor then agrees to drop the more serious charges and recommends to the judge that the defendant receive some reduced sentence. In this case the prosecutor would likely recommend that any prison time be suspended and RC Jr be placed on probation. He'd also probably be ordered to pay some substantial fines. But to get the deal RC Jr would have to plead guilty, and we believe he's unlikely to do that. Aside from his pride and having to accept one or two misdemeanors on his permanent criminal record, one of the factors that would deter him from accepting a plea bargain is that the judge isn't required to accept the prosecutor's sentencing recommendations. She could still impose prison time anyway, and that matter is left entirely to her own discretion. She also has some discretion as to where he served his time, whether it be in the county jail or State penitentiary.

The prosecution in this case may or may not be willing to offer RC Jr a plea bargain. If they're confident of a conviction they probably won't. But even if they are confident of a conviction they may offer a plea deal anyway if their office is already overwhelmed with other more serious cases. Other factors may weigh in too, such as the potential of the Prosecutor, who is an elected official, garnering media attention from taking the case to trial. High profile public figures are far more likely to wind up going to trial because the Prosecutor is eager for the media attention. High profile cases often result in more votes for the Prosecutor come next election.

RC Sproul Jr has often been called a big fish in a small pond. In other words he's a celebrity, albeit on a limited scale. However, with his recent Ashley Madison scandal he did wind up featured in the secular press, including USA Today, so his name is better known in the press now than ever before. RC Sproul Jr has the potential of garnering significant media attention for a judicious Prosecutor, in this case Allen County Indiana Prosecutor Karen Richards. This is exactly the sort of case that Prosecutors love to take to trial.

At 2:21 AM, Blogger Bob M said...

I understand about accountability.. but I don't know what good this stuff is going to do for Mr Sproul (and for his father who is not physically doing very well as far as I know) Yes... there's accountability... but there is also compassion, grace, forgiveness and encouragement... not just for JR. but for his family and friends. This is very disappointing, difficult, and disturbing for someone like me who struggles with sin and depression and guilt and shame everyday.
I'm very grateful for those of you who don't.

At 12:25 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

@Bob M, you don't hold an exclusive on "struggling with sin and depression and guilt and shame everyday." We've experienced it too, as have many of RC Sproul Jr's former parishioners, many who still struggle with it to this day because of him. So believe us when we say we empathize with your position.

If it helps you to forgive RC Sproul Jr then we strongly recommend you do so. However, since you've probably never had a personal relationship with the man, or been spiritually abused by him as so many others have been, it would be presumptuous of you to force your views of forgiveness on those who have. Not every life circumstance calls for forgiveness. There are exceptions to the command to forgive.

As one example, what does scripture teach about forgiveness as it applies to false prophets and wolves in sheep's clothing? Jesus had much to say about both. Did he ever command us to forgive them? No, He did not. He commands us to confront, expose, and drive them out of our midst. That is the overriding purpose of this blog.

How does RC Sproul Jr minister to those who "struggle with sin and depression and guilt and shame everyday"? We know first-hand that he doesn't give the "compassion, grace, forgiveness and encouragement" that you now expect that we give him. In point of fact he is critical, condemning, judgmental, unmerciful, uncompassionate, self-rightous, and downright hateful. What he writes and speaks on is exactly the opposite of what he actually practices one-on-one. He has judged and condemned many hurting Christians who have been vulnerable with him, sharing their deepest and most intimate secrets, which he then smears them with, fomenting whispering campaigns, dividing friend from friend, and even dividing entire families from one another. By his hateful example he has destroyed the faith of many children. He’s unjustly excommunicated dozens of Christians from churches he’s pastored, and he’s aided and abetted many other pastors to excommunicate their own parishioners over the slightest of offenses. He’s one of the worst examples of a "shepherd" we have ever seen, and one of the best examples of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Lest you conclude this blog is about payback, we can assure you it is not. But neither is it about faux forgiveness -- the kind of forgiveness that too many naive Christians are too easily manipulated into, usually through false guilt. Real forgiveness -- biblical forgiveness -- isn't about sweeping unpleasant and embarrassing issues under the rug, like for example RC Sproul Jr being a drunkard.

But RC Sproul Jr has led not just an embarrassing life. His life has been nothing short of scandalous, and he has brought great shame to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and His church. RC Sproul Jr was defrocked from the ministry a decade ago for conduct unbecoming of an ordained minister of the gospel. He was deemed unfit "to hold an office for which they are not qualified", and that determination was reached unanimously by his Presbytery. He should have taken the hint ten years ago and sought another line of work, but he refused to go. So he turned to friends and fellow scandal-laden "ministers," such as Doug Wilson, to clean his dirty laundry. Eventually he spent what currency he had remaining with Wilson, burning his bridges even there, leaving him with no other choice but to return to his father's Ligonier Ministries.

Is "forgiveness" what is called for with RC Sproul Jr? We would strongly assert it is not. We as believers are not called to forgive charlatans and scoundrels masquerading as pastors. Forgiveness only gets a bad name when it's turned into giving a pass to a wolf in sheep's clothing, thereby enabling the wolf to freely ravage the lives of many more Christians as we turn a blind eye. What folly! The world sees this alleged "forgiveness" all too often and rightly accuses Christians of being foolish, gullible, weak and naive.

At 9:37 AM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

@Bob M, Your last comment went completely off the rails, so we're not going to approve it. However, we don't want to give the impression that we're lacking in compassion by not posting it, especially since we can very much relate to the issue you raised -- depression. There are several things you can do about it. Purely practical stuff, but it works, certainly much better than the prescription drugs and booze you mentioned.

The common denominator of depression is low serotonin. SSRI's like Prozac only mask the problem, not cure it. The cure is to give the brain the precursors it needs to rebuild healthy serotonin levels. Both tryptophan and 5-HTP do that, neither of which most Americans get an adequate level of in their diet. In point of fact Americans are the most clinically depressed people in the world, and diet is chiefly responsible for that.

Start with 100mg before bed on an empty stomach and see how it goes. If you notice no difference try 200mg. Serotonin is the precursor of melatonin (the sleep hormone) which is the reason many depressed people have trouble sleeping through the night, and that only exacerbates depression (the fact that both your comments were posted around 3 AM is a pretty evidence of a sleep disorder brought on by low serotonin). So 5-HTP has the bonus of also being a terrific sleep aid. You might also benefit by also taking it late afternoons (again, only take on an empty stomach) as serotonin levels tend to drop the most at that time.

The best book on this subject is Julia Ross' The Mood Cure. She's helped many thousands of people overcome not just chronic clinical depression but many other serious mental health problems. No drugs, no shrinks, just common amino acids you can buy cheaply at any health food store. Julia covers not just low serotonin but the amino acids to you can take to cure other neurotransmitter deficiencies, as well. If you follow her simple program it'll make you a new man. Two things you'll have to give up though to get there -- booze and caffeine. Both are very harmful to healthy brain chemistry.

Lastly, Bob, don't make the mistake of contemplating heavy theological topics (like whether or not you're one of the elect) while you're in a state of depression. Doing that pretty much guarantees you'll only magnify your depression.

At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob, I do understand your desires for us to all walk in grace and mercy, but Paul explicitly warns us that it is not a license to sin. Please read Romans 6 again.

Also, we are not to call that which is evil, good. If a person chooses to call that which clearly is called evil by God, then would you expect Grace to abound? Clearly God's Word does not declare that we should. In fact, His sheep know His voice. They know sin leads to death and choose not to sin, though we will. It is part of the Santification process.

Unitarianism and New Age religion embraces grace, love and peace for all, including those who may do evil hoping that love will coerce change. ONLY GOD CAN CHANGE PEOPLE!

Bob, I am sorry you battle depression. I HAVE BEEN THERE. Part of that depression was my failure to see myself as God sees me as opposed to how many in my world of influence saw me. I had to decide God's Word is true and allow the Spirit of God to change in me, deeply engrained lies of the Enemy. Also, I had to have a true relationship with Christ, not one based on a one-time prayer I did under pressure. I had to enter into an intimate relationship which spends time getting to know Him Who loves me. As I have done that, I have seen all the lies of the Enemy and the stronghold it has had for many years.

Bob, I will be praying for you to seek God first in all things, including how He made you for His glory. Not all will know this, believe it and live it. Sadly, they will fall for false religion and continue to think they can somehow "work" up enough goodness to have a good "afterlife." It's all lies!

Let God's Word be your authority in all aspects of your life. IF you truly have a relationship with Christ, you HAVE BEEN set free from the past and from all bondage. Only lies of the Enemy keep you in bondage, including false religion and depression. See yourself set free through Christ.

His LOVE speaks constantly through His Word. His love is infinitely better than anything we could receive here in this lifetime from others. When you learn about His love your you through a personal relationship with Christ, there will be no more darkness.

I WILL be praying for you Bob to find Truth to guide you through this temporal and very short life, to be eternally with the One Who created YOU in His image.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

@Anonymous, don't make the mistake, as so many well-meaning but naive Christians do, of conflating spiritual depression for physiological depression. They're two very different things, and I would argue there isn't even such a thing as spiritual depression at all (although I most certainly do believe in spiritual oppression). Those who have never suffered from clinical depression, or who have only suffered with it briefly, cannot possibly understand how terribly serious it is.

I hope your comment will be helpful to Bob (though I seriously doubt it), and if not to him then perhaps to someone else. However, several years ago your comment would not only not been helpful to me it would have been very harmful. I know this because I heard the same things many times from well-meaning Christians who wanted to help but only proved to further harm me. Patting me on the head with such platitudes only made my depression worse because I could only conclude my depression had to be my own fault. "Just try to be a better Christian and seek a closer walk with the Lord" is the last thing a depressed person needs to hear.

We should pause before spiritualizing human maladies, particularly those that have clearly identifiable physiological causes. Would anyone think to tell someone with stage 4 cancer, "You just need to seek a closer walk with the Lord and you'll get better"? But for some insane reason that's what too many Christians do when it comes to serious mental health problems, such as depression. Why? Because they don't view it as every bit as physiological as is cancer. That needs to change.

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Carverelle said...

Some very interesting discussion here on depression. Thanks for the insights and the tips. I'll be getting a copy of that Mood Cure book. I'm thinking it may help a friend of mine.

This all makes me wonder if maybe R.C. Sproul Jr suffers from clinical depression. His behavior seems consistent with it, especially all the self-medicating he's done for so many years. I have a friend who's had terrible problems with depression. The more depressed he is the more he drinks. He says the liquor helps him feel better, but it's so obvious the positive effects are only temporary and often the next day he's even worse off emotionally. The worst times are right after he's gone on a bender, which he only does when he's especially depressed, but afterwords he's even more depressed. Not hung over mind you, which as much as he drinks you'd think he would be. But man is he ever depressed after a bender. Suicidal even.

That's what I think might have happened to R.C. Jr. He went to Indiana with his new wife for Thanksgiving and spent the holidays with her family. Some memory or something triggered him there and he got badly depressed and went on a bender. Not trying to make excuses for the guy because he's still entirely responsible for his actions, especially for having his kids in the car. Anyone with a lick of common sense would have called a cab. Better yet anyone with a lick of common sense wouldn't have gotten themselves blind drunk in the first place. He should have done what most of the rest of us would have done, or at least me, and eaten a bag of Oreos or something harmless like that. I feel so sorry for his new wife.

Do you know if there's a connection between depression and alcoholism and/or drug addiction?

At 6:53 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

@Carverelle, yes there most definitely is a connection between alcohol and drug abuse and depression. Depressed people do on average tend to drink and abuse drugs at much higher levels than emotionally healthy people, It is a vicious cycle, much like you describe your friend's behavior. It's so ingrained in our very culture that there's even multiple Country songs with lyrics along the lines of, "I drink because I'm depressed and I'm depressed because I drink." And here's an amusing meme.

You used the right term, "self-medicating." Clinically depressed people often don't turn to professionals for help. Call it pride, embarrassment, or denial. Even when they do seek professional help it may prove to be of little or no practical benefit anyway. So they turn to various substances for comfort. It can be something relatively benign like pizza or ice cream ("comfort food"). But often it's something destructive like booze and pills.

The fact that your friend doesn't suffer a hangover after binge drinking is a pretty strong indicator that he's an alcoholic. Hangovers serve as a strong deterrent to most people to not get drunk. If you've ever had one you don't want to ever go there again. But alcoholics drink so routinely they tend to build a tolerance and often don't suffer from hangovers, so there's little deterrent to over indulge. They also learn to cope ("hold their liquor") better with a higher blood alcohol content than others can handle, which only encourages them to drink the more. In fact alcoholics are often quite proud of how much liquor they can handle (or at least they think they can handle). That's certainly been the case with RC Sproul Jr. who has conveyed to his church members that heavy drinking is "manly."

It could very well be that RC Jr has had a long standing problem with clinical depression and that he started self-medicating with booze many years ago. All that self-medicating may have ultimately resulted in his alcoholism. It does happen and, quite tragically, the alcoholism only results in even worse depression -- a terrible vicious cycle. Our earlier advice to Bob M on that subject might serve RC Jr well too. What could especially serve RC Jr well is to contact Julia Ross personally about her addiction treatment program. She gained expertise about mood disorders through having run a drug and alcohol rehab center. What she discovered is that there's a direct correlation between addiction and deficiencies of various neurotransmitters in the brain, particularly serotonin and dopamine. Once those deficiencies are corrected the cravings for addictive substances dramatically diminishes if not goes away entirely.

At 8:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am quite sure, his "new" wife, knew exactly what she was getting into.

The almighty dollar was involved.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

@Anonymous, unfortunately there are a great many women, Christian women too, who pursue men for their money. There's a term for that, a term which we wouldn't want to use here since we have no direct knowledge of whether or not it applies to Lisa. It may have been a factor in her decision to marry RC Jr or she may have had other motivating factors. What we do know is that Lisa is a dietician at a large hospital. She's likely been self-sufficient financially long before she ever met RC Jr and didn't really need his money. However, it's plausible that you are correct in your assumptions. She may have anticipated that by marring into the Sproul dynasty that she'd put herself on easy street. Instead she wound up with a pig in a poke. We don't want to blame the victim (which is what we consider her to be), so rather than ridiculing her we will just express our sympathies for her plight.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

Super Patriarch RC Sproul, Jr, the guy who co-authored The Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy with sexual predator Douglas W. Phillips Esq., is being criminally prosecuted by a female prosecutor before a female judge. You can't make this stuff up. The irony is truly astonishing.

Could this be a coincidence, or is it divine providence?


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