Tuesday, September 12, 2006

RC Sproul, Do Lawsuits Run In the Family?

RC Sproul Ligonier Ministries lawsuit
Up until recently a lot of people, myself included, didn't want to believe that RC Sproul Jr was the product of some very bad upbringing. Everyone's seen a few Prodigal Son situations, young men who grew up in good Christian homes but who turned out to be bad men.

When RC Jr managed to get himself defrocked I took pity on his dad and mom over their humiliation. It's got to be embarrassing having your own son ruin the family name.

RC Sproul should have called his son to public repentance. But no! He did just the opposite. RC Sproul publicly repudiated his son's defrocking, calling the charges "fraudulent." You can't do something like that without also bashing the denomination that defrocked him, as well as bashing the witnesses that brought testimony against him. That spectacle caused me to start wondering if my assumptions about RC Sproul weren't false.

Of course no one can blame RC Sproul for the way that Tim Dick turned out, and he probably didn't pick the guy for a son in law either. But his daughter Sherrie did, so that obviously begs another question.

RC Sproul did however pick Tim Dick as Ligonier's President, and that clearly is his fault. What were you thinking Dr. Sproul? What are you thinking now that Tim Dick is rapidly ruining your ministry? Why do you insist on keeping a clown like Tim Dick on even after everything he's done? Frank Vance seems to think that Tim Dick is the problem, but after everything I've observed I have to disagree with Frank. I think that RC himself is the problem.

Being the great Bible expositor that RC Sproul is I'd always assumed that he'd exposited the Word to his own children and been a good example to them. Now with Sproul's Ligonier Ministries lawsuit against Christian blogger Frank Vance I'm more than just having second thoughts, I'm convinced that RC Jr must have been the product of a bad upbringing.

Of course this is all now making me wonder if I'm next. Will RC Sproul Jr now be suing me too? Like father like son? If he does sue I wonder will he do it the same way that Tim Dick did it to Frank Vance and not even have the courtesy of sending me an email to let me know about it? Like Ligonier Ministries like Highlands Study Center?

Obviously RC Sproul isn't at all interested in obeying the Bible that he claims to believe, and we already know RC Jr is of the same persuasion, so it's more than just possible that RC Sproul Jr will sue me.

I just hope that all those pro bono First Amendment attorneys will leap to my aid the way they have for Frank Vance.