Monday, August 28, 2006

Another Sproul Family Scandal

Tim Dick Ligonier MinistriesUpdate: For a more current RC Sproul Jr scandal see RC Sproul Jr's Ashley Madison Scandal

Update #2: For the latest RC Sproul Jr scandal see RC Sproul Jr Arrested for Drunk Driving with Minor in Car, Charged with Multiple Felonies

On August 25 I received an email from Ligonier Ministries CEO Tim Dick. All it said was:
From: Tim Dick Mailed-By:
Date: Aug 25, 2006 11:46 PM

You my friend are sick, seek help, we will pray for you.

Tim Dick

I responded with:
From: R.C. 2.0 Mailed-By:
To: Tim Dick
Date: Aug 27, 2006 10:44 PM
Subject: Re: You my friend are sick, seek help, we will pray for you.

Mr. Tim Dick as in the CEO of Ligonier Ministries?

Wow! What an honor! What brings you to my little corner of blogdom?

I saw some of your communications with Frank Vance. Pretty wild stuff there Tim! And you call me the sick one? How did you ever manage snagging the CEO slot at Ligonier?

RC Sproul Tim Dick Ligonier MinistriesYou'd think that Tim Dick would have learned his lesson after everything that's happened to him over picking a fight with Frank Vance. Now the guy's trying to provoke me too? Not one single time have I mentioned the name "Tim Dick" on my blog. So what's his interest in provoking a fight with me now?

Frank Vance has said that Tim Dick is a paranoid moron and obviously doesn't have enough going on to keep himself busy as CEO of Ligonier. The guy is pulling down a monstrous salary ($250,000/yr) but instead of working for his huge donor-supported salary he spends his days posting weird comments on numerous blogs and insulting people via email who've never even mentioned him.

Well now it looks like Frank is going to keep Tim's hands full for awhile, which I really appreciate, because I don't particularly want to waste my time on the guy. But I will repost part of something that Frank just put up today because it's in the public interest to know, and we're all about fulfilling the public's right to know.

Another Sproul family scandal has just surfaced. Thankfully this Sproul scandal doesn't involve RC Sproul Jr (whew!). We were ready for a change of pace anyway. Variety is the spice of life, and if it involves the dysfunctional Sproul family it's bound to get spicy.

Ryan Sproul Dick Ligonier MinistriesThis latest Sproul scandal involves RC Sproul Sr's son-in-law and CEO/President of Ligonier Ministries, Tim Dick. Tim Dick also happens to be the father of Ryan Sproul-Dick (aka "Partyboy"), the "Heir of Ligonier Ministries." Partyboy is also Ligonier Ministries' conference coordinator.

It's being alleged that two years ago Tim Dick ripped off Dr. Don Kistler in Ligonier's "acquisition" of Soli Deo Gloria Ministries. Apparently Tim Dick switched out the contracts at the last minute.
On 22 September 2004 Ligonier Ministries, the ministry of Reformed theologian Dr. RC Sproul acquired Soli Deo Gloria Ministries, the ministry of Dr. Donald Kistler. Soli Deo Gloria was a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, as was and is Ligonier Ministries. As such Soli Deo Gloria was "acquired," not purchased. *

Of the acquisition Dr. Kistler originally stated, "I cut my teeth on the Puritans studying under Dr. R.C. Sproul, and to work under him is a dream come true. I look forward to many years of fruitful ministry together, exposing people to the holy God the Puritans knew and served." However Dr. Kistler's "dream come true" soon proved to be a nightmare.

What few if any people knew at the time, and what Don Kistler certainly didn't realize at the time, is that Ligonier President Tim Dick had perpetrated a grand fraud. The fraud against Dr. Kistler is of such an ugly and shameful nature that of the small number of people that have since discovered it no one has been willing in the two ensuing years to confront it, let alone expose it. Allowing two years to lapse hasn't improved upon Dr. Kistler's prospects for recovering what was stolen from him, quite the opposite.

Dr. Kistler's ministry was stolen from him by, quite literally, nothing more than a cheesy sleight of hand trick. After weeks of contract negotiations a final version of the contract was agreed upon by all parties. However, when it came time for the signing of the final contract, unbeknownst to Don Kislter, Tim Dick secretly switched contracts. The textual difference in that switched contract was small enough to have easily escaped the notice of everyone, yet the implications for Don Kisler were immense.

Contained in the mutually approved contract was a reversionary clause, meaning that at any time Don Kistler could exercise his right to reclaim full control of his ministry, with or without cause, and with no penalty or cost to himself. In the contract that Tim Dick surreptitiously switched at the signing ceremony that clause had been removed. The practical effect of Tim Dick's fraud meant that Dr. Kistler had his ministry stolen from him.

For the complete story see Ligonier Ministries Defrauds Soli Deo Gloria Ministries In "Acquisition"

This is one wickedugly story. If RC Sproul manages this scandal anything like the way that he attempted to "clear RC Sproul Jr's name" don't count on anyone repenting. All we're likely to hear is a bunch of lies and lame excuses.

UPDATE: Some new photos of Timothy A. Dick, or rather, "mugshots" courtesy of Seminole County, Florida law enforcement from his criminal activities and two separate arrest incidents. Charges include:
  • Burglary
  • Aggravated Assault with a weapon
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Stalking 
Tim Dick arrested

Tim Dick mugshot

Tim Dick arrest photo

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Jeremy is O.B. with R.C.

RC Sproul Jr conference, Wha?It's safe to assume that if it involves RC Sproul Jr and the Highlands Study Center it's bound to get a little kooky.

RC Jr is also the kind of guy (even if he is defrocked) that's just bound to attract an interesting following.

Some of America's not so best and brightest have imbibed of RC Sproul Jr's Highlands Study Center.

Take for example Jeremy Bunch. In response to our article "Student" Describes Highlands Study Center Jeremy posted not just one but two additional articles.

Here's Jeremy's first response:

Saturday, August 05, 2006

RC Sproul Jr alcohol booze wiskeyIn form, in RCJr form, RCJr has taken my comments on the Highlands Study Center and used them for his own personal gain. Geez, what a guy.

Fortunately, as you can read on his blog, the CREC has cleared his name, one of the largest scandals in American Reformed Presbyterian history in the last couple of years. One of many, this scandal has not surprisingly boiled to the top.

Nonetheless, you can drink of his wine here.

Welcome to the CREC, RCJr, a denom that will accept dippers and non-dippers alike.

posted by Jeremy Bunch @ 10:52 AM

So Jeremy has RC Jr started dipping again? We'd heard that after many years of dipping smokeless tobacco products that he'd sworn off the Skoal. Has RC gone back to chewing and spittin'?

But Jeremy's commentary doesn't just end there though.

Here's Jeremy's second response:

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Highlands Study Center RC Sproul Jr

If you read my last post and didn't get it, don't fret. I'm rather inexperienced when it comes to the use of sarcasm, spin, and satire. The Spinmeister Dr. Sproul Jr. has considerable more talent in these areas than me, and in light of "current events" in American Reformed Presbyterianism, DrRCJr has his own particular spin on things. This blog is linked to the right - Spinderella Sproul. You know, Sproul as in "owl".

(Sorry, the "b" isn't working on my keyboard.)

For those who wonder about the extensive use of alcohol, tobaccy, and who knows what all else at the HSC, I implore you to not worry about such wonders. Those at the HSC have simply succeeded at making the consumption of such things "spiritual disciplines."

Ah yes, I remember the short amount of days spent among those of St. Peter. The fact is I remember them. Sorry, but nope, no blacking out.

I did mention at an earlier time that I would share more on my experiences at the HSC, and now I am reminded of that.

I remember the first evening upon arrival at the Windham home. Conversation started up on the topic of education, not surprisingly, for that is what I wanted to study while there. Joshua Blackburn was there in the living room with Laurence, and his wife Angela. As the conversation continued with smiles and nodding heads, Joshua looked at Laurence and said with a nod, "He's o.b."

This scared me at first. My first and intentionally last experience with those initials happened when I was around eight years old. Watching television, a tampon commercial came on the air, the brandname - O.B. I turned to the babysitter and asked her what o.b. stood for. She blushed and giggled, and I blushed and shut up.

Joshua used the initials to stand for "on board."

posted by Jeremy Bunch @ 2:02 PM

Oh, we don't "wonder" at all Jeremy. We're well past the point of "wonder" about anything that happens at Saint Peter Presbyterian Church and Highlands Study Center. It comes as absolutely no surprise to hear you confirm that "extensive use of alcohol, tobaccy" is "spiritual discipline" in the RC Sproul Jr / Laurance Windham lexicon.

Glad to hear that you were able to handle the "discipline" all right and that you didn't black out. What you perhaps didn't know is that "extensive use of alcohol" while not blacking out is a test of your spiritual maturity, er, discipline. It's also a test of being O.B. with R.C. (and Laurence).