Friday, June 02, 2006

CREC Tactics 101: Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Pastor Randy Booth CRECOn May 15 the Moderator of the Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches, Randy Booth, posted the following on the CREC web site:
May 15, 2006

The CREC Pastoral Commission for Saint Peter Presbyterian Church in Bristol, TN will post its Report in this location within the next two weeks.

Well, Randy Booth, "within two weeks" was up five days ago. Tick-tock Mr. Booth. What are you waiting for?

Smarting over the fact that Peter Kershaw beat you to the punch and posted your Report on his web site? Actually, the most embarrassing part must be over the fact that Kershaw wrote a Review about the CREC's Report over so promptly reinstating RC Jr after his defrocking, and not a particularly favorable Review.

What's got to be even more embarrassing is that Kershaw posted the CREC's Preface letter to Saint Peter church, along with another Review. We seriously doubt that the CREC ever intended that Preface letter to see the light of day.

The CREC Commission sent its Report to ten Reformed Elders for review, along with a letter that they expected them to sign in support of the Commission's "pastoral" work on behalf of Saint Peter church. No doubt the CREC was planning on parading those signed letters out on their web site to add some credibility to their farce of a "Report."

Could it be that those ten Reformed Elders saw Kershaw's Reviews and started having second thoughts about it all? Could it be that they started to recognize that if they signed the CREC's letter that it could ruin their own reputations? Could it be that the CREC now can't find anyone to rubber stamp their Report?

Only time will tell, but right now the whole thing looks real dodgy. But then a lot of what goes on in the CREC is suspect. With guys like Randy Booth and Doug Wilson in charge of things it's just certain to get weird, and with RC Sproul Jr now safely in the CREC fold it's bound to start looking like a three-ring circus.

So what will the CREC Commission do now? Will they ever post their sorry excuse for a "Report"? Or are they hoping that the whole sordid affair will just tumble down the memory hole and soon be forgotten forever? That would be the classic Doug Wilson/CREC move -- when things get embarrassing just ignore them and hope they just go away.

Out of sight, out of mind.


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