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Where's that RC Sproul Jr Name-Clearing Report?

CREC Confederation Of Reformed Evangelical Churches
Pastor Shaun Nolan's recent posting, Clearing RC Sproul Jr's Name, piqued a great deal of interest in the Confederation Of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC) and its alleged authority (if any) to "clear" RC Sproul Jr's name of the very serious charges that resulted in his being defrocked. If in fact the CREC does so, they'll be making a public declaration that they think of themselves as a superior ecclesiastical court to the RPCGA, and every other denomination, and that they think they have the authority to overturn the judgments of the RPCGA, and any other denomination. In point of fact their past history would show that they believe exactly that.

So now people are really starting to wonder about that CREC "not judicial in nature" Commission and where that RC Sproul Jr Name-Clearing Report is. Why hasn't the CREC gotten it out yet? Will we be seeing it soon? After all, RC Sproul Jr does have that Generations Conference on May 5 & 6. Wouldn't it be best to have his name cleared and get him ordained before then?

Only time will tell, but the more time that passes the more that people will speculate about the obvious delay. Perhaps the CREC "not judicial in nature" Commission believes that by withholding the release of the RC Sproul Jr Name-Clearing Report until the last possible minute it'll help to give the impression that the outcome wasn't already predetermined long before they read even one word of the testimony and evidence.

CREC Name-Clearing Commissions have engaged in the very same conduct before, so it's not at all challenging to figure out what they're up to. For example, Doug Wilson and Doug Jones convened a Name-Clearing Commission for defrocked PCA Pastor Burke Shade. Wilson and Jones preapproved Shade for ordination in the CREC even before they had examined any of the Illiana Presbytery (PCA) trial evidence against Shade:

"Doug Wilson reminded the elders that we have already agreed this situation is not a barrier to Burke Shade and his church being accepted into the CRE." (July 13, 2000)
For those not already familiar with the CREC "not judicial in nature" Commission situation, here's a little background information. On March 14, 2006 Randy Booth, the Moderator of the Confederation Of Reformed Evangelical Churches announced the following:

CREC Randy Booth"On Saturday, March 4, 2006, the congregation of St. Peter, Bristol, TN, voted to request that a Commission of five pastors or elders, from separate CREC congregations, be constituted to provide pastoral guidance for the immediate needs of the St. Peter congregation. This Commission is not judicial in nature, but rather pastoral. The CREC respects the judicial bounds of the RPCGA and intends to operate within those boundaries. The RPCGA has released both St. Peter and the former session of St. Peter without censure, and the RPCGA is aware that St. Peter has approached the CREC for pastoral counsel and care.

"The RPCGA has not precluded the possibility that some or all of the St. Peter session might be reinstated to office in the future, provided they go through the normal credentialing process. That is not to say that reinstatement is a forgone conclusion, only that the judgment of the RPCGA does not necessarily call for their permanent exclusion from office. Ultimately, these decisions will be made by the congregation of St. Peter and any ecclesiastical body to which they might join themselves.

"Some of these matters have been treated in an anti-ecclesiastical way via web sites on the worldwide web. There is definitely false and misleading information that is being advanced at some of these sites, including false information pertaining to the nature and make-up of the CREC Commission. Self-appointed arbiters of justice do not contribute to a godly resolution of anything and we hereby call upon them to recuse themselves from such public discourse, to immediately remove any material related to these matters from the web, and to pray for all those affected by these matters. It is the desire of the CREC to work to honor Christ and His Church."

You'd have to be really gullible to believe Doug Wilson's hand-picked CREC Moderator Randy Booth when he says, "This Commission is not judicial in nature, but rather pastoral." In other words,
We know we've got zero credibility with any Presbyterian denomination in the world and that we've earned their distrust. We know we've unjustly bashed good and honorable Presbyteries for exercising church discipline and defrocking their abusive ministers. We know that no knowledgeable Presbyterian considers us to be Presbyterian, regardless of what we claim to be, because we don't act like Presbyterians. We know we've been duplicitous in our methods of requesting the case files from legitimate denominations that have defrocked their ministers, claiming we wouldn't use those case files to exonerate them, but then we turned right around and exonerated and reordained them anyway. We know we've acted under color of law and conducted ourselves as though we were some kind of a legitimate Presbyterian appellate court, or arbitration body, when in point of fact we have no legitimate jurisdiction at all over any denomination's judicial proceedings. We know we've been exposed for our show-trials and kangaroo courts and know that no one can trust Doug Wilson any farther than they can throw his fat butt. But this time we're telling the truth. You can tell that I'm telling the truth this time because I've got it underlined. Really, truly, for sure, this time you can really, REALLY trust us.

Some of Randy Booth's lines are just hysterical, like referring to others as "Self-appointed arbiters of justice." What a hoot! These guys have a major case of beam-in-the-eye syndrome.

Or take this line: "The CREC respects the judicial bounds of the RPCGA and intends to operate within those boundaries." Sure. And we're supposed to think that all those slanderous allegations that Doug Wilson made in his "A Justice Primer" aren't directed at the RPCGA? We especially enjoyed Wilson's fair-minded analysis of the RPCGA when he referred to them as "the judiciary from hell." (Believing A Lie) But of course if anyone asks Wilson if he was referring to the RPCGA when he wrote that he'd deny it. However it doesn't require any particularly keen insight to sort out the unnamed parties in his A Justice Primer series.

Doug Wilson has some history behind him with taking in defrocked Presbyterian Elders, holding show trials and then re-ordaining them (e.g. Burke Shade). As low as CREC ordination standards are (pulse and brainwaves are mandatory, however) Wilson can readily find cause to ordain just about any defrocked Presbyterian minister. However, he seems to be especially desirous of ordaining those who were defrocked for (at least in part) "abusiveness toward their flock." In other words, ruling with an iron fist. Doug Wilson has thumbed his nose specifically at the PCA and OPC, unlawfully imposing his own will on their judicatories and "overturning" their judgments which he had not authority to intervene in. In other words, Doug Wilson is a rogue. Furthermore, Doug Wilson has slandered honorable denominations, such as the PCA and OPC. In an effort to "clear the names" of defrocked men, he just can't seem to resist the temptation of bashing the denominations that defrocked the men that he wants to ordain.

"The RPCGA has not precluded the possibility that some or all of the St. Peter session might be reinstated to office in the future, provided they go through the normal credentialing process." About the only way they could have "precluded the possibility that some or all of the St. Peter session might be reinstated to office" is if they had taken them out and shot them. God has decreed that such is not an option (at least for Presbyterians). The RPCGA did, however, make an unambiguous statement about the Saint Peter Four's lack of qualifications to be Elders:
The consistent pattern of actions taken by these men are duplicitous in nature, and demonstrate that they willingly and knowingly act in an arbitrary fashion in violation of their vows of ordination and in violation of our denomination’s Book of Church Order. Most importantly, their actions manifest that they lack the qualification for the ministry (1Timothy 3:1-7). It would be unwise to allow these men to continue to hold an office for which they are not qualified.

Those lack of Elder qualifications weren't over just a lack of their ability to function within a confessional Reformed Presbyterian denomination, like the RPCGA and their BCO (although that's certainly the case). Rather, their lack of Elder qualifications were also per 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

One of the most laughable aspects of how the RC Sproul Jr Name-Clearing Commission is operating is the fact that Dennis Tuuri is one of the Commission's five members, and it's entirely possible that Tuuri is even heading up the Commission. Patrick Poole noted that Dennis Tuuri
". . .a few years ago had his own ecclesiastical dirty laundry cleaned and bleached by the CREC. Tuuri was recommended for this job by none other than the Great Leader himself. It’s good to see that the CREC has enlisted one of their most experienced scandal-ridden personnel to help Sproul navigate the cover-up process and that the Great Leader has such unshakable faith in Turri to completely cover-up the matter."
Patrick Poole goes on to note:
"For the record, Dennis Tuuri joined the CRE to avoid prosecution in the PCA, charged with 'abuse of the flock'. In fact, CRE records show (Nov. 1998) that the CRE was asked not to admit Dennis Tuuri so that he could be tried. Doug Wilson led the charge to admit Tuuri to the CRE despite over the protests of Tuuri's former congregation."

So what's the holdup with clearing RC Sproul Jr's name? Could it be that Doug Wilson and the CREC are starting to have second thoughts about clearing the names of RC Sproul Jr, Laurence Windham, Wayne Hays, and Jay Barfield? Could it be that they've come to their senses and they're starting to perceive that "clearing" such men and ordaining them is a lot more trouble than it's worth? Could it be that Doug Wilson and the CREC are, uncharacteristic of how they've always operated before, actually beginning to have some regard for their reputations? Could it be that they're suffering from a bout of temporary sanity sufficient in degree to recognize that clearing and ordaining the Saint Peter Four is a no-win proposition for the CREC?

Naw! That would be giving Doug Wilson and his cronies credit for common sense, and that's not something that our own common sense would permit us to do.

Doug Wilson and his CREC cronies have demonstrated that they are rogues masquerading as Presbyterians. Rogues beget rogues, and it's little wonder that a number of CREC ordained men had prior been defrocked, or fled the just discipline of their Presbyteries, to then come and join the roguish ranks of the CREC. Presbyterian Elders can rest easy in the knowledge that should they ever become abusive of their flocks, engage in tax fraud, or any other transgressions that are likely to result in Presbyterial discipline, they've got a safe haven to flee to (just ask RC Sproul Jr how it's done).

To quote what one blog commenter recently said about RC Sproul Jr running off to the CREC for their defrocked-clergy name-clearing services, rather than appealing the Declaratory Judgment to the General Assembly of the RPCGA,

"Dad said I couldn't have the candy, so I'll go ask mom."

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At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Elijah said...

"One of the most laughable aspects of how the RC Sproul Jr Name-Clearing Commission is operating is the fact that Dennis Tuuri is one of the Commission's five members, and it's entirely possible that Tuuri is even heading up the Commission. Patrick Poole noted that Dennis Tuuri"

Sir I would ask where you get your information on Tuuri, why do you bandy about the name of a Minister of the Gospel in such a despicable way? Have you checked on Mr. Poole’s comments to make sure that he is telling the truth and not mistaken? Have you ever met Rev. Tuuri? I would ask you to either back up your comments which appear slanderous, or to make swift apologies to all parties who you have wronged.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

"Have you checked on Mr. Poole’s comments to make sure that he is telling the truth and not mistaken?" Yes, we have. We can't confirm that he's actually heading up the Commission, only that he's a member. Mr. Poole may have better sources than we do. However, whether he's heading up the Committee Of Five or just serving as a member he's still intimately involved, and that's the substance of the story, not what official specific position he holds.

"Have you ever met Rev. Tuuri?" Irrelevant question. Who cares? Why would it matter? Our interest is in reporting all matters relevant to the just defrocking of RC Sproul Jr and the Saint Peter Four, and the unjust actions of Doug Wilson and the CREC to undermine that justice. Anyone involved in that, such as Dennis Tuuri, is subject to exposure. We have no interest in developing personal relationships with such men.

As for "where you get your information on Tuuri" it comes from two reliable sources that we shall not name. We've received considerable insider information from a number of reliable sources on these matters. But those sources would dry up if we were ever so foolish as to disclose them, and so we won't.

As for apologies, we'll be more than happy to offer apologies for any factual errors or misrepresentations. All that is necessary is for a named party himself to post a denial or clarification here. Please be aware, however, that we make a point of getting at least two independent credible sources for anything we report, so our reporting is not "slanderous" (as you say) or mere gossip. There's substance to it.

Given how important this issue of Tuuri's role in the CREC Name-Clearing Commission is to you, feel free to contact Tuuri yourself and have him post a denial of the statements here. Then we'll be happy to offer apologies.

At 11:07 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

After checking with our sources again we've determined that Dennis Tuuri is indeed one of the five members of the CREC Commission. However, Tuuri is not the head of the Commission. The CREC Commission chairman is actually none other than CREC Moderator Randy Booth.

Our apologies for this minor reporting error.

Elijah evidently believes this minor reporting error constitutes a VERY significant issue, and would warrant discrediting everything else that we've reported. But then all some people need is any little convenient excuse to sweep a filthy mess under the rug. We're not so inclined. However, we are inclined to apologize for any factual errors we've made (insignificant though they may be).

At 8:17 AM, Blogger Andrew Clarkson said...

I've placed your site on one of my links on SPM-3 (Wolf Watch) regarding jurnior. You have a good site

At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Dabney said...

Hey RC 2.0, have you noticed the ever so slight change to the CREC's Saint Peter Church web page? Didn't this text used to be underlined? "This Commission is not judicial in nature, but rather pastoral." Now it's not underlined. So is the CREC Moderator Randy Booth reading the Spinderella Sproul blog? That would be just too funny if he were changing web pages just based on what you've said about it on your blog.

At 3:58 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

Good eye Dabney!

I agree. The whole thing is real funny -- funny in a real sad and pathetic sort of way.

At 10:13 PM, Anonymous john wood said...

I was a member in the Shade congregation in the illiana presbytery. He is a megalomaniacal seeker of autonomy with no personal restrictions on the lies that he tells. His allies are either very taken by his snake-oilsmanship, or they share his larcenous spirit.

At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Burke Shade said...

John Wood forgot to mention in his post that he was the brother-in-law to my accusers. He also forgot to mention how he yelled at people, in the sanctuary, after the worship service. People who had only attended the church for the last month! Even the interim pastor couldn't calm him down in his rage, and the elders wouldn't even try because they feared his anger outbursts so much! Finally, he also forgot to mention how generally schismatic he was by all his other accusations.

Pastor Shade

At 11:00 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

Mr. Shade,

I'm pleased to have your input here.

There's two sides to every story, and you're certainly entitled to respond to John Wood's allegations. However, from my own perspective this response of yours strikes me as a very weak defense, and not really a response at all. Mr. Wood has accused you of being a "megalomaniacal seeker of autonomy with no personal restrictions on the lies that he tells." He further alleges that your "allies are either very taken by his snake-oilsmanship, or they share his larcenous spirit." Given that your allies included Douglas Wilson, and given what we know of Doug Wilson, Mr. Wood's description appears to be right on the mark!

The description Mr. Wood gives of you is exactly how I'd also describe RC Sproul Jr. "He is a megalomaniacal seeker of autonomy with no personal restrictions on the lies that he tells. His allies are either very taken by his snake-oilsmanship, or they share his larcenous spirit." Come to think of it, you and RC Jr have a great deal in common. You both were defrocked from the ministry (he by the RPCGA and you by the PCA). You both had the red carpet rolled out to you by Doug Wilson and his larcenous-spirit toadies, just shortly prior to your defrockings. And after your defrockings you both had your ecclesiastical laundry cleaned by Doug Wilson. You're each "ordained" in the CREC (not that knowledgeable people, and especially real Presbyterians, consider CREC "ordination" to be worth anything). You, like RC Sproul Jr, had the opportunity to appeal your conviction to your General Assembly, but you instead fled to the ecclesiastical rogues haven known as the CREC.

In the words of the Illiana Presbytery (PCA) to the CREC, "It should be noted that at no time did Mr. Shade complain that we were being unfair. If we have unfairly judged Mr. Shade, he had the right, until he withdrew from the PCA, to appeal to the General Assembly. Instead he chose to examine routes of escape even during the trial. Please understand our own concern about your objectivity when we have discovered that at least two leaders from Christ Church were in communication with Mr. Shade about his reception into the CRE as early as February 22, 1999, halfway through the trial. If the CRE was already interested in talking with Mr. Shade about his reception into the CRE then, how are we to conclude that you were able to objectively evaluate our records since then?"

You're welcome here anytime, Mr. Shade. I'd ask though that next time you attempt to at least offer up a better defense for yourself. That way it makes it more interesting for our readers, as well as a bit more intellectually challenging for me.

At 12:25 PM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...


The Lord Jesus gave a stern warning with respect to how children are to be treated, telling of the terrible judgment that awaits any who would cause a child to stumble in their faith:

"If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world because of stumbling blocks! Occasions for stumbling are bound to come, but woe to the one by whom the stumbling block comes!" (Matt 18:6-7)

BS, the fruit of your "ministry" is remarkably similar to the fruit of RC Sproul Jr's "ministry." You've each stumbled numerous brethren. That's plenty bad. But far worse yet you've stumbled children. Here's just one example:

"Our departure was an ugly one. I hope Burke Shade melts in a pool of his own excrement. He made me hate church."

That shockingly frank language carries with it an intensity of grief and sorrow that's difficult to comprehend. In fact unless you've been the victim of spiritual abuse you really can't comprehend it (much like the only ones who can comprehend what it's like to be raped is another rape victim).

For those like me whose heart is broken whenever I hear of "one of these little ones" having their lives devastated and betrayed by a wolf in sheep's clothing, resulting in the hardening of that little heart to the Christian faith, I can't help but have a great deal of antipathy for you, BS. Rather than teaching and modeling the beauty of the Christian faith, you've poisoned the minds of many brethren, including children, against Christianity, perhaps even against the Lord Himself.

For the sake of your eternal soul I would urge you to repent. Repent to the Lord Jesus, and then go and seek out all those whom you've stumbled and repent to them too. In so doing you could demonstrate that there's at least one important difference between you and RC Sproul Jr.


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