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Doug Wilson's Saint Peter "Groupies"

CREC Pastor Doug WilsonRC Sproul Jr and Laurence Windham have long been courtiers of Douglas Wilson. In point of fact they've acknowledged that they're Doug Wilson "groupies."

As "groupies" they've earned currency that they're now in desperate need to spend. The fact is that there's just no other place in Reformed Christianity that they can go to and get themselves exonerated of being defrocked (can you say "show trial"?). There's also no other place where they could go to get themselves reordained as Elders, than Doug Wilson's CREC. No Presbyterian denomination is going to risk destroying their own credibility on two phony Presbyterians masquerading as pastors. So desperate times call for desperate measures, and desperate measures mean that RC Sproul Jr and Laurence Windham are destined for CREC ordinations. Doug Wilson has made his intentions on this transparent in his "A Justice Primer" blog series:
"And finally, on a personal level, Laurence Windham and R.C. Jr. are friends of mine. I wanted readers of this blog to know that nothing has happened that would even begin to alter that." RC Sproul Jr., A Justice Primer

If RC Sproul Jr had any hope of being ordained in a real Presbyterian denomination, such as perhaps the PCA, no one has any doubt but that he'd jump right on it, rather than align himself with Doug Wilson's "confederation." A lot of Presbyterian and Reformed folks, including some Saint Peter members, have for several years speculated that RC Sproul Jr is really a closet Federal Vision guy who'd really like to come out of the "New Perspectives On Paul" closet. But he knows he can't because it would alienate so much of his support base which are TR (Truly Reformed). NPP/FVers like Doug Wilson claim that "Reformed Is Not Enough" and they have every intention of supplanting the essential tenets of Reformed theology (not the least of them being justification by faith alone), indeed, of the essential tenets of the orthodox Christian faith. How will RC Sproul Jr be able to be joined at the hip with Doug Wilson while still claiming that he's thoroughly Reformed? That will prove to be some difficult fence-walking, but at this juncture he doesn't have any other options. No one else will have him, certainly not any legitimate Presbyterian denomination.

RC Sproul Jr knocked on the PCA's door once before (and that was long before he'd ever been defrocked) and they said, "Rev. Sproul had nothing to offer Westminster Presbytery and Westminster Presbytery had nothing to offer Rev. Sproul" (see pg 8). But before RC Sproul Jr had been rejected for PCA ordination, he had the distinction of having first been accepted for ordination. Why did the PCA reverse itself in what was nothing less than an extraordinary "first he's in, then he's out" Presbytery action? It's no secret that RC Sproul Jr isn't respected in respectable Presbyterian company. The problem isn't so much his "controversial" opinions, which many other Presbyterian clergy happen to be sympathetic to. The problem is his unpastoral, self-righteous, arrogant and uncharitable way that he expresses those opinions, and his penchant for going out of his way to create controversy. Presbyterian denominations are justifiably concerned that any Elder who has proclivities for drawing attention to himself is drawing attention away from Christ.

However, Doug Wilson evidently shares no such concerns, as he too has often gone out of his way to stir up controversies. With all the years of sucking up to Doug Wilson, RC Sproul Jr and Laurence Windham have purchased a "friendship" that will now pay back with dividends. For example, in an Open Letter, Laurence Windham says:

To Whom Honor is Due


Here is the Open Letter to Doug Wilson. I hope that I communicated how much we love and respect him without sounding like we are groupies. (Though we are.) I took the liberty of enclosing possible edits within the text via parentheses. Look over these suggestions and let me know what you think.


Dear Doug,

You are one macho stud hombre (Dead on, but perhaps too familiar) I wanted to write you and publicly say that you are one of the few heroes that the church has left. . . There are still some of us that enjoy your writing, understand your vision, appreciate your sarcasm, and think that your wife is pretty hot. (Which I mean in the strictist, neo-puritan aesthetic sense of reformed Babedom.) When disciples years from now search the history of the church, men like you will easily stand out.

Indeed, according to Windham, Doug Wilson will "easily stand out" in the annals of church history alongside men such as Francis Schaeffer. Of course there is one major difference -- Schaeffer was a humble man who avoided the accolades of men. Indeed, Schaeffer distrusted men who attempted to glorify him. Windham continues on in his Wilson adulation for several more paragraphs and then, apparently realizing that his blandishments are bordering on idolatry he pauses for an all-too-brief course correction:
You should know that I gave up hero worship a long time ago. I found out early in my journey that men, all men, have feet of clay. There was a time that I worshiped the Legalist, then despised him. Then I was enamored with the Intellectual, but became bored. I was even seduced for a while by the Mystics, but God told me they were wrong. Yes, I, like many others, have encountered charlatans along the way, as well as the well intentioned, who, without a Reformed, covenantal, and optimistic view of Scripture, have resulted in the near-sighted leading the near-sighted. All the more reason for us to celebrate the gifts that God has given you.

Whew! What a relief to know that Windham and Sproul don't worship the very ground that Wilson walks on! But the mid-course correction lasts only too briefly, and the article quickly continues on with more of the same sucking up.

Both RC Sproul Jr and Laurence Windham have given "Completely Objective Reviews" of a number of Doug Wilson's books and tapes in the Highlands Study Center periodical, Every Thought Captive. In fact from all appearances they've given undue preference to Doug Wilson reviews, all of them not only highly favorable, but excessively favorable. In reviewing Doug Wilson's Fire On the Mountain tape series, RC Sproul Jr states that he's a Doug Wilson "obsequious lick spittle" and a "suck-up":
"Now I may not yet be a computer whiz, but I certainly am better than Laurence at being an obsequious lick spittle. (That's a suck-up, for the 100- dollar-word -challenged). Every Thought Captive

With groveling like that RC Sproul Jr and Laurence Windham hold a Get Out Of Jail Free Card with Doug Wilson. CREC show trial and ordination here we come!


At 12:34 AM, Blogger Carson Allen said...


Five or ten years from now Patrick Wren will probably be pastoring some Hoe Dunk church in some Hoe Dunk town only dreaming he could be as known as the Sproul's.

Patrick Poole will be consulting someone about something. The Spiinderella bloger, who is to big of a coward to use his real name will have some stupid thing to blog about I'm sure.

However, Doug Wilson and the Sproul's will still be preaching sermons, writing books, and teaching conferences throughout the world all the while you loosers will still be loosers!

Fifty years from now R.C.Sr's works will still be in print. J.r's grand children will be macking their mark on the world, the College that Doug has started will still be standing and you will be Dead loosers.

At 11:00 AM, Blogger RC 2.0 said...

That was a "Newsflash!"? Come on Carson. We've seen your blog. We thought you were a little smarter than this. We welcome your comments any time, but please put a little more thought into it next time.

Carson, there's a world of difference between Dr. RC Sproul, and RC Jr and Doug Wilson.

Dr. Sproul has earned our respect and the respect of the Reformed community. He's labored hard for the cause of Christ, and produced much good fruit for the Kingdom. Dr. Sproul is an undisputed champion of Reformed theology and we esteem him highly for that. Our critique of how he's handled the situation with his son is in no way meant to criticize his ministry. We're not ones to throw the baby out with the bath water.

As for your fifty year projections of Dr. Sproul's publications, we hope you're right. But your projections are based upon ignorance, and not any substantive knowledge of the viability of Ligonier Ministries. If Dr. Sproul's works are to continue in print, in all likelihood it would be Ligonier Ministries that would have to make that happen. After all, Carson, Reformed publications aren't just flying off the shelves at Christian bookstores (if you can even find any Reformed publications at all in the typical Christian bookstore). In other words, as much as we admire Dr. Sproul's writings, you're unrealistically optimistic in your fifty year projections. Not only do Dr. Sproul's books not fly off the shelves of Christian bookstores (even of the few Christian bookstores that even carry his books) they don't even fly off the shelves at Ligonier Ministries. We're sad to report that Ligonier's financial position has in the past few years gone from bad to dismal. As much as we ourselves would like to see Dr. Sproul's books still in print fifty years from now, that seems very doubtful.

Unlike you, Carson, we don't judge sound biblical teaching on whether or not a theologian's books are still in print. Some of the finest theological works haven't been in print for many, many years and can only be acquired with great difficulty.

RC Jr and Doug Wilson, on the other hand, are an entirely different matter from Dr. Sproul. Do you honestly believe that the doctrinal pabulum that RC Sproul Jr and Doug Wilson have produced, masquerading as Reformed theology, even comes close to approaching the theological works of Dr. Sproul? It's apparent that RC Jr did not inherit his father's intellect, and he's admitted it:
"My father and I are in the same line of work in the same way that the Space Shuttle and a paper airplane are both man-made flying objects. I don�t need to worry whether I will measure up, because no one ought to expect me to."

RC Sproul Jr and Douglas Wilson are duplicitous hypocrites, and this blog, and others like it, are exposing them for who they are. If people like yourself want to continue supporting them after we and others have exposed them as hypocrites, that's entirely your prerogative. Quoting PT Barnum: "There's a sucker born every minute."

And as for your "fifty years from now" analogy, that may give you some false sense of comfort, but it's morally dishonest for you to engage in such "who's the last man standing" argumentation. Do you say such things because the only thing you care about is men leaving their mark on the world? Is that the determinant of who's right vs. who's wrong? Protagonists of Marx, Darwin, Robespierre and a plethora of other atheists employed the very same "fifty years from now" argument, and just like you they were factually correct, and just like you Carson they told their detractors, "you loosers will still be loosers!"

Being factually correct and being intellectually honest aren't the same thing. We thought you knew that Carson.

At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Valkyrie said...

"R.C. Junior" only became "R.C." several years ago. Before that he was called Craig, which is his actual name. He has no R in his name. Precious, as he is called by his mother, has been coddled and backed up by his parents who should be kicking his sorry rear around the block for his reprehensible conduct. I received this information, interestingly, from someone inside Ligonier ministries. R.C. threatened to sue the staff member if they continued their affiliation with the seminary from the denomination that defrocked R.C., er, Craig Sproul. It's really that ugly. In the future, if you want truth in journalism, call him Craig. That's the legal name that he used until he decided that he could borrow off his Dad's capital. He had none of his own.

At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

RC Jr's name is Robert Craig--R.C. Sr's name is Robert Charles, so RC Jr. is not technically a true junior. However, he does have the right to call himself RC Sproul...


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